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Window shutters are robust and durable

Shutters are getting more and more popular all over the UK. The shutters we offer appear elegant and amazing, but they also provide many unique benefits. Let’s examine 7 of the numerous reasons customers prefer shutters.

1. Shutters are timeless and elegant.

Window shutters are a classic choice that will never become outdated. You can achieve the sleek contemporary look or to complement features from the past for a traditional style shutters are able to be modified to fit any interior as well as windows and homes. Shutters don’t just improve the interior look of your windows, they also look beautiful on the outside too, and align with your windows perfectly.

2. A child-safe choice

Shutters are the ideal choice for children’s rooms and nurseries. In contrast to conventional blinds, these have no chains or cords which can be a danger to children. Our shutters are also distinctive because they come with a lock which come with keys that are removable, to prevent children from being able to gain access to the window behind.

3. Reduce outside noise by shutters

You simply can’t beat sleeping well as London may not be the quietest of locations! Shutters have been demonstrated to work as a natural sound barrier and the materials we choose to use aren’t hollow, so you know you are receiving the most efficient, high-quality shutters. Shutters that are solid are a popular choice for those wanting the best solution to reducing outside noise.

4. Ideal for those suffering from allergies.

Along with other window treatments, such as curtains and roller blinds, dust could get caught in the fabric which is a huge contributor to allergies. Cleaning curtains is time consuming and costly in cleaning them out of windows, and also the dry cleaning costs. Some fabric blinds cannot be properly cleaned, and they have numerous cords and a number of difficult corners which also trap dust. Shutters are great because they are simple to clean, and can prevent a build-up of allergens and dust mites.

5. Shutters are easy to clean

Window shutters installation are easy to clean by using the brush attachments on a vacuum cleaner or by using an air duster or microfibre cloth. The plastic or MDF shutters feature a surface that is particularly easy to clean. They is a favorite choice for playrooms, hotel rooms as well as rental properties where continual cleaning is required.

6. Help to insulate your home

Shutters in general are a great insulator. They help retain heat in the winter months keeping your home warmer and your energy bills down. The BBC News recently reported that “The Edinburgh World Heritage Trust is using thermal imaging cameras to show residents how to reduce their energy bills. Windows with shutters closed show up in the images in a deep blue color, demonstrating little heat is going out”. They go as far as to say “…they could be just as efficient as double glazing.”. In addition, shutters assist in reducing our carbon footprint but also are an investment in helping to lower your energy bills!

7. Privacy and control of light

Shutters can be opened to reveal windows simply by sliding the shutter panels back. In contrast, for total privacy you can shut the louvres and panels to totally shut yourself off. The exclusivity of the Louvres is what makes shutters extremely functional, they can be fully opened to provide the most natural light while retaining a certain level of privacy. They can be completely adjusted, so can be altered at different periods in the course of the day.