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What to know about glass partitions for an office

A glass partition is a wall made of glass that separates open spaces. It allows you to distinguish areas in a room without having to do any building work. This is also much less expensive than having walls removed and rebuilt.
Glass walls are transparent and help to maintain natural light in a space. Glass partition walls can be used to divide spaces, without having to shut them off completely.

Glass office partitions: Why should you choose them?

Glass partition walls are most popular in offices. Glass walls offer many benefits to office environments. Glass partitions Manchester can help create privacy and not make employees feel isolated. Acoustic partitions are a good option because they reduce noise. This is a great way to concentrate in noisy and busy environments. It also allows for privacy and confidential discussions. Employees can feel connected to the company with a glass partition.

You have many choices of glass walls to choose from for your glass office partitions. Glass partitions that are fire-resistant can provide up to an hour of resistance to fire. This type of glass partition can be a valuable precaution to fire safety. Fire-rated glass walls are a great option for offices with thousands of employees. Double-glazed glass partitions are also a popular choice for offices. They are easy to install and have a low sound transmission.

You can choose to add other design elements after you have selected the glass partition wall that suits your needs. You can incorporate branding, glass style or bespoke designs.

Get a quote for your desired glass partition type

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