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What is the difference between a modular and a sectional sofa?

A modular sofa can be assembled in a different way than a sectional one. Modular sofas can be made from two or more modular-sized chairs that can be arranged together to create U or L-shaped sofas. These are great for extra legroom.
This is different from a sectional sofa which is made up of one piece or multiple sections of a couch and a chaise. Most often, sectional sofas can wrap around corners.
What is a modular sectional sofa?

Modular and sectional sofas are constructed from a number of modular pieces that can be assembled in different configurations. The design that is most suitable for your home and space will vary depending on what you have available.

The modular sofa can be split into corner units or chaise ends.

A sofa can be assembled by simply connecting the parts. For maximum space use, choose between a compact 2-seater or a spacious L-shaped modular corner section sofa.

Many modular sofas include an ottoman to increase flexibility. They’re great for busy households because they provide more versatility, comfort, and storage space.
What are the main benefits of a modular couch?

We will look at the main benefits of modular sofas and it is easy to see why they are a household favorite.

Modular sofas make it easy to change up the look of your space.
It’s extremely versatile and practical, especially when you have to transport individual sofa parts through narrow hallways or doors.
These can maximize space, especially in smaller living areas.
A modern and comfortable addition to your house
Available in a variety colors, shapes and styles

Here are some things to think about when buying a modular couch

Modular sofas can have many positive properties but there are still things to consider.

It is crucial to accurately measure the area before ordering. As there are many parts involved, be sure to add them all together. It’s also important to accurately measure the area where your sofa will be installed.
To maximize your living area and to best suit your lifestyle, choose the best configuration
You need to select modular sofas that have a large surface. It’s better to choose upholstery that you don’t mind using. A neutral shade is more practical than a bright print that can look too busy.

How can you style modular couches?

Our modular sofas have become very popular because they are chic, practical, and are perfect for hosting. Now, it’s about how to style them.

Below are some ideas to help you style your sofa. A modular sofa is a perfect companion for entertaining. This makes it easy to pair it up with a fun and functional table.

Place a faux fur rug near your statement art for added texture and fun. This combination is especially good with a neutral modular couch as it creates the ideal backdrop for bright, playful colours.

With patterned cushions, you can add color to a grey or brown modular sofa. These cushions can be easily replaced.

It can be done seasonally or when you want a break.

You can change the look of your sofa with throws.
Modular sofa layouts

For creating a space that is both functional and relaxing, it is important to choose the right furniture layout. Here are some suggestions to help you feel inspired.

Add the optional chaise ends to your modular sofa for family nights in
Place the modular sofa parallel with the back wall in front of your TV for maximum viewing and comfort
You can wrap the modular sofa around your coffee table to give it a contemporary feel.
For regular entertainers, create a conversation circle layout. This means that your modular sofa can be placed in a circle and the additional chairs can also be placed in a similar manner.

Living room design layouts using modular sofas

You are wondering how to style small living rooms? Modular sofas can be tailored to fit any space. Modular sofas offer you more control over your living space’s design and functionality.

Consider using the back of a modular sofa corner as a natural room divider.