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The Advantages of Motorised Blinds

The latest technologies within your home will greatly improve your living space, making it easier to unwind and relax there. We offer a wide selection of motorised skylight blinds which make use of the latest solar technology, bringing the perfect touch of class to your living space and offering the most comfortable experience of being able to regulate the amount of light that is absorbed in a space without having to move one muscle! What are the other benefits that these blinds offer?

Simple Use

Blinds for skylights that can be operated by motor are about convenience. Therefore, they include many unique features that can enhance your day-to-day routine. First of all, their speedy and easy installation ensures that you don’t have to wait for long periods of time or even days when they’re being put in.

After installation, the blinds are quick to open due to being solar-powered, which means they can be used almost immediately once the long-life batteries are fully recharged. The long-life batteries let you use your motorised blinds for up to 8 months without needing a recharge from sunlight and are more appealing to the eye than blinds with wires.

Remote controls enhance the simple-to-use look of these blinds. It allows the user to operate them from as far as 35 meters away. In addition, if you own many motorised skylight blinds within your home, the remote is able to control all of these blinds in a separate way, so you’ll be able control the light within your home using just only one device.

Ideal for High Windows

Window openings that are hard to reach are a typical issue for homeowners of all ages, especially in the morning when you are disturbed by the blinding light. However using remote control allows blinds with motorized skylights to be operated from below, which means you can rest comfortably in your home without having to climb up to shut the blind manually. If you’d like the blinds to stay open during an especially starry night it is possible to use the remote control to close the blind when you’ve decided that it’s time to go to bed. A majority of our solar-powered motorized blinds are constructed using thermal blackout fabric so that regardless of whether it’s light or dark , and whatever color you choose for your blind, you’ll be able to get up at any time.

Great for Seniors

For older adults, motorised roof blinds Southampton can provide a tremendous benefit. They can not only be operated from anywhere within the house and can operate even if the person is unwell or physically incapable of close the blind by themselves. Furthermore, the fact that they are powered by long-life rechargeable batteries rather than electrical wiring, there’s no risk of tripping associated by motorised skylight blinds leaving elderly people free of falling on cables that are hidden. Furthermore, many of our solar-powered motorised blinds have brush seals, which help minimize heat loss, creating more comfortable for older adults.

Pet and child-friendly

A motorized skylight blind can assist in increasing your children’s and pets’ safety at home. This is because the absence of other features like chains or cords decreases the possibility of children and pets sustaining injuries because of being caught in a twist or caught in the blind. Additionally, these blinds can be operated with an electronic remote at the floor, which makes it less likely to cause accidents that are likely to happen due to children trying to reach for the blind, e.g. sitting on a stool. To ensure that remotes are away from children’s reach You can mount them placed on the wall to ensure that they aren’t in the hands of your child.