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Benefits of commercial solar panels in Peterborough

The energy produced by solar energy is an amazing source of power that we could use to power commercial buildings. Installing solar panels Peterborough will make an enormous difference to your company’s overheads as well as the planet but are they suitable for all people? We’ve listed some of the advantages and disadvantages to think about when selecting commercial solar panels in order to decide whether they’re suitable for your company.

The benefits of commercial solar panels


One of the main advantages to commercial solar panels is they save companies cash. While the initial costs for setting up could be more expensive than other investment options but this expense can be recouped within 5 to 7 years and, from there, savings will be significant. Solar PV has a long life as well as low maintenance expenses. When you invest in solar power, your business can protect a substantial part of its energy consumption from rising costs. It will also help you stay ahead of the growing regulations to reduce emission as our government starts to concentrate on net zero.

It is suitable for many business

There was an assumption the commercial use of solar panel was appropriate for medium to small-sized businesses. However, in recent times technology has advanced dramatically and Solar PV can be used for any business that requires the power source and either a roof or ground area to install it. This flexibility is a great benefit for many businesses regardless of whether it is used as a stand-alone source or as a part of a renewable energy source, or to augment energy supplied by the Grid.

Eco-friendly and sustainable

If you are a business looking to increase their environmental reputation solar power is an excellent investment that will significantly decrease their carbon footprint as well as the greenhouse gases they emit. Being a renewable energy source solar power doesn’t create any harmful emissions or polluting and is therefore better for the environment, your employees and guests. If your company is looking to show its environmental commitment as part of the social and business responsible plans solar PV is an efficient option that can save emissions and lower cost.

Low maintenance, but reliable

Many business owners are concerned about the possibility of switching to a new system particularly if the system runs their business and their facilities. However, with solar energy, the installation process is swift and efficient and requires only a few minutes of time without interruption. It’s also a low-maintenance system that operates with the least amount of maintenance and servicing demands. Solar cells are enclosed in glass, and protected by non-corrosive aluminum that is able to stand up to exposure to the elements, which means they don’t malfunction or require repairs. Solar PV systems have an average lifespan of 30 years, and the long warranties protect your investment.

Things to Consider

There are many benefits of commercial solar panels however, there are a tiny amount of factors that have to be taken into consideration.
You’ll need some sunshine!

It’s a fact that solar panels need sunlight to produce electricity. However, there will be times where your system generates less power than other systems and your panels won’t produce even a dim light. If your system is designed, the output of your system will be calculated taking into consideration changing weather conditions and daylight hours. This will make sure you are certain that the output of your system is able to meet your energy needs prior to deciding whether or not to proceed. It might be beneficial to integrate battery storage into your system so you can keep any solar energy not required immediately by the company to be used at later time. In either case, you’ll have a grid connection which you are able to sell the surplus electricity you produce or get access to additional energy in the event of need.

Whatever path you take your business won’t depend upon the conditions!

Space, shade and practicality

To work effectively, they require continuous sunlight throughout the time. The area you have available and the direction of your roof, and the surrounding area are important, since too many trees or structures can hinder the performance of the panels.

In order for a solar system to be a wise investment, the system must generate at least a substantial portion of the energy you require. Solar panels need sufficient space. It can be roof mounted or ground mounted.

Roofs should be south-facing, but panels can be set up with an east/west split in a lot of situations. Ground mount systems require planning which takes time in the process of installation.

A reputable installer will make sure that you have unaltered space, select the best system, and ensure that the output is in line with your expectations and give you an ROI.

Final thoughts

Solar power is an investment option that provides a wealth of benefits for businesses. It can provide the potential for a return in seven to ten years, but it’s a decision that needs careful analysis to decide if it’s the best option for your business. Solar power is suitable for a vast spectrum of businesses, ranging from smaller companies to various sectors however, if it doesn’t be a good fit for your company There may be a better alternative that’s the best fit for your business.

It is crucial to evaluate your company’s needs and set your goals with care so that you’re equipped with all the facts you require to make an informed choice. This is where talking to experts can be helpful.