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Reasons to go on an African safari in 2022

Countdowns are being chanted, loved ones have been kissed, champagne bottles have been popped to signal the start of a new decade and a new beginning. This is a good time to reflect on the past year’s resolutions and make new goals for the coming year. An African safari is an option for those who want to make a difference in their lives and are interested in a memorable holiday.
Here are 12 reasons to choose an African safari for your next travel goal.

Travel off-grid

An authentic safari in Africa is the best way to escape from everything.

You can find the perfect destination that will allow you to be away from other travelers and provide solitude like only nature can. You can go off-grid on safari to experience the beauty of nature. This will allow you to reconnect with your daily life without any interruptions.

Go solo

For those who enjoy exploring new worlds alone, safaris can be a safe option.

Solo travel is on the rise and will only continue to grow as we move into another year. This type of travel allows you to take your own decisions and not compromise on an unforgettable safari experience. Being alone on safari in an uninhabited location inspires mindfulness, relaxation, self-learning, and a sense of accomplishment.

Detox digitally

As a result, it is a great way to feel inspired to put down all technology and just be in the wilderness.

It is impossible to keep track of your social media accounts on a game drive, as a lion follows an impala through the longgrass in front. It is easy to be completely present in the moment. An authentic safari will engage all senses, no matter if you’re being led by an expert guide on foot, flying high above the Savanna Plains, or eating breakfast in the bush.

Reunited with family

Family holidays can be a great way to strengthen relationships between family members who live across the world.

Multi-generational travel is another trend, and safari destinations in Africa make it possible. While some safari activities like game drives have age limits, others can be enjoyed together to bond over the shared learnings and excitement.

Celebrate love

Beautiful candlelit dinners in African skies, surrounded by vast plains of game and birdsong, under a African sky lit by stars.

A safari in 2022 sounds like the ideal romantic getaway or honeymoon. It’s a unique way to express your love: the beauty of nature combined with luxury camp.

Contribute to Conservation

Many safari properties in Africa’s tourism industry are now leaders in sustainable travel.

As a continent that retains some of the world’s most pristine natural areas, diverse wildlife and complex ecosystems, environmentally-friendly safaris in Africa help to safe-guard these. If you are conscious about your environmental footprint, it is best to select a camp that uses green initiatives. Also, be aware that fees paid for park admissions go towards wildlife conservation efforts and anti-poaching.

Assist in community transformation

Altruism, just like eco-friendly tourism, is becoming a strong guiding principle for people choosing where to go on holiday in the next decade.

Socially conscious individuals want to know that, in addition to having a great time, they also make a positive impact on the local community. Giving back is as easy as volunteering and donating to the community empowerment projects at the camp you are staying at. You can also help others make positive changes in your life.

You can meet diverse wildlife

Even if your local zoo has a lot of animals, it doesn’t mean you have ever seen them in their natural environment.

Poaching and habitat loss are two of the major threats to many African wildlife species. Therefore, it is important that you have the opportunity to observe endangered species such as the black rhino, elephant, and cheetah in their natural habitat. A safari is a great way to see a variety of animals, birds, or other creatures. You can add this experience to your wildlife bucket-list.

Learn from bush experts

Field guides and trackers generally grew up in the region where they work.

Many people’s expertise is a result of a lifelong passion for working in the bush, helping animals, and sharing their knowledge. When you return, you will have fallen inlove with the bush like them, understand parts of its ‘language’, and be amazed at nature’s incredible interconnectedness.

Find new friends

African safaris draw many people. This means that you will meet and maybe even befriend people from all around the world at your chosen camp.

Although each person may come from different parts of the world, they will likely share one thing: an interest and passion for wildlife and the environment. Camps are organized so that you can have your own time and still be able to meet up with others, like at the campfire or in the lounge.

Capture the experience

No matter if you are a social media enthusiast or a hobbyist photographer, every day on safari opens up new opportunities to use your lens for a wide variety of shots.

There are many great subjects, including wildlife, landscapes, plants. It is possible to meet other photographers who can help you improve your skills and offer tips. This could be the year you get your best safari photo in Africa. Your perfect shot could be just a click away on your safari in Africa.

Luxury accommodation

There are safari camps that are rustic and have few amenities. Then there are those that are more modern and provide the comforts of home.

Enjoy stunning views from your private deck with en-suite tents featuring open-air showers and bathtubs, well-appointed furnishings, and a spacious deck. After the morning and afternoon game drives, you will return to camp for a dip or a book in your tent’s lounge.