Staying ahead of the curve can be the biggest challenge for men. Where do you look? What are the trends to be following? Are you old enough to be a part of them? All of these are just a few of the questions the majority of men ask on their minds when the topic of trends is brought up. To show you just what it takes to get ahead of the crowd without looking too try-hard We’ve come up with five key tips on the minimalist lifestyle. Please remember us.

1. Fashion Weeks

The first place you should look is fashion weeks, just make sure it’s the men’s edition. For the UK the show to really look out on is London Collections: Men (or LCM). Here the leading figures and top brands hit the catwalk to show us what’s going to be trending in the next few years. However, it’s not in the show that you’ll be able to get the best advice…

2. Street Style

… which brings us to our next point. All over the globe there are thousands of photographers taking on the streets to look for what trends are trending at the moment . They provide us guys a valuable piece of inspiration for our own style. Every male-focused publication printed and online has their own photographers out there and will feature pictures on their websites and blogs…

3. Know Your What to Read

…so you need to ensure you know which magazines to visit. They will not only have these images to draw from, but they will always create their own trend reports to help you plan your next season. These are written with a quicker inclination than runway shows, making sure that you know what in order to be on trend, rather than the items you’ll be buying in two years in the future when everyone’s in the midst of runway shows.

There are numerous men’s fashion blogs out there So do your homework and locate one that you believe will suit your needs. If it’s expensive, you’ll never be able afford anything they’re talking about and it’ll be unrelatable to your lifestyle.

4. Look Around You

Your own initiative and sharp eyes can also be your most trusted companion. If you’re traveling to a city that is large Be on the lookout for males’ clothes you like, then decide which they are that you think you could wear, and then try it! No matter what you choose it’s important to ensure that you are at ease wearing it. That being said…

5. Be confident

It is important to feel confident in yourself. If you dress with self-doubt and aren’t comfortable wearing it, you’ll be able to show it to your friends, people passing through and that person you’ve had your eye on at the gym over the last couple of months. You can try things on using only you and a mirror for take a look at the first time. Do you like what you observe? Do you want to carry that happiness through when you head out on the streets to get to know your fellow students and a date, or even prospective employers.

You might be wearing the most fashionable and trendy clothing available, however if you don’t wear it in a manner that is awkward, you won’t pull it off. In the same way, you don’t need to invest hundreds of dollars in order for something that looks good Wear it confidently and you’ll have greater chances of making it work.

If nothing else succeeds

If you’ve tried everything above and you still don’t feel right or just aren’t able to keep up how hard you try, don’t worry it’s easy to appear as if you know a thing or two about fashion. This is where your clothing staples are – they are the most important pillars of any man’s wardrobe.

They are the more classic styles that can be paired with almost anything but still seem sophisticated. Think of oxford shirts, denim shirts T-shirts, plain sweatshirts T-Shirts, knitwear, crew necks, indigo and black jeans and classic footwear like loafers, desert boots brogues, derby footwear, and plainer trainer styles. They are the foundation of an outfit and are reliable way to get the perfect look.