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What Shops Are On Oxford Street?

Oxford Street is known throughout London and across the globe as a popular destination to shop.
This page provides you with an overview of Oxford Street with information on the topography, as well as links to websites with detailed information about shops menus, restaurants and bar listings. You will also find helpful tips to help you navigate the Christmas lights as well as details on hotels located within the vicinity.

Oxford Street overview: what makes this street unique?

When you arrive in Oxford Street there’s no denying that you’re in London. The city is full with crowds with flashing lights , and entertainment. The area is well-known for Oxford Street shopping. But it’s an ideal location to go to bars, clubs and eateries. When you’re on Oxford Street, you are close to other fascinating London landmarks and popular areas such as Regent Street, Tottenham Court Road, Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square.

Oxford Street layout

Oxford Street runs from Oxford Circus to the point of going up to Tottenham Court Road. It’s located in the middle of the city and is comprised majorly of retail stores. But, in addition to the shops, you’ll be able to find fast-food restaurants as well as cafes, and even a bar. If you stroll down through the streets around Oxford Street, you will discover an abundance of interesting restaurants and bars in areas like Soho.

Shopping in the vicinity

Oxford Street is well known for its numerous shopping options. It’s a spot to find affordable shops. This includes a massive iconic Primark store, H and M, The Disney Store, Uniqlo and one of Britain’s biggest Topshops. If you’re seeking more expensive retail stores, there are choices like All Saints, Massimo Dutti and Aldo. Oxford Street also has a variety of shoe shops , including Clarkes, Office and Nike town.

For a listing of each shop that is located on Oxford Street along with details on location, opening hours, and contact details , please visit the official Oxford Street Oxford Street website.

There are shops that are categorized. If you have a specific shop you are looking for, find it here by the category it falls within. Another option is if you’re looking for a more general view of the shops are available along Oxford Street, flick through the list. If you come across one you like the design of, click it to get more information about the location, opening hours and contact information.

Bars and pubs

Oxford Street has a handful of bars along the street as well as a lot of bars in the streets that surround it.


Oxford Street and the streets around it are full of restaurants. If you are looking for something different, there is Busaba Eathai Thai restaurant. If you prefer something more traditional, go towards Angus Steak House or Pizza Express. There’s also many fast food restaurants like McDonalds, Burger King and Pret a Manger, if you’re looking for something more traditional.

Christmas lights on Oxford Street

Each year at Christmas, Londoners are eager to know who is going to turn on the Christmas lights for this year and what they’ll appear like. They are a great reason to visit London to soak up the Christmas spirit. In the lead-up to the Christmas season, it’s important to keep an eye on the official Oxford Street Website to see any updates on how the light will turn off and which guests will be in attendance at the event.

The hours of operation for bars, shops and restaurants

Generally , the shops along Oxford Street remain open until after midnight, unlike other parts of London. They remain open until 19:30 each night (apart on Sundays) and are open extended hours on Thursdays.

For specific opening hours for every bar, restaurant or shop, visit the official Oxford Street Website – links are given above.

Oxford Street Tube

Oxford Street has its own tube station called Oxford Circus. In addition, at the opposite side of Oxford Circus you will find Tottenham Court Road station. This means that you will be able to reach the side of Oxford Street, shop your way to the other and then take an underground from there.

Tube Tube: Oxford Circus (Red Line (Red Line Central Line, Brown Line / Bakerloo Line, and Blue Line / Victoria Line)

Tottenham Court Road (Red Line / Central Line, Black Line / Northern Line)

Oxford Street is one of the city’s most well-known streets. It’s among the best places to go when you want to take in the London vibe, doing some shopping, or going to the pub.