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The Must-Read Guide to Wedding Shoes

We receive many questions regarding wedding shoes during alteration fittings or bridal appointments. These are some of the most commonly asked questions. We will try our best to keep the page updated with links for all the shoes we love from each season. We hope you enjoy the wedding shoe guide!
Shoes for Weddings: Open-Toe or Closed-Toe

A closed-toed shoe for cooler climates is preferred, but open-toe shoes for warmer days are the best. Closed-toe pearl wedding shoes are an option, but not mandatory, for black-tie ceremonies. Open-toe and closed-toe shoes are both acceptable. Comfort and style should weigh heavily when making a decision. Be sure to check out your dress shoes before you start shopping for shoes. Are you more inclined to have open-toed shoes than closed-toe?

What do you think is the best heel for everyday wear?

I have found that shoes are much more about the quality of the shoe than the height of the heel. However, I do like my heels. I’m 5ft 6″ and wish that I could be taller. For many brides, a flat shoe is the best choice. Flats provide the most comfort. Flats were my last option when I was looking for shoes for the wedding. I feel better dressed up and more ready for the occasion. Flats are better if you can’t wear heels for extended periods. If you begin with a tall heeled wedding shoe, then go down to a lower one. This will make the gown too long at reception. It is not possible to hem the gown for both heels.

Is it acceptable to wear flats for the wedding ceremony

Yes! You can wear whatever clothes you like. There are no rules about shoes. Your choice of how to hem your dresses is entirely up to you. Traditionally, seamstresses will hem the wedding dress right above the ground. When you are standing at an altar, your shoes will not be visible to you. However, you will be able see the heel of the shoe when you step forward. The style of the shoe’s toe is far more important than its heel. Flats are often preferred by brides to be comfortable or to match their fiance’s height. Flats used to be a bit too cute for weddings, so many brides resisted wearing them. Over the years, there have been many brides who chose a more comfortable and fun wedding flat.

We asked our Instagram friends if they prefer heels or flats for their wedding day. One-half of the votes favored flats, while 84% prefer heels.

Bridal Fashion Tip

If you think of your bridal appearance, you automatically think of it as your gown. Next: The next step is to add earrings, a crown and a bracelet. And then, maybe, a veil. It is not an easy task to find shoes that will suit your wedding. Do not forget to take care of them! Unless you change your footwear after your ceremony, they will stay with you for the long-term, babe. Take your time. Do they make you happy? Are they comfortable? Do they make the statement that you want? Your wedding shoe should be a statement piece, no matter whether you opt for a block-heel, stiletto or sensible flat.

Do you want your wedding shoes to have lace, beading, and/or be completely clean?

This is one of the most favorite questions. This is where style advice comes to the rescue! Even among the stylists at The Bridal Finery, you will likely hear a variety of feedback. Each of us has different opinions so it’s important to share your thoughts with the team. I love it when the shoes match my hem! Consider a statement, sparkly shoe if your hem is sparkling. Consider a simple pump, open-toe or soft lace for a dress made of satin or crepe fabric. You can also try lace shoes if your dress is lace. If the fabric you choose doesn’t match well with your dress, it is best to go with a clean pair of shoes. You should not wear a clean pair of shoes if you plan to be outside for your ceremony or reception. You may not need to wear the shoes again after they get really dirty.

What color shoe should I wear to my wedding ceremony?

While I might be basic, I really love a shoe that matches my color. For a “something blue”, consider a soft color. Something blue is a wedding tradition that represents fidelity. To get inspiration for your wedding shoe colors, check out the Pantone colors. You can incorporate this trendy element to your big day, even though the shoes aren’t too obvious. If you’re looking to match your shoes with your bridal gown, I recommend sticking with a brand that specializes in bridal shoes. A shoe brand that focuses on weddings has better shades of ivory, off white, or white. You can check the return policy and bring the shoes into the first fitting to make sure they are the right color. We might be allowed to send you a sample of your gown, depending on how the designer works.

There are new trends in wedding shoes

In true Pinterest fashion how would we make this guide if we didn’t update it with the latest trends? !

Badgley Mischika shoes have been a popular choice for many of our brides. They come in a variety of sizes and styles. The shoes are beautiful with the dress. Our brides love them!