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When to use an infrared sauna?

Infrared saunas are rapidly becoming a hot health trend in Australia with stars like Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow proclaiming their health benefits but is this really the case? We’ve gathered and researched the top 7 benefits of infrared saunas to consider before investing in an infrared sauna of your own.

In a traditional sauna the heat is transferred through the circulation of hot air which means extremely high temperatures of air are needed to warm the body. When you are in an Infrared Sauna the infrared heat radiates directly warm your body. This permits a penetrating heat that is more comfortable at temperatures of between 110-150degF (43 – 64degC) which provides more benefits for your health and a more comfortable and relaxing environment.

Traditional saunas require high temperatures in order to draw away impurities However, infrared saunas can penetrate as much as 45 millimeters into the body, rapidly increasing the temperature of your body’s core. The impurities are released with lower temperatures, resulting in greater comfort.

A standard sauna will require the use of a power source that is up to 7 kW that requires an electrician to set it up. The largest far infrared sauna requires only an electrical supply capable of 2.4kW and is able to be operated directly from a standard 3-pin socket. Since there isn’t any steam, there is no venting needed and the sauna is not able to cause dampness or condensation.

Infrared saunas are a secure cost-effective method to eliminate contaminants off the face. A few of the advantages include:

1. An improved skin complexion

In time sweat and dirt exposure to synthetic clothes as well as chlorinated water and other chemicals can result in the build-up of toxins on the skin. The sauna’s heat can help to remove these toxins off the skin by increasing sweat and heat and leaves you with better-looking skin.

2. Cell regeneration

Infrared therapy is also proven to improve healing from wounds by the stimulation of growth hormones. Many people believe that regular sauna sessions be anti-aging.

3. Detoxification via increased sweating

Research has shown that the majority of toxic substances in our bodies can be eliminated through the skin. This reduces the strain on kidneys and the liver. The heat from the far infrared wavelengths induces sweating. This helps in the gradual removal of heavy metals as well as harmful chemicals. Exercise alone does not work as well for the detoxification process. Therefore, saunas are a great way to detoxify the body.

4. Improved circulation

One of the major advantages of using infrared saunas is its effect on your cardiovascular system. Infrequently taking saunas has numerous health benefits, such as improved blood flow and the oxidation process of tissues, without using more energy. Regular use of saunas can help lower blood pressure, and improve the elasticity of the blood vessels.

When the body gets heated, blood flow increases to the skin while blood vessels increase to manage the heat. This aids in decongesting internal organs and improve circulation.

5. Better results from exercises

Infrared saunas offer a variety of beneficial health benefits that are natural however, they can also be utilized as part of your workout regimen to get the best from your body. Regularly using saunas following exercise is clinically proven to aid in weight loss through a study conducted at Binghamton University finding that those who utilized far-infrared saunas after exercising were shed more pounds than the ones who didn’t.

For the average person 30 minutes of exercise the dark under infrared light sources can help burn calories faster than running or playing tennis in the same amount of time.

6. Relief from fever (hyperthermia)

People with low body temperature may struggle to conquer chronic illnesses. Increasing body temperature has been proven to assist in eliminating fungi, bacteria as well as parasites and viruses. A higher body temperature can trigger an artificial fever that helps to eliminate bacteria as well as boost your immune system’s reaction to illnesses.

7. Pain relief

Because infrared saunas reach the body in a direct way they can be excellent for relieving the pain that is caused by chronic diseases like arthritis. Regular infrared sauna Melbourne sessions are able to alleviate chronic pain in the joints and muscles through an increase in blood circulation flow through the areas affected.

The study revealed that in patients with rheumatoidarthritis and ankylosing spondylitis the majority of patients felt less stiffness and pain immediately following and regular sessions relieved symptoms of fatigue and chronic fatigue.

Celebrities such as Lady Gaga use infrared sauna therapy to treat joint pain from injuries or illnesses.

Other benefits of infrared saunas include:

Rehabilitation of the cardiovascular system
skin conditions
Chemical sensitivities
chronic fatigue relief

When is the best time to use a sauna?

The typical time spent on an infrared sauna in order to get the most benefits is around 30 minutes per session. This is three to four times per week.

Although saunas aren’t hazardous for everyone However, it is advised to speak with a physician prior to purchasing an infrared sauna at-home use if you suffer from any medical issues that are pre-existing.

We offer a variety of saunas for homes that use infrared starting with one-person models and ending with four-person models. Each model is easy to set up, quick to warm up use less energy, and are simple to clean. To get the best sauna experience in the infrared, look through the models we have available or contact us today.