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Reasons to visit Victoria Falls – The World’s largest waterfall

You will have a long list of places to see on an African safari. Victoria Falls is certainly one that you should add to your bucket list. This world-famous waterfall is located on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia. It is one of seven natural wonders in the world. You can see our 6 reasons why you should visit Vic Falls on the next trip.
Visit one the seven natural wonders in the world

You know that you’re in for a treat when a sight gets listed among the seven natural wonders. The local Kololo tribe called the waterfall ‘Mosioa Tunya’, or ‘the Smoke That Thunders’ in the 1800s. Together, the waterfall is unique because of its combination of basalt cliffs, powerful Zambezi river, and over 500 million cubic metres water per minute.

Swimming in Devil’s Pool

Take a tour of Victoria Falls. You can swim metres away where the Zambezi River plunges down 108m beneath you. The stunning pool is located on the Zambian-side and is called “Devils Pool”. The river level drops every year, and a rock pool forms. It is a stunning photo op and the most beautiful plunge pool on Earth. The Devils Pool is not open from late August to early January so make sure you plan when you will be visiting Victoria Falls.

Sunset cruise

A sunset cruise is a wonderful way to finish a day at Victoria Falls. You can take in the stunning views while you glide along the Zambezi River, as the African sun sinks. The scenery is stunning and you may even see some hippos bathing on the way.

Water sports for everyone

You can choose to go on a relaxing white-water kayaking trip down the Zambezi, or if you prefer an action-packed white-water river rafting adventure. Victoria Falls is a fantastic location for experienced anglers as well as beginners to catch a Tiger fish. It doesn’t matter if you try to fit all these thrilling activities into one day. The Victoria Falls safari lodge is always open for guests.


Going on safari in Africa is not complete without it. Victoria falls will provide you with a wide variety of options. A walking tour of the Zambezi National Park allows you to see the wild. If you’re feeling brave, an elephant safari can be arranged. Cantering through the African bush on horseback is also an option if you prefer to be comfortable.

Flight of Angels

Helicopter flights over Victoria Falls since David Livingstone’s discovery of the waterfalls in 1800s have been called the “Flight of Angels” because of the breathtaking beauty Livingstone described. The breathtaking scenery and majestic falls will make hovering above them a memorable experience.

We are sure that everyone will be amazed by this marvel of nature. You will have a wonderful time at Victoria Falls. You can make it a part of an unforgettable South Africa tour by taking a quick flight to Victoria Falls.