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What Tools & Accessories Should I Have For My Coffee Machine?

You’ve just bought your first home espresso machine. You’re now wondering what equipment you’ll need to become a professional barista and use an espresso machine. Congratulations! It’s exciting to own a the latest espresso machine. Here’s a list of essential items for your coffee maker at home.

Some of these tools might or might not be included with your espresso maker. This is a comprehensive list of what you’ll require each time you use your coffee maker, and the other periodic accessories you’ll require.

1. Tamper – If you do not include a tamper in your device, it’s one of the items you’ll need to purchase in the near future. Tampers are available in various sizes, so make sure you get one to go with the size of your basket for portafilters. In the final section of this post there are a few that we’ve curated to help you.

2. The knock box did not start with a knock-box, however it’s something that we purchased as you’ll need the soft edge of the knock box to gently tap your portafilter and avoid harming it. If you place your knock box on an exterior wall, you might want to put something on top of it to guard the wall as small spills will stain the surface of the box very quickly.

3. Mats to tamp on The mat you’ll need to tamp must be smooth and flat. A silicone or rubber mat with a smooth surface that is clean easily is the ideal mat to accomplish this task.

4. Milk jug: One of the essential accessories to the espresso machine at home can be the pitcher for milk. To pour the frothed and steaming milk in the perfect way for the art of latte steaming, the milk jug is crucial. It needs a handle to manage the steaming hot milk, as well as a narrow, tapering spout. There are a few slight differences in designs, however an oversized spout with a round shape won’t aid in controlling the pouring you’ll require.

Check out milk jug reviews over at The Coffee Bros.

5. Water filter jug – in an area like London which is a place where water is hard to drink We’ve found it helpful to have a water filtration Jug.

6. Cleaning products and decaling The next list of items you’ll need is a collection of cleaning supplies. There’s the routine cleaning you’ll require products to use for. In addition, there’s the less frequently descaling of equipment that you need to complete.

Of course, you’ll require cleaning products and materials to use for routine wipe downs. Here’s the list you need to keep at your disposal in the kitchen.

a. Tablets and cleaning liquids for the espresso machine

b. Cleaning liquid for the milk wand

c. Descaling liquid/tablets

D. Grinder cleaner

E. Towel to wipe milk wand

Some other great equipment items to have are

1. Electronic weighing scales – for those who want to accurately weigh your coffee grind

2. Thermometer – If you wish to know temperatures of milk.

3. Electric Kettle can be used to heat cups.