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How can I preserve my Mini DV memories?

Converting your Mini DV tapes into digital and DVD can free up tons of space in your cabinets. You can also rest assured that your tapes won’t degrade and will protect your memories for many years to follow. Mini DV cassettes can be converted to digital or DVD. This will allow you to re-watch your tapes and store them on your computer, your laptop, or mobile.

Digitizing your Mini DV cassettes to digital, DVD or USB can be difficult and tedious if you don’t have the right equipment. Converting old photos and Mini DV tapes takes the pain out of this process. Transferring your MiniDV tapes to digital can prevent degradation and time from taking its toll.
Clean the tapes

Mini DV tapes must be thoroughly cleaned using a wet/dry two-pass method before they can be converted to digital. Mini DV tapes can also be cleaned using ‘Cleaning tapes.’ However, they are notoriously unreliable and can damage the tapes further. Every tape is evaluated individually and cleaned with bespoke machinery and cleaning methods.

Mini DV footage is converted to digital and DVD using only broadcast-quality Mini DV video cassettes. Many customers recall having problems when trying to convert MiniDV to digital by themselves using domestic standard digital capture such as Firewire sockets. It is common to use the latest computer software on modern laptops with obsolete Mini DV technology. This causes a lot of frustration and results in a poor quality conversion.

We fix sync problems by using only broadcast standard DVVCRs with adjustable alignment. We only use high-spec players that can play any codec and adjust alignment if needed.
Editing and Post-Processing

Once the digital file has been digitized, it can now be edited in order to bring the MiniDV tape up to current standards. Saturation and contrast are adjusted as needed.

Mini DV audio levels can be compared to consumer-grade recordings. Enhancement and loudness enhancement are used to increase audio levels. This allows for sound to be clearer and more in line with modern standards.
Do not wait! Do not wait!

After these steps are completed, your Mini DV tape will be fully converted to digital or DVD. Your footage will now have a new lease-of-life. Now, it is time to watch your newly restored footage.