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What Are All-on-4 Dental Implants?

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If you are in the unfortunate position with a few missing teeth, you might find that you’re experiencing an immense amount of stress and anxiety because of it. The loss of teeth is an important factor in many other dental health issues and could have major impacts on your overall health. In this case, patients should consider having replacement of their teeth as fast as they can, to ensure your oral health is in good shape and that your overall quality of life improved. However, other than dentures what options do you have to replace missing teeth?

Although dentures are a tried and tested treatment option for many people who have missing teeth, they do not always offer the level of security or ease that lead to total satisfaction with your treatment. The advancements in the field of dental research and development have resulted in the creation of a more effective solution to replace multiple teeth that provides better results and has many advantages over other treatments. This procedure is known as the All-on-4 implant.

What exactly are All-on-4 Dental Implants?

The All-on-4 method is a mix of various dental procedures and techniques that offer an extremely secure and solid connection for replacement teeth. This is more reliable and stable than the traditional methods of attaching dentures, for example, suction or adhesives for dentures. All on 4 is a system that uses fixed dental implants which are placed into the jaw of the patient in order to provide a stable and sturdy platform to hold the replacement teeth in the correct position. This is why All-on-4 are frequently described as a form of ‘implant-supported dentures’ however this is an expansive term that encompasses various types of replacement teeth, too.

The dental implants utilized in the All-on-4 treatment procedure differ slightly than a standard dental implant that is designed to replace a single tooth. The part of the implant that is attached to the jaw’s bone is similar to the one used in the regular procedure, however the exposed top part is replaced by the tooth that is replaced by an ordinary implant by using an apex-shaped cap. The four tips are utilized to create an actual connect between jaws and artificial tooth, with a matching collection of four sockets located on the side that is below. It’s this physical, solid connection between the implants and the newly created teeth that creates a more natural experience for the patient while wearing their teeth, particularly when they chew or talk.

The four implants that create a secure connection are placed within the jaws of patients following an examination and analysis conducted by the dentist in order to ensure the most efficient positioning of each implant to ensure the greatest outcomes. The most commonly used arrangement of the implants is to place two at on the inside of your mouth which are inserted with a vertical align. Two additional implants are inserted toward the back of the mouth in the molars and are typically placed at a higher angle to offer greater stability and stability due to the greater contact with the jawbone. When the implants are secured placed implants, the dentures that are supported by implants are able to be utilized immediately, which will allow for a rapid healing time and an easy return to normal life and routine.

What are the benefits of All-on-4?

The advantages of the procedure are many in both direct relation to the health of your mouth, and indirectly, as they can provide advantages in other aspects in your daily life. Here are a few most important benefits patients can benefit from the All on 4 procedure.

Prevent Bone Loss & Degradation

One of the main results of missing and lost teeth is the degrading of jaw bone due to. The All-on-4 system works in reducing the impact of bone loss because implants are attached in a direct way to jawbone, and work similarly to the teeth’s roots. The pressure applied to the jawbone is similar to the natural teeth’s pressure which encourages an increase in bone mass and bringing an extra strength to the jawbone.

In patients who are experiencing some form of loss of bone The All-on-4 system may still be utilized. Because the implants offer an incredibly secure connection to the jaw bone it is a significantly lower chance the need for a bone transplant be required to move forward. In the absence of an implant, the time to recover and the duration of treatment are drastically diminished.

More Self-Confidence

Patients who undergo All-on-4 treatment will be left with a full dental set that is natural and that are connected with ease and comfort in their mouths, allowing them to enjoy their favorite meals, as well as an array of foods and beverages, without worrying. With the knowledge that your teeth will be at all times in place patients will experience a huge increase in self-confidence because they don’t have to worry about scenarios when loose dentures can cause embarrassment.

Easy Care and Better Hygiene

The care of your All-on-4 tooth and implants is simple and is a part of regular oral hygiene routines that you are familiar with. Brushing, flossing, rinses for your mouth, and having regular dental checks are important habits you should be on top of. All-on-4 offers the additional benefit of eliminating the need for expensive or messy adhesives typically required in other types of dentures. This can save time, effort and money over the long term.

A Permanent Solution

One of the main benefits of the All-on-4 procedure is that the effects are long-lasting and don’t require frequent fitting sessions traditional dentures need. Since the All-on-4 treatment uses dentures that are secured to the mouth using implants, the tooth isn’t susceptible to the same issues caused by gum recession, which causes traditional dentures to loosen and become uncomfortable as time passes. All-on-4 is a long-lasting solution that offers greater comfort and ease of use to the user.


It is crucial for those who have lost teeth to realize that the longer time is allowed before they get treatment greater the likelihood they will be to develop conditions that result from it like tooth loss, gum recession along with other health issues which can be quite severe if not addressed. If you take action before the time is right to restore missing teeth, you’re making a commitment to your health overall and wellbeing and will prevent these possible issues in the near future.

If you’re missing several teeth and want to know more about the most effective treatment options could be We recommend making an appointment for a free, no-obligation appointment with one of our specialists here.