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Walkie Talkie Rental Tips

Whatever type of event you host, there are always many elements to plan and things to remember. Radio communications and the two-way radio rental for event are crucial aspects that should not be ignored.
It doesn’t matter if you plan to hire radios for a sporting event or music festival. You will need to use walkietalkies for your movie crew, your security team, your retail stores, or your school, college, or university. A reliable and clear radio communication system is crucial to the success of your event. Large-scale projects like these require volunteers and staff to stay in constant contact without interfering to ensure smooth operation. This is particularly important when dealing with crowd management.

We have put together this “Ultimate Guide to Two Way radio Hire” to help you plan your event’s radio comms. It highlights the most important areas to consider.

Two-way radios, which were adopted over 100 years ago by the shipping business, have proven to be a reliable and effective way of staying in touch over long distances. Due to the rise of large-scale music festivals and sporting events, two-way radios are more in demand in the UK.

Two-way radio hiring is a proven and efficient way to ensure your event has adequate security, organisation, coordination, and coordination between staff and volunteers. The classic push-totalk and one to many communication capabilities of two way event radios make it easy and economical to ensure that your event runs on time.

Before hiring a professional company that uses walkie talkies, you should know who your event’s attendees will need to use a radio. It is common for a few members of your event team to need a radio. You can save money by providing each team with a radio, as well as your event management staff, for larger events.

A basic understanding of two-way radios is helpful before making large-scale radio communication hires. These devices are also known as “two way radios” since they can transmit and receive radio signals. Many devices can only transmit and receive simultaneously, which is why they are often called “half duplex”. The radio can transmit and also receive signals simultaneously if it is “half-duplex”.

Each walkie talkie rental comes complete with an antenna and loudspeaker/microphone with a button used to “push-to-talk” (PTT). They can also interact with two-way radio devices tuned in to the same frequency (or “channel”).

To avoid confusion, two way radios are sometimes called “walkie-talkies” because they can be carried in your pocket and are fully mobile. They are the same device.

Even if an event is held only a few times per calendar year, it’s usually much cheaper to hire a radio service than to purchase the necessary equipment. This is especially true if you have larger events less often. The initial investment for equipment purchases is naturally higher. EARS staff can assist you in deciding the right option for your company, based upon your equipment requirements.

Use the most current technology

You can rent your radio comms to ensure that every event is served with the most current two-way radio technology. This means that you don’t have the worry of replacing your equipment or having to pay for it.

Radio Hire Tailored to Your Event

The total rental fees are determined per-user. This arrangement has the advantage that you only pay the equipment you use for the time it is used. There are no additional charges after the event.

Based on your event’s dimensions and layout, we can advise you on what equipment you might need. A manned control centre that has multiple repeaters (boosters), may be required if two-way radios are being rented for a music event. Different types of headsets may be needed depending on how active your staff is.

Analogue Radio Models

Since their inception, analog two-way radios are still in widespread use. Their track record is proof that they can provide reliable service, even with new technology. Analogue radios are the same as traditional walkie-talkies, but can only carry out one-way conversations. They are less reliable than the newer models. Analogue radios can also be eavesdropped from digital radios. An encrypted digital two-way radio unit can be used if privacy is essential for the success and security of your event.

Digital Radio Models

Analogue radios are more reliable than digital two-way radios. The latest features, such as noise-cancelling technology that can reduce static and provide clearer communication, are great. Many devices can recognize the signal and focus in on the user’s voice. Two-way digital radios are more reliable than analog counterparts and have greater coverage. Digital radios are fast becoming the standard choice for many applications in noisy environments or where coverage is required.

Our team can help you to make the right decision

We can help you decide which type of hire is best. We’re happy to talk with you about the options.