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Top Must-Have Experiences In Jurong Bird Park

With 400 species, and up to three thousand birds Jurong Bird Park is Asia’s biggest bird sanctuary. It has rare and exotic species such as sun conures and hornbills, which you’ve never had before! It also offers visitors the chance to view birds in the most unusual way. There are aviaries that can be walked into along with bird exhibits that provide an intimate glimpse of the nature of these beautiful birds.

If you’re an avid bird watcher and have always been fascinated by nature’s beauty, beautiful creatures of nature, then Jurong Bird Park is the spot to be. If you’re not, you’ll surely become awestruck by the birds once you visit the park. Are you skeptical? You can follow with us as we explain all the details about the park with this guide.

The Best Time to Go to Jurong Bird Park

Although Jurong Bird Park, Singapore is accessible anytime throughout the year, most likely to observe the largest number of birds is during the months of the months of May, July and the month of August. The temperature at the top is 30 degrees Celsius while the minimum is 25 degrees Celsius. Even in the event of rain, you can still enjoy the view effortlessly.

Jurong Bird Park Timings & Entrance Fee

The park is open from 8 am in the morning until 6 at night. The last entry is permitted until 5:45 after 5 pm. Therefore, plan your trip to the park in advance.

To visit the lively Jurong Bird Park, entrance cost is about 135 INR for adult and children, INR 1024 for the younger or INR 717 for seniors. In order to experience the animals in Jurong Bird Park, tickets are required, which you can purchase online or offline. For various wildlife parks There are various prices available through the official site.

Top Must-Have Experiences You Must Experience In Jurong Bird Park

Jurong Bird Park is divided into sections of stunning birds’ nests, which allow you to observe the magnificent birds and performances that provide an experience unlike any other! Check out the diverse experiences Jurong Bird Park has to offer!

1. Penguin Coast

It is designed in the shape of ships, this is component of Jurong Bird Park Singapore exhibits. There are four species of penguins such as the humboldt penguin, the macaroni, the king penguin and many more. It’s a must to visit since penguins are not often seen in such great conditions.

2. World Of Darkness

An incredible and exciting space in the park, dark night will take you on a stunning night-time trip. There you can find various species of owls, including the snowy owl Common barn owl, snowy owl and many more. They are secluded in the dark and it is your job to find them, which is a thrilling experience.

3. Walk-in Aviaries

Jurong Bird Park, Singapore is home to the world’s biggest walk-in aviaries, including Lory loft Wings of Asia, and Waterfall Aviary.

Lory Loft Lory Loft the most popular parks in the world, Lory Loft is the home of gorgeous parrots who fly around like a real free bird.
Wings of Asia This aviary has endangered species like Bali mynah blood-heart dove, Bali mynah and other species. Also, you will find ducks and other waterbirds soaring beneath the ground.
Waterfall Aviary Waterfall Aviary: One of the largest aviaries that walk inside This is a relaxing experience of looking for birds as you enjoy breathtaking pictures of waterfalls.

4. Jurong Bird Park Shows

The park is home to incredible shows, such as Kings of the skies show and the High Flyers show. In Kings of the skies, majestic birds such as eagles or Vultures demonstrate their hunting skills High Flyers is about the colorful feathers of gorgeous species of parrots as well as other birds.

Jurong Bird Park’s show times:
Kings Of The Skies: The show runs every day at 10 am and 4 pm.
High Flyers: The show is every day at 11 am and 3 pm.

5. Birdz Of Play

In addition to providing heart-warming moments, the park offers a children’s playground. Birdz of Play offers pools, rides and a plenty more to ensure the best fun for the children. If you’re visiting the park with your children it is a must to visit.

Where To Go Jurong Bird Park

By Train:

If you’re travelling by metro train, you can take East-West MRT line and get off from Boon Lay. From there, you’ll be able to get on the bus number. 194 and get to the park.

By Bus:

It is easy to access the park from major cities as direct bus service is available. Use an safari gate bus, which costs INR 358 one-way trip between Suntec city, or Singapore flyer. You can arrive at the park with no trouble.

Taxi Service:

If you’d prefer to drive to the park on your own or use a comfortable taxi ride, it takes about 30 minutes to get to it from downtown. Two routes: Central Expressway and Pan island expressway that you can pick from. Plan your route prior to visiting the park.

Tips for When You Visit Jurong Bird Park

1. Make sure to check the weather and determine the most suitable time to visit prior to visiting the park.
2. Get the tickets ahead of time to be able to experience the wildlife with no hassles. You can purchase them on the internet or visit particular centers to purchase tickets in person.
3. Take along all the essentials such as sunglasses, sunscreen, hat as well as ointment and medications.
4. Don’t forget to bring your camera along and spend one day to take an easy park tour.
5. Make sure you have extra clothes in case of emergencies and put on comfy shoes.
6. Keep hydrated throughout your stay and, if you want to eat, visit any café within the park.