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Why an impact door is vital in storm affected locations

Many Southwest Floridians have replaced their “builder’s” standard entry doors with impact doors. Why switch to impact doors? Your current door doesn’t seem to be in danger.
This is likely to be true under normal conditions. But can you trust your door will withstand the unpredictable weather in Southwest Florida? Continue reading to learn why impact doors are the best choice.

What is the difference?

Two steel faces (skins), and an insulating filler make up the average entry door. For added security, many entry doors include a solid wooden block that attaches to the handle and lock. Aluminum or wood are the standard materials for door frames. This construction is safe for most people. However, it’s not recommended for those who live in areas susceptible to hurricanes and tropical storms like Southwest Florida. When hurricanes are raging, a standard door will be severely damaged.

Impact doors are made from materials that have been approved and tested to withstand severe weather conditions. Impact doors are made of thick fiberglass skins with composite reinforcements and wood. They also have special polyurethane foam cores which will provide greater protection for you and your family during a storm. Door frames are strengthened and reinforced with hinges to ensure that the door will not move in any weather conditions.

What is the maximum load an impact door can withstand?

Doors that pass wind and impact testing, complying with Florida building codes, are offered by us. CGI and ThermaTru have their impact doors tested with the worst-case scenario in place – launching an 9lb 2×4 building beam at the door at 35mph A door made for builders cannot withstand projectiles.

What would happen if your front door were broken?

Your home can be in danger if a storm-related impact causes a broken door, window or garage door. High winds, rain and other debris can cause damage to walls and furnishings and even blow your roof off. You can ensure your home is safe from the elements by keeping doors closed.
Are impact doors safer against home invasion?

Criminals are most likely to gain entry to homes by breaking or forcing open front or back doors or breaking decorative glass on doors that are close enough to the handle to be opened easily.

Impact doors are designed to withstand heavy blows and remain intact when heavy objects are thrown at them. Speciality glass is used to make decorative glass insets for impact-rated doors. It can withstand heavy impacts without breaking. Impact doors are the best option for protection against potential intruders and safety from storms.
Is there another benefit to installing an impact-door?

Florida law requires insurance companies to offer discounts or incentives to customers who install windstorm mitigation equipment, including impact-rated doors and windows. Once you have completed your upgrade, contact your insurance agent.

Are you ready to transform your entry door into an impact door? We have a wide range of styles and colors to choose from, including those with or without decorative glass. Get in touch with us to find out more.