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Bucharest in Winter

In the 6 ish months of mine travelling all around the Balkans, I have to see the area in each and every season – from probably the deepest, darkest depths of winter through to the very first days of summer. Due to the manner by which the path of mine worked out, I happened to have 2 of the region’s coldest countries – Romania and Bulgaria – for probably the coldest months of cold weather.

Allow me to teach you: Bucharest, Romania’s greatest city, is a clean winter wonderland in January! I wasted a cosy fortnight in the capital prior to making the way of mine around Transylvania and enjoyed each bone chilling minute.

In this guide, I will talk about the favorite weather appropriate things of mine to do in winter in Bucharest, from Romanian cuisine to cosy household activities and also outside attractions which are well worth braving the frost for.

Exactly how cold can it enter Bucharest in winter?

Bucharest gets pretty darn cool in winter, including by European standards. Compared to Transylvania and Romania’s mountainous areas, the weather conditions in the capital is pretty moderate.

Winter conditions in Bucharest average four to -2 degrees Celsius in December, three to -4 degrees Celsius in January, and seven to -2 degrees Celsius in February. The cold months are fairly dry, but major snowfall is typical, particularly in February and January.

Regardless of the chill, Bucharest nevertheless sees a lot of blue sky wintertime days. (Watch out though, it is usually the clearest days which are the coldest!) Provided you dress appropriately & manage the time outside of yours, Bucharest in winter can be quite enjoyable indeed.

  1. Become familiar with Bucharest’s bizarre downtown holding a city tour

I do not care just how cool it’s – walking around Bucharest, the supreme city of contrasts, is a necessity. The history here’s not possible to escape: Things are presented in plain sight of the city planning as well as the crumbling facades. You are able to find out a great deal about Romania’s recent past by consuming the capital’s architecture.

Architecture in Bucharest.

If you believe downtown Bucharest looks suspiciously contemporary for a community whose history spans 500 years, you are not incorrect. In the 1970s and 80s, Romania’s communist leader, Nicolae Ceaușescu, embarked on a tremendous’ urban renewal’ project to totally change Bucharest in the image of his.

Standing up on any street corner nowadays, it is easy to think that Ceaușescu’s architectural inspiration originated from a state visit to North Korea. The Communist Party’s systematic plan to purify the nation of the religion of its, tradition and history and apply a more’ organised’ system noticed a lot of Bucharest’s most important monuments and buildings destroyed. In the place of theirs, huge concrete blocks have been erected to house many a huge number of families forcefully moved to Bucharest from countryside areas to operate in the city’s new industrial facilities.

And so damaging was Ceaușescu’s campaign, it is today recalled by Bucharestians as the’ Architectural Apocalypse’.

It is not difficult to discount Bucharest as being an ugly city. To reach the center of the past, you truly have to carry a walking tour of the downtown area and permit a neighborhood take the avenues to life for you. In winter, if you want to restrict the quantity of time spent outdoors, a walking tour is regarded as the effective use of the time of yours.

Where you can remain in Bucharest in winter

When you are going to Bucharest in winter, it is practical to remain someplace central so you are able to get around readily & limit the time outside of yours travelling from one place to another. My favorite neighbourhoods to remain in Bucharest will be the Old Town and also the Jewish Quarter.

Apartment: Bucharest has a few excellent apartment offerings which are extremely well priced, therefore I suggest starting your search while using apartment filtration system on We stayed for 2 weeks in this gorgeous apartment in the existing Jewish Neighbourhood. The spot is atmospheric, so the apartment is cosy and stylish, and a complete kitchen causes it to be ideal for self catering. Check availability and rates for Apartament in regim hotelier București.

Mid-range: Central Guesthouse offers basic single and double rooms which are comfortably furnished. The resort boasts an excellent place in Sector three near the Old Town. Check availability and rates right here on

Boutique: Filitti Boutique Hotel is easily located in the center of the community, 200m from Stavropoleos Church. Rooms are stylishly decorated, and also the home features a sky bar. Check availability and rates right here on

Budget: Podstel Bucharest is a good option for budget travellers. Both diverse dorms and also private doubles are on offer, the usual places are beautiful (even in case it is extremely cool to delight in the outdoor terrace), as well as the location in Sector four at the southern edge of the Old Town is excellent for bars and restaurants. Check availability and rates right here on
Tips for going to Bucharest in winter

Keep in mind that in the winter, the times are much shorter days – factor this in when you are planning the Bucharest itinerary of yours.
There are many gorgeous buildings in Bucharest, in case you are anything like me, you will be continuously clicking. Keep the extra camera batteries of yours in the pocket of yours or else you will notice the chilly weather drains them quite rapidly.
In order to allow it to be simpler to get all over the town in the winter months, I suggest downloading a taxi app. Uber and also Taxify both work in Bucharest.

Dressing for cold weather in Bucharest

As you are able to likely tell from the photographs of mine of Bucharest in January, it receives quite darn cool! Since so most of the very best items to do in Bucharest are outdoors, you absolutely have to dress for the weather conditions in case you would like to have all the community is offering.

I recommend using an insulated down jacket this way one. An undershirt and thermal leggings like these’re additionally necessary, together with heavy socks, work gloves, a hat and scarf.

Smart footwear is vital! I wore thin athletic shoes in Bucharest, maybe even in the snow, and try to had wet and cold feet. Huge error! Any boots such as these with an excellent grip and fleece lining are perfect for being slip-free and warm on the slick cobbled streets of Bucharest’s Old Town.

Remember to carry something fancy in case you intend on spending a night out in the opera and on the town. I constantly travel with my little Kosan Travel Dress for precisely this reason.