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Pros and Cons of Moving to Portugal

Expats who are moving abroad tend to get caught up in the process of drawing connections between their new home with their homeland. Although this is normal as part of the process of acclimatisation but it’s not a good idea to get caught up in what you perceive as apparent positives and negative.

In the end it is important to prepare for what people might consider the good, ugly, and the awful is essential. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of the move to Portugal.

Culture in Portugal

+ Pro

People from Portugal are extremely friendly and accommodating. Neighborhoods often send homegrown tomatoes, offer wine , and converse with foreigners without hesitation, despite any difficulties in speaking.

Con: A slow speed could take some time to get used to

Foreigners may find certain features of Portuguese culture for example, living in a slow-paced environment. People in Portugal aren’t generally eager to resolve problems or solve issues that could delay bureaucratic processes significantly. The term ‘devagar’ is frequently be heard. It is a word that means slow in Portuguese.

Weather in Portugal


The weather is fantastic. The period from March to October is mild in the summer months, with the months of July and August getting really hot. The temperature can reach 104 degrees (40degC). There are plenty of sunny days and the best time to soak in the stunning countryside.


For those who love beaches, they are located along the entire southern and western areas of the nation and are clean and white. In July and August, only are the most sought-after beaches ever-crowded.

Transportation and driving in Portugal

+ PRO: Excellent roads, well-maintained traffic and good road networks

There is a lot of traffic to Portugal is significantly smaller than in the northern European countries, with the exception of large cities, where traffic jams during high-traffic times can be quite dangerous. Also, there is a decent network of dual-carreterways within Portugal and the main ones aren’t very busy.

CON: Driving may be risky

Portuguese drivers tend to speed up their driving and are eager to pass other drivers. This leads to many accidents. Be alert for any sudden or unanticipated actions by other vehicles and reacting quickly , but in a calm manner is recommended.

The cost of living is high in Portugal


Bread, wine, food and the other basic commodities for shopping are typically priced fairly. Going to local markets for seasonal, fresh produce is an easy method for saving money when you travel to Portugal.

CON: Certain aspects of life can be costly

While fresh produce is available for a reasonable cost however, the consumer goods are costly in Portugal. Utility bills and accommodation will consume a significant portion of your budget as well. These expenses add up the price to live in Portugal.