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Steps To Choosing Your Wedding Band

It is an essential step in the wedding planning process to choose a live band for your big day. This is something you will want to do well.
Music can make all the difference on a wedding day. It is not just a background for the proceedings. An experienced live wedding band can set the mood for the day and be a focal point. It is a great way to enhance and complement the proceedings as well as to help bring out the emotion of the moment.

You don’t have to be difficult in finding the right live band Singapore for your wedding. This is why we created this handy guide.

We have broken down the decision making process into easily digestible blocks so that you don’t lose too much time. You can also skip sections that are most important to you and then come back later to read more, once you get to that stage in the process.


While weddings can be complicated and time-consuming, you don’t have to sacrifice your vision for a perfect day in order to live a happy life. Although we all have to be realistic when it comes to cost and expenses, your wedding theme and style should reflect what you envision.

While a big band or the finest musicians from the jazz world on one stage might not be possible for everyone, you can still hire a live wedding band that shares your vision and can adjust their performance to suit your theme. As such, it is not about the band choosing you but you.

It’s important to select a live wedding band that is able to accommodate your wishes.

What’s the best way to do this? You may be at an early stage of your research and not actively engaged in conversation with the band. You should browse their website and check out the videos and images on their YouTube and social media channels to get a feel for the image they present. This will give you an idea of how they present themselves in live performances. It will also give you an idea of their technical knowledge and allow you to see what people have to say about them.

You should consider a live wedding band as an integral part of your theme. They will also be setting the scene for the entire day.


It is important to be clear about your expectations of the band. You will find that many live weeding bands want to participate in the proceedings. Do they play background music? Will they announce the bride/groom to the reception with the first dance song? Or will they interact with the guests or play a set for the entire night? You want them to get people involved, or just create a feeling of happiness that surrounds the event. If you answer these questions correctly, you will be on your way towards making the best decision.

Choosing the music

Although many brides know what music they prefer, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they will have a specific playlist. You can take advantage of this by asking the band for advice. They will most likely have a better understanding of classical or contemporary music and what tunes create the mood you desire. You can give most wedding bands some tips and they will be able offer suggestions for playlists. Some of these may be surprising to you.

The importance of pacing is more important than it might seem. The band’s pacing can be the difference between an event running behind or racing ahead. You may find times in the day when one is best. The band can be slow and fluid to create a beautiful and timeless scene. Or fast and rhythmic in order to keep guests engaged and to help them transition from one event to another. Learn the method that your band uses to master this often forgotten skill.


Which years of experience do each member of the band have? How many years have they been playing together? What are their musical skills and past experience at your wedding? Whatever your priorities, you should make sure to choose a band who has a lot of experience in the areas that matter most to you for your wedding.

It is also possible to find out if a particular band is industry-approved, how unique their presentation and style are, and what kind of music they can play at your event.

A performer, or artist of preference may also be available. They can give your event an exclusive flavor and wow the audience with uniqueness and artistic ability. Artists in their own right are more likely not to diverge from their artistic beliefs, so you’ll choose them more or fewer based on their merits.

You may also find it helpful to look at the suitability of the band for the event if they are a favorite or if you have been recommended them. It’s possible to avoid disappointment later on by having a wider perspective.


There are many factors to consider when hiring a live-music booking agent. While some people may enjoy the challenge and responsibility of overseeing the day to completion, others may prefer to leave this job to someone more experienced. If you do end up hiring an agency, be sure to check out reviews from previous clients and ensure that they are both trustworthy and experienced. If it seems appropriate, you could even reach out to someone who has used their services previously. While an agent will be able offer you a wide range of musicians and artists that will suit your needs, it will come at a cost. You might end up paying more than you expected. Be prepared to pay an additional 20% band booking fee. You may also experience less intimacy with the band due to this route. It all depends on your level of involvement in decision making. Establishing trust is crucial in every aspect of the process. Therefore, you should communicate fully with the agency so that they can provide the best experience possible. A web search, niche directories, and even recommendations from the venue can help you find an agency.


