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Pros and Cons of Face Recognition Technology in the Business World

ID checks were the standard procedure for a security measure to guard against terrorist attacks . However, this is likely to be obsolete. In the near future, you won’t need to show our ID cards since the truth is that it will be easy to identify ourselves. A security camera will examine your face, and it will be matched with your name and a significant quantity of information about you on top of it, due to facial recognition that’s automatic.

It can’t be denied that there are a lot of benefits to installing security cameras on CCTV. But , before that, what can this facial recognition feature within CCTV is done?

What’s the Process Facial Recognition Technology Work?

Facial recognition is a kind of biometric software that enables its users to identify an individual by using a digital image. The technology tracks the facial features of people being verified mathematically and saves their data in an online database. The biometric facial recognition’s mathematical algorithms usually adhere to these steps of image processing in a couple of seconds:


There are many distinctive features that can be seen in the facial features of every person The first procedure that the system uses is to gather the physical or behavioral characteristics of an area. The majority of the time, these samples are taken under predefined conditions over a certain period of time.


Once all the required information has been gathered, samples would be sorted out individually. Through these samples the system could generate templates that would serve as the basis for the coming verification process.


After the extraction has completed, the next step of image processing takes place in comparability. In this step the information gathered would be compared with the current templates. The majority of software measures eye distance, the depth of the eye sockets, the size of the nose the contour of cheekbones as well as the length of the jawline.


Following the comparison stage following the comparison stage, the technology of facial detection technology will go towards the matching step. In this stage, the technology will check that the features detected are in line with any of the templates of the system.

This breakthrough in technology is frequently used to alter security surveillance in retail settings and borders control programs. In this section, you’ll be in a position to study it in detail.

The Technology’s Use in Retail Settings

The majority of employees working in retail shops have to interact with a variety of people on a daily basis. As a result, they can lose track of people who they have interacted with in the course of time. In addition, with the aid of facial recognition CCTV, these retail establishments will be able keep track of the people who visit and go to your business website. As an added bonus it could also be used to identify shoplifters and other criminals as they enter the premises before they are too late.

Alongside that CCTV cameras that recognize faces will also assist retail stores in studying the patterns of traffic and demographics of their visitors. By doing this, business owners will gain insight into how they plan their businesses’ interior design, advertisement placement, and staffing.

The Technology’s Use for Border Control Applications

Apart from its applications in the retail setting, facial recognition CCTV cameras can be utilized for borders control purposes. With this technology, the surveillance of travelers who enter airports via electronic gates in different border control points became more simple. Additionally, it allowed airport staff to conduct automated passport checks to allow for the authentication of the passport of the person.

Pros and Cons of Face Recognition Technology in the Business World

Once you know the way that facial recognition technology works and the ways it’s employed in business, it’s the right time to consider the advantages and disadvantages of using it. With these knowledge points, you will be able to evaluate the capability of the technology to help you improve the efficiency of your business. Furthermore, this also provides you with the ability to alter the weaknesses of the technology to make use of it.

The advantages of using Face Recognition Systems:

Improved Business Safety and Security

It’s clear that the incorporation of facial recognition technology into surveillance cameras can drastically improve your business’s safety and security. In addition to the fact that everyone who sets foot on your premises is tracked down, facial recognition systems can also notify you if it detects intrusions into your premises. Furthermore, this also helps businesses to reduce the requirement for security personnel to ensure safety of the company.

High Accuracy of Images Captures

Absolutely, the technology of face identification is an extremely reliable tool you can use to monitor the visitors who enter and leave your establishment. Additionally, this breakthrough in technology has the capability to offer businesses an unbreakable security system that is able to record images with high accuracy. With that said, facial recognition technology will provide businesses with assurance that their website is safe and secure for both their business and customers.

Full Automatization of Verification Process

Before this technology was fully developed, security personnel had to check manually to confirm the validity of a match. However, thanks to the advances in technology, the verification process has been made fully automated. Because of this, firms were able make sure their security systems are accurate efficiently and effectively. This current setup is not only beneficial for businesses that use it, it also helps them cut costs intended for security without compromising their business’ security.

Veracity of the Time Attendance Tracking features

In addition to the systems previously mentioned Facial recognition systems provide companies with a reliable time-tracking system that their staff can use. Employers have the capability to eliminate the probability of time fraud among the employees. As everyone is required to be scanned by a facial scanner that it will be difficult for employees to alter their clock-ins as well as clock-outs at work. That said, facial recognition technology can aid businesses improve the accuracy and reliability of their time-tracking system.

Cons of Using Facial Recognition Systems:

Limited Data Storage

While facial recognition technology can provide many benefits to businesses, the data that it collects could take up large amounts of space over time. For this reason, limited data storage is a primary obstacle for users of this technology all over the world.

The majority of businesses overcame this problem by using multiple computers to process all of their data. Although it’s large and costly, it permits businesses to keep their data and at a quicker rate. If the face ID technology of the world develops and improves, this is likely to remain an obstacle for those who use it.

There is a need for several surveillance cameras. Angles

Another disadvantage to using this method is the necessity for multiple cameras for surveillance angles. Without this, your organization’s facial recognition systems are vulnerable to setbacks and malfunctions. It is essential that you ensure various angles such as the profile angle, 45-degree angle, frontal angle and more, if you need to obtain accurate results for matching. Additionally, it’s recommended by experts that you keep your database up-to-date with its data if you want to ensure your security system’s accuracy when verifying the identity of the individuals.

Cost of meeting Image Size and Quality Requirements

Through the face-detection system’s matching or matching, the system detects an image of the person in the image and compares it to the templates being enrolled. To assure the accuracy of results of this process it is recommended that businesses utilize top-quality cameras and trusted face tracking software. If you are not able to meet the image size and quality specifications You are likely to be faced with issues during the face recognition process.

While your investment will yield dividends in the end, the initial investment can be really expensive. In the end, it is undeniable that you really need to invest to reap the maximum benefits facial recognition systems can provide.

Alongside the advantages for business, facial recognition technology offers, there is the potential for challenges and limitations need to be addressed. But the benefits of this technology outweigh the disadvantages that come with it. If you are able to prepare and tweaking, you will be able overcome these difficulties and make most of the technology–and this will help you gain an advantage in the business world.

Enjoy how facial recognition in CCTV cameras can transform your company’s security surveillance by utilizing IT expert experts of managed IT services like House of IT. With this method, you will be able obtain the CCTV infrastructure that works best for your business and effectively integrate face detection systems. These professionals won’t just help you boost your company’s security and safety, but they’ll also help you keep your security system in good shape throughout the years.