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Hairstyle ideas for women who are 50+

A medium-length hairstyle suitable for women who are over 50 can be any hairstyle that is shoulder- to chest length that compliments women with thin hair through making the hair look more full. With cutting-edge hair cutting and methods of styling, it’s easy to have youthful appearances!

Famous ladies Julianne Moore Catherine Keener, Ann Curry along with Michelle Obama are proof that virtually any hairstyle of mid-length can be sported at any age, giving the world with some serious hair-spray! No matter if you prefer straight hair or hair with a wavy texture It’s a sure thing that you’ll be able wear any of these styles for women who are older than 50.

Making your appearance more interesting by choosing a hairstyle that is appropriate for you should be simple considering your face’s shape and hair’s density, and also your skin tone. Hairstylist veteran Laura Eberts works with various techniques like layering highlights, curls, highlights, bangs And her customers always appeared stylish and fresh!

What’s great about a cut of mid-length length is that it allows you to have every style to wear – whether it’s an updo for formal occasions or for when you’re required to exercise or simply put it all in waves for a casualand feminine style! Longer hair, like medium length cuts, can aid in looking younger. In other words, old-fashioned shouldn’t be part of any woman’s vocabulary!

Before the next appointment for hair, take a look through our collection of the most sought-after medium length hairstyles that females over fifty!

1: Messy Shags for women with thin Fine Hair

Cut layers over layers and style it in an unorthodox way to get an exciting hairstyle for women over 50. It is recommended to go with shaggy, medium-length hairstyles for women who are over 50. This is a gorgeous broken hairstyle that is a lob. The slight angle creates an elongated look, drawing your eye downwards and frame your face. But, the shattering layers add an extra volume to the crown, drawing your eyes up. Medium-length hairstyles that are suitable for thin hair can be very flexible.

# 2: Big Hair with a Sweeping Part

The big hair with a broad part is coming back. Similar to the 90’s blowout, large hair used to be before flat irons. For the best volume while drying, make use of a round brush and dryers or air dry brush. Make sure that the sections are similar to the size of your brush , and elevated over the section. Don’t be afraid to use the hot rollers, or even pin it into curls while drying that section. This will add bounce and volume.


3. Razor Cut shag with Fringe

Think about a shag cut by a razor with fringe. A razor can give your hair’s fineness an extra boost of texture. It will add more body in your crown thanks to hair’s shaggy edges and fringe. It is normal to have your hair cut every few months to keep the cut fresh. Do not forget to add volume spray on your roots before blow drying your hair to gain more volume and lift.

#4: Thick Blonde Curls

Thin blonde curls are ideal example of effortless stylish. If you’re naturally curly hair the most effective method to achieve a perfect haircut is to locate a stylist who has a specialization with curly hair. The layers should be cut to enhance the curly form. If you decide to go through a perm process to create curly locks make sure that you have hair that is natural and not colored perms, since they can be damaging to hair with colored. Make sure to bring pictures of the styles you’d like to your stylist.

#5: Gorgeous Blonde Blowout

Blondes with beautiful blondes are among the best choices you can make after having your hair lightened. Whatever your stylist is, or the enhancers they are claiming to employ in their lightener Let me assure that lightening your hair could be damaging. That being said you should take as much care of your locks at home can. The most effective way to include in your home ritual (besides deeply conditioning) is to avoid the most heat you can. That being said the best option for styling is a weekly blowout. Blondes can help you avoid excessive washing your hair, and longer intervals between washings (because the hair has already been cut and styled) will help you keep your hair from frizz it also adds volume and will also allow for more wear.

#6 Medium Fluffy Balayaged Hair

If you’re looking to get colored hair that is lived in, ask for the balayage of your hair at the next time you visit. If you decide to dye your hair on the ends, you create the appearance of expensive and low-maintenance look. Medium length and beautifully cut fluffy layers are the most requested services in salons because of their flexibility.

#7: Beachy Blonde Waves

It is possible to have sexy locks with beachy blonde curls. Blonde hair is fashionable and chic when it is curled perfectly. You must figure out how to get using a curling iron to achieve the perfect beachy curl. If you’re able to, try an intense conditioning treatment at least every week to reduce the damage from heat to an absolute minimal.

#8: Grey Feathered Ends

Grey feathered ends can be gorgeously mature ways to wear your hair , especially if you’ve grown your natural beautiful hairstyle. Get your stylist to suggest a defined layers for this easy-to-style hairstyle. Hairstyle with a blowout for a gorgeous volume.

#9: Shoulder-Length Loose Blonde Curls

The loose curls that reach the shoulders are an excellent choice for women who are older than 50. The length of the shoulder provides more hair to use. Use an iron that is flat to create curls on the hair. Finish by spraying it with a hairspray.

#10: Medium-Length Blonde Balayage

For a quick facelift look, opt for a medium length blonde balayage. Cut out dead edges and bringing an even tone around the face can make you appear 10 years younger. Maintaining your hair’s health as you age is crucial for youthful and beautiful locks.