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First Ride: The Nukeproof Giga

What is even bigger than a Mega? A Giga, certainly. Absolutely no word yet regarding when the Tera cycle is coming out, but for today we need to check out Nukeproof Bike‘s newest long traveling machine.

This brand new carbon framed inclusion to Nukeproof’s fleet can be purchased with possibly 27.5″ or maybe 29″ wheels, with 180 or perhaps 170mm of back travel respectively. Include in a 180mm fork as well as a slack, 63.5 degree head angle and it is clear the place that the Giga’s motives lie.

The Giga began as a side project throughout the improvement of Nukeproof’s Dissent downhill cycle. At the moment, what would be model 4.0 of the Mega enduro race bike was currently in the works, though the possibility for an a lot more time travel choice, one which preserved as a lot of the attractive characteristics of a DH bicycle as practical, was interesting sufficient that an aluminum mule was developed.

Nukeproof Giga Details

• Wheelsize: 27.5″ or perhaps 29″
• Travel: 170mm (29″) or perhaps 180mm (27.5″) / 180mm fork
• Carbon frame • 63.5° mind angle
• Chainstay length: 435mm (27.5″) / 444mm (29″)
• Weight: 33.9 lb / 15.4kg (Factory 290, L)
• Sizes: S XXL • Price range: $3,700 – $5,500 USD. Frame only: $2,600 USD.

Dubbed the’ Mulse’, a play on the Pulse model title, after a couple of rides it had been apparent the idea was really worth pursuing even more. Nukeproof’s layout engineers got to do the job, and went through several iterations before settling on a glance that could set the tone for this particular model, together with other people down the road.

Frame Details

At the moment, all 3 styles of the Giga make use of a complete carbon frame that is built from T700/800 fibre, with an aluminum linkage registering with the swingarm on the front triangle. There is inner, tube-in-tube cable routing in order to continue rattling to a minimum and also to simplify installation.

To be based in the UK, Nukeproof’s designers are no strangers to wet, dirty driving problems. That is among the reason’s there is room for as much as a 2.6″ back tire, along with an incorporated mud guard. There is additionally room for just a water bottle within the front triangle, wherever it rests in a depression in addition to the downtube. Additionally, there are 2 bolts for mounting a hose or perhaps instrument on the underside of the best tube.

The bottom bracket is threaded, the back spacing is twelve x 148mm, and there is a SRAM Universal Derailleur hanger, 3 great features on any brand new bike.

Giga 27.5″

Giga 29″


You will find a total of five frame sizes for the Giga, from S all of the means to XXL. Based on Nukeproof’s sizing chart, that will support trips from 5’2″ all the way to 6’7″ in level. Reach figures vary from 435mm up to 515mm on the 29″ edition. The size big I am on has an access of 475mm, along with a seat tube angle of 78-degrees.

Though the Dissent DH cycle has flexible chainstays, they are repaired on the Giga, and also determine 435mm on the 27.5″ style as well as 445mm on the 29″ edition. The top direction is 63.5 degrees with a 180mm fork.

The primary pivot may be raised or even decreased by loosening the 8mm hex bolt and also transforming the orientation of the black switch. This enables the degree of progression to be established at 25.5 % or twenty nine %.

Suspension Design

The geometry concepts utilized on the Mega are set up on the Giga – a steep hold tubing perspective, much longer reach, plus shorter seat tubes with sufficient insertion depth for longer traveling dropper posts – though it is the suspension layout that actually sets the 2 versions apart. The Giga’s shock sits lower in the co2 frame, pushed by a rocker link that is connected to the seat tube and swingarm. This particular style is meant to lower the excess weight of the back triangle, and make a healthy ride, with the middle of gravity closer to the bottom part bracket.

There are not a geometry adjustments being seen, but you can find 2 primary pivot positions which are used-to modify the leverage rate. Within the very first place there’s 25.5 % progression, and in the next place there’s twenty nine % progression. That next place is believed working particularly effectively with a coil shock, or even in conditions that are damp wherein a far more flexible beginning stroke is ideal.

Determined by the key pivot position, anti squat sits at possibly ninety six % or maybe hundred % at sag in the thirty two / fifty tooth gear ration, after which drops when the shock moves deeper into the traveling of its. The Giga is centered on the descents, though it is likewise intended to be pedaled back up the hill with only a small amount fuss as you can.


Giga Comp 275 & 290 – $3700 USD / 4700 Euro / 3700 GBP

Giga Elite 270 & 290 – $4600 USD / 5800 Euro / 4600 GBP

Giga Factory 270 & 290 – $5500 USD / 7000 Euro / 5500 GBP

For starters Ride

The Giga simply showed up, therefore I have just been equipped to press in a few wet as well as dirty rides in on it. The initial impression of mine is it remains impressively composed while climbing thinking about just how much travel it’s. The seat tube is steep and nice, even though there is no getting around that this’s a bicycle created for the descents, it offers the weight of its and slack geometry well.

Part of the reason behind the Giga’s healthy nature is the point that Nukeproof did not go also crazy with the the reach numbers of its. To give the bike a far more moderate rather compared to monstrous front center really helps to temper the longer wheelbase developed by which 63.5 degree head tube angle. On the descents, which really makes it much easier to stay away from the feeling like you are on an out of hand semi truck – rather, the Giga is able to plow when it has to, and still maneuver through tighter areas without having overly cumbersome.

I am excited to begin obtaining the Giga dialed in a lot more, also to check out the various main pivot positions to discover exactly how much of a positive change that really makes. I am going to be hanging onto this for just somewhat – stay tuned for the extended review later this season.