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Must Ask Questions When Hiring A School Prom Photo Booth

With as high as 95 percent of UK schools now organizing elaborate events to celebrate the close of the term for students in year 11. (15 to 16 years young people) and the year thirteen’s (17 until 17 to) and with an average expenditure per student being at around £250 it is essential that the people who organize the prom for the school create a memorable event.

A lot of proms nowadays have photo booths for school proms and with expectations for students increasing year after year, it is essential to ensure that all the details perfect.

In this post, I’ll provide you with the top five questions to ask your vendor when you are looking to book a school prom booth.

1. The size of your school Prom Photo Booth

The majority of students are a friendly crowd at parties, and proms at school are one of them. From arriving to the prom in limos with group members to forming small groups, they will no doubt want to cram to photos booths. It is therefore important to inquire with your vendor how big the prom photo booth is , and how many guests it will accommodate, in a safe manner.

The standard prom photo booth hire has an oval-shaped booth that can be able to hold 6-8 students. However , there are other shapes booths available that make the most of the space inside and can comfortably accommodate 8-10 students.

2. The Strength of Your Booth

It’s not a surprise that prom pupils get very excited. It’s one of the once-in-a-lifetime occasions and one that everyone wants to be noticed. Therefore, closely linked to the dimensions of the booth, it is also important to make sure that it is constructed using the appropriate materials and durable enough to accommodate groups of enthusiastic young people.

The majority of booths are constructed from aluminum panels and sections that are light enough to transport but strong enough to hold crowds of party-goers. There are a few aluminium frames which are more durable than others, as this research shows.

Many proms are held in local venues or hotels, it is essential to make sure your photo booth that you rent to host the prom conforms with the fire safety regulations. Avoid booths constructed of or include materials like MDF. Make sure the curtains are constructed of the most fire-resistant material.

3. Social Media Capability

It’s no surprise that students are thrilled that prom photo booths at schools can upload photos directly to Facebook from which they can upload and tag photos they are featured in. It is crucial to inquire with your booth vendor regarding their social media capabilities and whether a live Facebook upload is feasible.

Remember to ask your location if internet access is possible , either through the wired Ethernet link or WiFi.

4. Fun Props

The majority of school prom is getting dressed up, and this can extend to the excitement in the booth. Check with your booth vendor to provide fun props for your kids to use in the booth. The kind of props you can expect to typically include hats, masks as well as feather boa’s and wigs.

The most recent innovation in fun props includes the creation for fun, digitally-generated props, where you can pre-determine the kind of props you’d like to use, with your own personal message or themed props. You should ask your vendor whether they have these props available to you for prom.

5. Backgrounds for Photos

In all the effort and time involved in organising the school prom, you’ll need to ensure that the pictures your kids take will remain an enduring memory of not just the prom itself but also the time spent at your venue. In most photo booths, you’ll have the option of a plain backdrop inside the booth or digital backgrounds on which your pupils can pose.

It’s also not rocket science to decide what they would prefer to do. If you are planning your prom any way, it is possible for you to incorporate themed backgrounds, or even a photo of your school. Just ask your vendor for green screen backgrounds and be able to agree with them prior to the images to be available for your guests to pick from.

I hope that this article provided you with some helpful ideas and suggestions on the questions to ask for your school’s next prom picture booth. If you have any additional concerns, don’t hesitate to connect with us.