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Why Go On A Willamette Valley Wine Tour

A wine tour is better than either a self-guided or group tour to a vineyard. Although you don’t need to be an expert in order to visit vineyards you will appreciate the wine tour experience more if your basic knowledge of wines is useful. There are many other reasons to take wine tours, beyond basic understanding.
Professional Tour Guiding

An experienced guide will lead your tour. He will plan a schedule that suits you and include vineyards with a variety of wineries to enhance the tasting experience. You have the option of a full or half-day tour, and you can arrange for pick up at your hotel. You can also choose to visit historic sites, shops, and other scenic locations as part of your tour.


Wine tours are safer because they are fully insured and state-licensed. You don’t have to worry about driving. To save money on a tour, you should be cautious about wine tasting if you decide to drive. If you choose wine tours, the expert driver will drive you while you enjoy the sights and the wine.

Ideal for Special Occasions

A Willamette Valley wine tour is a wonderful way to mark special occasions or vacations. Wine tours are a great way to make your special occasion memorable, whether it’s a wedding shower or anniversary. The tour will be a great way to socialize with your guests and enjoy your time together.

Diverse Destinations

Your self-guided tour may not be enjoyable if you don’t know all the wineries that are worth visiting. Wine tour guides are not only knowledgeable about which wineries to visit, but they also have industry connections that will make your tour more interesting and informative.

It saves you time and money

You might be wrong to think that self-guided wine tours will cost less. You may find yourself lost in the vineyard’s back roads if you don’t know the area. This can lead to wasted time and fuel, which can ruin the fun of the tour. The guide will know the area well so you can enjoy the tour and relax while tasting the wines.