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Why Good Window Locks Are Important For Your Home Or Business

If people take the time to look at their security, they tend to place a lot of emphasis on their doors. This can lead to them forgetting to check their window locks. The winter months are the best time to examine how you can improve your home security.
Reduce risk and save money

In addition to the home security measures, you should also look at the locks on the windows. This will not only make your home safer but also help you save money on your insurance premiums. You may be aware that insurance companies have minimum standards for locks in order to provide coverage. However, this does not only apply to doors, but also window locks. You could lose your insurance policy if your windows locks don’t conform to the current minimum standards of your insurer. You don’t have to panic if you discover that your current window locks aren’t as secure as you thought. Our team has prepared a helpful guide that will help you solve this problem. First, determine what kind of window you have. There are many options. It should be easy to find a lock that fits your window and meets or exceeds insurance’s minimum requirements.

Types and types of locks

Sash Windows: To prevent them sliding in front of each other, you can attach sash jammers to the upper frame.

Casement Windows: This window type will need two locks. One lock is for the small side handle, and the other one is for the long handle at its bottom. You have two options: either have new handles with locks already installed or you can have locks fitted to your existing handles.

Fanlight Windows: Swing locks are the most popular lock for this window type. They allow you to get in and unlock larger windows. Mortice window bolts can also be used, which work as well.

UPVC Windows – Many uPVC windows come standard with key-operated locks. Keep an eye on your handles to ensure that they work properly. A good locksmith will be able help you with any repairs or maintenance.

Alternate Security Measures

You can also consider window bars or window restrictors to protect your windows. These security measures not only stop burglars from entering your property through the windows, but they also prevent them from leaving via the windows.

Window locks, while they may not seem important when you look closely at them, can actually make a significant difference to your property’s overall security. We can help you with your window lock repair, replacement, or upgrade.