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Reasons to study in Chester

The University of Chester’s campus can be found within the Queen’s Park website, that is situated in the center of the North West of England. Encompassed by natural beauty, a picturesque city, incredible history, you will find lots of reasons to learn in Chester. Allow me to share several of our favourites.

The cathedral is in Chester.

Founded in 1092 as a Benedictine abbey as well as rebuilt in the Gothic design throughout the 13th century, the cathedral in Chester is among the most comprehensive sets of monastic buildings in the nation. There is a great deal of history in the grounds, like Roman barrack, and you are able to appreciate some great sights. It is a must see to find out the complete Lego reconstruction of the cathedral.

It’s an animal heaven.

Chester Zoo has two million guests a year, which makes it most visited zoo in the UK. Over 1,000 employees work in concert to jog conservation projects, take care of the animals and also provide an excellent day out. A lot of the creatures at Chester Zoo are well loved, like Asian elephants as well as lions, and lesser known creatures like the aye aye and sun bears. When you are on the budget, they provide a student discount.

Blue Planet Aquarium is on the outskirts of Chester. You are able to check out the Coral Cave, an unusual freshwater fish of South America of the Flooded Forest, and also have a stroll through the Underwater Shark Tunnel. When you are feeling extra brave (and flush), you are able to actually come face-to-face with among Europe’s largest collections of sharks with a shark plunge. Close-up scuba periods with sharks are not for the faint hearted and also make for an experience you will always remember.

The races.

Chester Racecourse may be the oldest racecourse still in using in England and it is referred to as the Roodee. You cannot overlook going to this terrific venue in case you wish to bet at the races or even go to one of the numerous additional events which are hosted there. In case you do not like the races, you are able to look at food festival or maybe vintage fair for an inexpensive entry fee along with a complete day of fun.

There’s a designer outlet of Cheshire Oaks.

Is anyone aware of best labels at discount prices? Enough was said. When you are searching for a retail therapy session which will not damage your pupil purse strings, check out the Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet. You will be discussed by play and work with high end brands like Armani, Mulberry and also Ted Baker and elegant sportswear from Under Lululemon and Armour.

If you want a rest from shopping, you are able to take a seat and also loosen up at one of many restaurants, like Wagamama as well as Ed’s Easy Diner.

The walls of the city.

The walls that involve the town of Chester were constructed by the Romans in 100AD, and therefore are a well used sight which has be viewed. There is a great deal of history designed into them, though additionally, it appears amazing the way they have been integrated into expansions of the town over the centuries. In case you are keeping in shape, follow them all around the city for historic run or a stroll.