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Match Your Jewelry to the Occasion

The majority of people spend their time comparing the size of various things, whether it’s cars or houses. Due to this fascination with the size of things, people get insecure about large engagement rings. When you think about jewelry, it is important to know that bigger doesn’t always mean more expensive.

Do you own a few pieces you don’t wear since the timing just doesn’t seem to be

The reason you could have neglected your jewelry is because it might not fit your fashion. For a stylish and elegant look you must consider the event and your skin tone and also how you wear your neckline dress. Here are a few tips that can be helpful when selecting outfits with jewelry:

Think about the Neckline

Your neckline will determine the neckpiece you put on.

High Neckline

If you are prone to wearing clothing with high necklines like boat necks turtlenecks and polo necks it is best to stick with long-line necklaces. Younger women look stunning wearing chokers wearing necklines that are high. If you’re over 40 it is best to avoid this style as it only highlights the wrinkles in your neck.

If you don’t want to be left with a turkey neck, then you must avoid wearing an oversized choker with a neck-high top. The location of your bust as well as the length of your shoulders can determine the ideal neckpiece for you.

Open Neckline

Square, V-necks, as well as round necks work well with long neckpieces. The weight, bulk, and dimensions of a necklace can differ between people. So the necklace that looks attractive on your friend may not look flattering on you.

Asymmetric Necklines

If you are wearing the dress that has an asymmetrical neckline, it’s recommended to not wear necklaces. The dress should be the focal point and wearing a necklace will just diminish the elegance that the neckline. In this kind of outfit you can choose accessories like jewelry or the Lady Gaga’s black Baywatch.

An asymmetric neckline and the hemline best suit those who are comfortable in bold and striking styles of clothing. If you like wearing asymmetrical necklines, then you’ll not be able to wear too many necklaces.

Unusual/Embellished Necklines

An embellished neckline can already be outfitted, eliminating the requirement for neck jewelry. With a neckline like this it is advisable to think about wearing earrings. If the neckline is too extravagant it is best to stay clear of earrings. Instead, look for more subtle accessories like bracelets, watches and ring.

Buttoned-up T-shirts

Today, wearing a t-shirt which is buttoned all the way to your neck is trendy. But this fashion is only suitable when your chest isn’t too big. You can complete this style with a bow tied in ribbon instead of necklace. This look is ideal when you’re wearing a feminine dress code.

Make a Statement with Statement Earrings

If you are looking to emphasize your face, not your attire, choose a pair of striking earrings. To draw the attention of your eyes make sure you wear dazzling and sparkling earrings. When picking the right earrings for your style, be aware of the appearance of your face and choose something that will highlight your unique face characteristics.

For instance, if have a heart-shaped face it is best to choose earrings that don’t have a tapering effect to the side. However those with oval faces should opt for earrings with triangular shapes and earrings that emphasize their cheekbones.

Select Jewelry that complements your Skin Tone

Don’t pick accessories that match your clothes only. You should also think about the tone of your skin. It is important to find the best way to pair your jewelry to the tone of your face if desire to look stunning. Silver is a beautiful shade that reflects the majority of skin tones.

On the contrary gold jewelry is a great match for matte shades of dark and matte skin. The colors of blue, purple and red jewellery, and white gold, work well with cool skin tones. If you’re more of a warm skin tone, pick orange, green and yellow stones and yellow metals.

Wear your jewelry to the occasion

If you’re planning to work, wearing dangling wristbands do not make sense particularly if you are working at the keyboard. It is recommended to avoid the majority of bracelets that are dangling in the event of work. However your church jewelry shouldn’t be akin to your clubbing jewellery.

It is important to be aware of how your jewelry appears to others prior to wearing it. If you think it’s inappropriate for a specific occasion then you shouldn’t wear it.


For your jewelry to look like the stars of the night, you need to be aware of what you’re doing. The knowledge you need will not be handed to you in a flash, but it will be acquired after a few trials and errors outfits. Also, you can read magazines to discover how to wear jewelry that matches your outfits.