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The Different Areas At The National Aquarium Abu Dhabi

The largest aquarium of the Middle East is the National Aquarium Abu Dhabi which houses 46,000 marine creatures spread across nine zones. Its National Aquarium opened on the 21st November 2021. it was established in the name of Al Barakah International Investment in collaboration with the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi and Abu Dhabi Municipality.

The very first room in the National Aquarium

Once you are inside the aquarium, the first room is the area known as the UAE’s Natural Treasures, where they will provide you with a deeper knowledge of Arabian Pearl fishing as a way to pay tribute to our history. When you walk through the first area within the marine aquarium Abu Dhabi, discover the numerous species that inhabit the coasts of the Eastern Arabian Peninsula and witness how oysters and pearls are made by nature. To keep children amused The National Aquarium included a glass floor above a pool where children will observe the turtles and fish swim around, and maniquened divers wearing traditional scuba equipment.

The second room in the National Aquarium.

The second room at the National Aquarium is the Red Sea Wreck which is where you can have the chance to see some of the ocean’s most stunning treasures. This room at the National Aquarium Abu Dhabi will guide you through an underwater journey through a wrecked ship, which will let you get close to many species of coral and fish that are native of that region, the Arabian Red Sea. To make the room more engaging for children the National Aquarium features a projection screen that features a cartoon man who explains facts about what is known about the Arabian Red Sea.

The third room in the National Aquarium.

The National Aquarium, the third room is called the Atlantic Cave, where you can explore this rocky Atlantic cave to see many of the amazing creatures that are often hidden within the tiniest spaces. Many people are unaware that the ocean of the Atlantic is home to many of the most incredible caves, scattered along the shores.

The fourth room in the National Aquarium

The fourth room in The fourth room of Abu Dhabi National Aquarium is The Sub, when you step into The Sub you will be transported beneath the surface and you can discover how submarines operate beneath the stunning water. Additionally, you will be able observe marine life in its natural habitat and if you’re lucky enough, you may see the Nautilus that is a distant cousin of Jellyfish Octopuses, octopuses, and cuttlefish. Nautilus is an ocean mollusk living in its tough outer shell.

The fifth room in the National Aquarium.

In the aquarium the fifth room, located in the Ring of Fire, which is the longest in the world of volcanoes. The series, also named The Ring of Fire, is located on the land bordering with the Pacific Ocean. The power of a volcano can destroy human civilizations, however, it can also provide the earth by providing nutrients and chemical elements. It is possible to observe the amazing marine life that inhabits these vibrant ecosystems. It is the National Aquarium Abu Dhabi made this area an extremely entertaining areas for children since they are able to enter this aquarium to pretend they are swim with the fish but also in an interactive area with sand area in which they can move it around and see what the volcanoes look according to the amount of sand they accumulate on.

The sixth room in the National Aquarium

The sixth area of the National Aquarium Abu Dhabi is the Ocean Magic, where despite the beautiful oceans, they are extremely dangerous due to their complicated systems and the necessity for marine creatures to be extremely adaptable. It is a chance to explore the marine life within the oceans, and changing conditions. In this area, you will be able to view the various marine creatures and fish in various environments such as the red phone box is home to these tiny fish , and this small vehicle has a different kind of fish that lives inside the interior. To make the room more enjoyable for kids, the aquarium has an interactive screen that shows a diver, where kids can play with the plankton which is found in the ocean. They also get to learn an informational video about them.

The seventh room in the National Aquarium

In the aquarium of Abu Dhabi, the seventh room is known as the Frozen Ocean which is where you can see it is evident that since this region is basically a massive glacier, it’s the habitat of a variety of marine life. Although many would be complaining about the frigid temperatures freezing ocean, it’s vital to keep the temperature of the planet to ensure that animals reproduce and thrive. The creatures who live in frigid waters are fish, and Arctic seabirds. The National Aquarium has an interactive sand play area in which the kids can move the sand to see the glaciers that are located in the world and are is surrounded by water.

The eighth room in the National Aquarium

The eighth area of the Al Qana aquarium is the Flooded Forest, where you are able to enjoy the breathtaking canopy, exotic birds, and extremely humid air. Additionally, you will learn more about the significance of rainforest’s contribution to our ecosystem. There are a variety of reptiles and turtles including snakes and lizards along with a range of other species found in rainforests, like monkeys. In this region there is an aquarium called there is an aquarium called the Abu Dhabi National Aquarium offers an interactive Bella & Rio’s Playground that lets children close-up view the exotic birds and also an interactive display where youngsters can color the animals they like and name the animal they like.

The ninth room in the National Aquarium.

The National Aquarium The final 9th room Bu Tinah Island. there is a variety of marine life thanks to the shallow seas, the tall mangroves, and huge coral reefs. The visitors can experience the island’s life in all its glory while helping with the Environmental Agency of Abu Dhabi to inform people about how important it is to preserve the islands. In this section , the kids are able to relax and enjoy the aquarium, and watch closely the stingrays and starfish as in an outline of all marine protected areas within the UAE. After you have seen Bu Tinah Island, you can walk through the tunnel that houses the aquarium. Here you will be able to see a breathtaking panorama of all the marine life and corals. If you’re lucky, you may witness divers diving with all sharks.

National Aquarium ticket prices

They provide a variety of tickets that allow you to visit their Abu Dhabi National Aquarium. They offer tickets for the National Aquarium Abu Dhabi from AED 105 up to AED 2500. Although they offer the most expensive tickets to aquarium which includes everything the aquarium offers however, they do provide general tickets at an affordable price, which includes many of the main attractions.

The types of tickets available at The National Aquarium Abu Dhabi.

One of the most popular Abu Dhabi aquarium tickets are the general admission aquarium tickets that cost just AED 105. This allows you to access the 10 zones of the aquarium.

The second kind of tickets provided by National Aquarium is the Beyond The Glass Experience. National Aquarium are the beyond the glass experience priced at only AED 130 that gives you access to more than 10 zones but also the opportunity to walk across an open bridge that runs over the aquarium.

The third kind of ticket that the National Aquarium Abu Dhabi offers is those for the Bu Tinah Dhow, for AED 150. You will get the complete experience in the 10 different zones. take a stroll on the glass bridge and also a glass bottom tour that includes an introduction to the background of the Bu Tinah Dhow preservative and its residents.

The fourth form in Abu Dhabi aquarium tickets are tickets that are all-access for AED 180. You have the opportunity to explore the 10-aquarium zones take a walk along the bridge made of glass and take a glass bottom boat cruise, and also take a behind the scene tour at the National Aquarium, where you can see the way they care for the animals, as well as all the effort Al Barakah International Investment have done to ensure that there is a safe environment for the animals. Abu Dhabi National Aquarium is completely equipped with the equipment needed to ensure the safety of marine animals.


The aquarium that is being built in Abu Dhabi has opened up in Al Qana, a new project located near the center of Abu Dhabi and it is accessible by using the signs on the road and google maps. Al Qana aquarium is located near Al Khaleej Al Arabi St which is one of the major roads that runs through Abu Dhabi, and right ahead of there is Musaffah Bridge, the bridge which connects you to Abu Dhabi Island.

If you’re traveling towards the Al Qana National Aquarium, they provide 3,000 parking spaces in one side of the National Aquarium side of the project, as well as the valet parking service which costs AED 40 for regular parking. Al Qana aquarium also offers special parking spaces for those with determination.