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The Potential Benefits Of Remapping Your Vehicle

The process of remapping your car can bring many advantages in the overall performance and efficiency of the car when it’s performed by an experienced professional.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of professional car remapping and simple tips to make sure that you choose the best option for your car.

What is the meaning of remapping?

Remapping the car, also called ‘chipping’ involves changing the microchip inside the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) to alter the factory settings. This ECU functions as the main computer within the vehicle that regulates engine’s power and is generally programmed to limit the performance of the car.

Car makers limit the performance of their cars due to various reasons, such as to increase the life of the car and to comply with emission and noise regulations. it also allows the maker to introduce a more powerful version without the need to employ an entirely new engine. Therefore, remapping your engine could increase the power of your vehicle by an average of 20 to 35 percent.

Remapping doesn’t cost a lot and can be an easy and affordable method to enable your vehicle to achieve its maximum potential. Although the price will depend on the brand and model of your vehicle the average cost for remapping is PS250 up to PS400.

Six possible benefits of revamping your car

As long as it’s carried out correctly, remapping may provide a variety of benefits to the car’s system. Here are a few ways a quality remap can possibly benefit your car:

Speed and power

The most common reason people may have their vehicle modified is that it increases both the speed and the power of the vehicle. This is especially apparent when you’re attempting to overtake.

Better fuel economy

The remap of your car will increase the number of miles for each gallon that you are able to travel, thereby improving overall fuel efficiency.

Lower fuel costs

The car you have remapped will be able to travel further miles with each gallon of fuel, which means you’ll find yourself refilling your tank less often, decreasing your fuel expenses.

Greater environmental friendliness

Along with lowering your costs for fuel, a improved fuel efficiency reduces your carbon footprint as you’ll cause less environmental pollution when you drive your vehicle.

Controls have been sharpened

After remapping your engine You should be able to feel your ride is smoother and more comfortable due to improved acceleration and engine response and improved control.

Additional power to tow

If you utilize your car for towing a huge trailer or caravan and you notice that your vehicle has to be pushed to the limit to accelerate or climb. But, remapping can provide you with more power, so your vehicle won’t have to work as hard while towing.

The possible effects of a bad engine remap

It’s however not as easy to do it yourself. You should ensure that the mapping is performed by a responsible and secure expert. Once you’ve located an expert, the majority of automobiles that use gasoline or diesel-powered can be modified.

To demonstrate how vital it is to work with an expert who is trustworthy to use a trusted specialist, here are the potential risks that come with a poor map remap

Wear and tear is increased

The more power you have can cause an increased strain upon the engine therefore, important components such as the clutch and brakes can endure more wear and wear and tear.

If the remap of your car is not done correctly, the wear and tear could result in your car breaking down. If the job is performed professionally, it could mean that you have to prepare for getting your car maintained more often.

Car value is reduced

Since it’s an alteration, remapping could decrease its value for your car and, even more so in the event that it’s not handled by a professional.

No warranty is valid.

Review for the conditions and terms of warranty. If you purchase an unapproved remap by the dealer or manufacturer, it could render your warranty null and void.

A lease contract that is invalid

Similar to leasing the vehicle or have car finance, revoking the car can cause the cancellation of your lease.

The insurance of your car is affected

Certain car insurance companies will not accept remapped cars for any reason, particularly in cases where the process isn’t executed by an expert. If you locate an insurer which allows remapping, this procedure could increase the price of car insurance.

We would advise you to not hide your vehicle’s remap. You should always inform your insurance company that your car’s engine is remapped. Even if you don’t notice it, remapping is as a modification to your vehicle. If you do not inform your insurance company that the modification is in place and you don’t tell them, you could end up in trouble for hiding the information.

Before you begin to remap your car, be sure you’ve considered all the benefits and drawbacks of this modification to your engine, and are prepared for any issues that might occur in the future. When you’re done, relax and enjoy the ride.