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Why Use A Mobile Access Tower?

Mobile scaffold towers bring together the most desirable attributes of other equipment specifically designed for work at the height of. When the standard extension ladder is able to provide only a small amount of height, yet at the same time, it lacks stability mobile scaffold towers are able to perform both. Similar to stepladders, which excel at providing an even platform you can build, yet aren’t tall enough mobile scaffold towers can perform both.

If you’ve never tried a mobile access tower prior to there are a variety of reasons why you should consider the switch to equipment for access at height. Here we’ll discuss five reasons why a mobile scaffolding system is the most effective way to work at a higher level.


One of the primary motives to think about using mobile scaffold towers is the stability it provides. Contrary to two-legged ladders scaffold towers are able to support themselves by themselves and don’t require to be attached to another structure in order to stay in a straight position. Mobile access towers can keep its stability even when an employee climbing the ladder or using tools on the platform that is used for work.

For even greater stability for greater stability, some mobile scaffold towers come with additional support legs that can be placed on top of the foundation. They function similarly to extendable legs on mobile cranes and cherry picking vans. By increasing the size of the base of the mobile access tower it will not be unstable or tip over while it is in use.


While they might appear like they are a bit bulky at first They are extremely adaptable. They are a safe method for working from a the height of a building in various situations. So long as it’s installed on a level, solid surface the mobile access tower is a viable option for jobs outdoors and indoors.

The work platform, which is enclosed by bars of support on either side, lets people do work on surfaces that are in front of and directly over them. A lot of mobile scaffold towers can be assembled in a modular structure, meaning that more levels can be added when additional height is needed. This way the mobile scaffold could fulfill the functions of different types of ladder or scaffolding at the same time and without having to purchase or transport various access equipment to work sites.


The name of the product suggests that mobility is among the major selling points for mobile scaffolding towers. Instead of needing to construct and disassemble a scaffolding tower mobile scaffold towers are equipped with wheels attached to their legs, making them much more suitable to use in various situations.

The wheels on the lower end of each leg can be locked and unlocked making it possible for workers to maneuver the tower around the site to wherever they need it. It is not just more efficient than disassembling or lifting the tower to move it around, but it is also more secure. With the wheels, it is less likely that the tower tipping over when moving it.


As mobile scaffold towers have some of the stability and durability of traditional construction, the mobile scaffold towers have the similar durability. The mobile scaffolding towers constructed using the same cross-beamed vertical structure that provides greater strength than conventional ladders. While on the work platform workers can move and utilize more heavy equipment and tools due to the scaffold tower’s extra strength and structural stability. It also provides an additional layer of protection against objects that strike the tower, since the guard rails can be the first place of impact in the event of an accident.


The fourth reason why that a mobility scaffolding structure is the most effective method of working at the heights is a combination of the four previously mentioned reasons. Safety should be the main consideration when working in height.

Mobile scaffolding towers are constructed to be as secure as they can be for the user as well as anyone near. The added stability and strength makes an access tower mobile an excellent alternative to any ladder for work-related situations that require a higher height. If you’re faced with a situation where push is the only option the extra security provided by mobile scaffolding towers must be enough reason to choose one. It is a good thing that they are more efficient than other tools that is used for working at heights. Mobile scaffold towers can be constructed of non-conductive materials, which makes them safe to use in areas where electrical currents can be the main risk.

We hope that our description of scaffold towers as well as the multitude of ways they shine above ladders has convinced you. Whatever job you’re in it has lots to provide in a range of situations. Instead of having to purchase several different kinds of ladders or a complete traditional scaffolding system, think about the possibility of a mobile scaffold tower. If you’re interested in knowing more about the many different mobile scaffold towers that are available on the market, connect with us right now.