You can gauge a band’s appeal by reviewing client testimonials and looking at social media engagement. Do not be afraid to request a demo and references from the band. It will give you security and peace of mind that you are in good hands.

Do not be afraid to voice your disapproval of a review. You may have a very reasonable reason for the unhappy client’s experience with the service. However, it may not be relevant to your case. A long list negative reviews should be considered a red flag.


Although it is tempting to book a band as an afterthought or last-minute decision, this could lead to costly mistakes. First, the bad band will need to be able to understand any special requests that you might have. Perhaps even more important, they may already have full season tickets.

You can start a wedding planner to avoid forgetting this very important part of the day. Let the band know that you’re involved in the planning process. They might have some helpful tips and can relieve the pressure of having to plan everything. You can ask them for help in choosing the right music or if they have information about the venue. Communication is important here. You should be as open with the band as possible in advance.

Advance bookings can be discounted, so book early to get the best deal.

It is important to confirm dates with the band before you do anything else. You’ll be wasting your time and they may have another engagement.

Ask about off peak reductions if you are having a wedding that is not normally in season.


Be sure to set a maximum budget before you meet with the band. But, don’t forget to allow for some flexibility during the planning stages. While it’s possible that your budget is not in line with what you expect, it’s also possible to shop around for an estimate of what’s normal for your situation. It is important to not base your booking on cost. But, in this instance, the old adage, “if you pay peanuts, then you get monkeys” applies. The season also plays a role in this process. So be ready to pay more for peak season.

Although big-name bands are always more expensive, it is possible to budget more for artists you want.


You never know what you’re going to get, and unforeseen events can sometimes happen. Check the terms and conditions for refunds and cancellation fees, backup musicians, time constraints, sickness, and deposits. This is the essential information about band hire. Although you will not have to resort to it, it is important to know.

Band insurance protects both the artist and you from excessive expenditure. It also prevents you from regretting making a decision that could lead to a change in plan.


Before choosing a live band for your wedding, it is advisable to book the venue that you want the band to perform at. This may seem like a simple point, but it can be difficult to remember the real reason.

First, can the venue accommodate the band you are considering? The space and line-up requirements for smaller venues might be more difficult.

If you are interested in the band, it is worth asking about specific technical considerations like if they require a backstage space. How many outlets they require for their equipment as well as any special lighting and equipment that could have an impact on the venue.

Ask the band about their experience in that location. This will often result in a smoother experience and greater peace of head.

You’ll also need to prepare in advance if alcohol or smoking is allowed.

Considerations should be made if the venue is located outdoors or in a tent. There may be restrictions.

Check out the parking restrictions for the band. If there are limited spaces, they may be unable to access the stage.

Some bands might ask to have a banner with their names or perhaps visual imagery displayed behind them. It is best to ensure that everything is covered in advance so there are no unintentional surprises.

Be sure to check the availability of your venue. You may need setup time or sound checks.

As well as any equipment, ask the band if wireless microphones are being used. This will make it easier for guests to engage with the band and allow the lead more freedom to move around and enable others to take over the mic when necessary.


You’ve made it this far, well done! You can skip this section if you don’t want to go through it. It’s an excellent starting point and one of our favorite parts of the entire show. After all the technical and particular details are out of the way, let’s look at what makes bands a band: their energy and flair, style and vibe.

There are many bands that can perform cover songs at weddings. Others have their own musical compositions. If you are searching for a particular artist, you will most likely seek the former. However, if you prefer the appeal of familiar songs to get your guests moving, the covers band wins.

It is all about personal preference and what you like. The perfect live band can be seen as the final piece in the puzzle. It adds a harmonious energy that brings your wedding theme alive. The band’s musical energy is a constant that flows through the entire event. You will want it to match perfectly with your theme, guests, and yourself.

