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Reasons to Dress Your Chihuahua

There are times when adorable Chis dressed in cute clothes pop at our facebook page. Sometimes, pet owners get a bad rap due to the clothes. The most common response is that goes like this “Your pet isn’t the kind of person you can dress up in” and “let pets be their dogs” as well as “my dog doesn’t like clothes, I wouldn’t ever force her to wear clothes”.

Each of these are good points, but they’re not fair to those who decide to dress their Chihuahuas in a fashion. There are many acceptable reasons to dress your dog in a fashionable way. Contrary to what many believe there aren’t any dogs who hate dressing up. A lot of dogs enjoy getting dressed up. I have experienced this for myself (not in me but with my Chi however, but one of my large dogs).

Why You Should Wear Your Chin:

Warmth Chihuahuas are prone to getting cold quickly, so it’s an ideal idea to bring some clothing or a sweater to wear in cool weather or climate-controlled homes.
Protection Clothes are a great way to protect your paws against the weather. They can shield the wearer from being burned by the sun. Likewise, footwear and boots can shield their feet from scorching cement or ice, sharp rocks and salt, glass or chemicals for deicing.
Cuteness There is no doubt about the adorable factor of a cute Chi girl wearing a frilly dress or a Chi boy dressed with a cute outfit. A lot of Chihuahuas enjoy the attention they receive wearing adorable outfits.

Why You Shouldn’t dress Your Chi:

The dog you have is terrified of wearing clothes and freaks out whenever you attempt to put clothes on them.
The dog is prone to overheating (usually not an issue for Chihuahuas).

So do I dress my Chihuahua Kilo? No and yes. There are a couple of sweaters I throw on her whenever it’s too cold. She isn’t a fan but she’s warm. I’d like to dress her with pretty dresses, but she’s one of the dogs who really dislike dressing up so I try not to try to force her into it.

I am a huge fan of seeing clothing on other dogs, and I love going out to shop for them.

If you want to answer the question “Does my Chihuahua require clothes?” the answer is entirely up to you. Chihuahuas, being the small, cold-blooded creatures they have, will require some Chihuahua clothes, at a minimum, to stay warm and cozy. The rest is dependent on the individual and their Chi.