Watch the band play and see how they interact. Pay attention to their energy when playing your favourite music. This may sound like an act of following your heart but it is actually about the core of what the band is all. Their unique musical flavour and passion creates an unmistakable atmosphere which adds that special touch to your wedding.

Consider the band’s presentation, from the aural and visual. Pay particular attention to what they wear, how they behave on stage, the colors they choose, and the tone it sets. Although most bands are able to adapt to your dress code, seeing the band perform in their own environment is a great indicator of their style. Check the website to find recent wedding videos, or browse their YouTube channel for footage of them performing at previous events.

This will allow you to see how they interact and motivate their guests. Sometimes, you may prefer a band without a singer. It’s more natural for the music to speak for itself. A live wedding band that exudes confidence is a joy to be around.

You should also consider whether you want the wedding DJ to be available for an afternoon session where the guests can relax and party, or if you prefer the band to stay on until the wee hours. While this is a personal decision, there are few things that can get the crowd dancing like a great wedding DJ.

When taken together, the total effect of each piece can make for a memorable experience. You have to balance them all to create the experience you want for your guests.


How is it possible to get this far without mentioning playlists. Ok, so we said that the band can help to choose playlists. But let’s get a little deeper.

It can make all the difference in the world if you take a holistic approach when it comes to playlists. It would be impossible for everyone to enjoy the same music, but it is worth starting with your wedding guests and asking them what kind of music they prefer. To bring some fun into the occasion, you can also choose different music to play at different points in the day.

You don’t have the right to please everyone. However, it is a good idea to invite guests if you have a broad musical palate. Variety is key here, and you can keep it fresh by adding new and old songs to the mix. It would be foolish to select only certain songs for your guests unless they are part of a close-knit group that is passionate about a particular music scene. No matter your choice of music, any event is complete without the dance classics and club hits from that era. They are often popular with guests of all ages and backgrounds.


The wedding first dance song is probably the most important choice on the day. You can find a list of popular options in our previous post. Although it may seem difficult, this song is the one that you and your partner love the most. It will either feel natural or you’ll just instinctively know it. This one is for you! You should make sure that your band is familiar with it, and allow them to practice it until they are satisfied. It could well be the central pillar of the entire day’s memory.

Whatever your playlist choice, or personal opinion, it doesn’t matter. As long as the band meets a high standard, everyone should have fun.

Last but not least, the do-not play list is important. This lists all songs that you don’t want to hear on your special day. It is possible that your playlist will be too long to fit into the allotted time. If this happens, you can ask a friend for help in choosing which songs to omit and which songs will be included in your final set. You can also keep those songs that you were agonising about as backup music if you decide to change your mind.

You should allow ample time to complete this task. It may take you a bit longer than expected.


You should think about how many sets the band should play. Most bands play two sets of approximately 45 minutes each with a brief break in between. Sometimes a DJ is needed for these times. If the band has suitable recordings, they will be able to ‘fill in the gap’. You can make sure that the band plays at all important points of the day such as the reception and dinner. Also, it is possible to have several bands play simultaneously. This keeps things fresh for your guests.

If everything is in order, you may want to have the wedding DJ transition to the end of your night to give the band some rest.


With these tips, you can relax and make the right choice about choosing the perfect wedding band for your love.

We recommend that you choose a live wedding band that can be flexible while still being highly appreciated for what they do.

Remember that this is your day, and it’s all about YOU. It’s important that your bandmates understand your musical tastes and can sympathize with you. It’s easier to feel connected with a band rather than forcing them into a new style.

Communication is essential to make the experience enjoyable for everyone. Make sure you provide all information required and are clear about payments.

You and your partner will be able to relax if you build trust.

You can designate a liaison person to help with last-minute requests by bands.


Your wedding day is ultimately about you. Everybody will treasure it for years to come. The most important part of the process is selecting the right live wedding band. If chosen well, it can be the crowning glory for your special day.