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Considerations When Choosing Your Wedding Cake

It’s not just a matter of going to the bakery and selecting one from the shelves. It requires planning, approximately three months of preparation and lots of decoration. Even the simplest wedding cakes is a bit complicated in comparison to the cakes that you can look at in the bakery’s window.

Wedding cakes can be small, simple large, massive, multi-tired sponge, fruit decorated, iced without decoration cream, white, yellow and just about any shape, colour and consistency you can think of. The range of wedding cakes that are available has the challenges of selection!

So how do you decide one?

Design is everything.

The first thing to take into consideration is the style. If you’ve got an existing wedding theme then this is fairly easy. Your theme could determine the size, shape and color of the cake, and can could be the deciding factor when you’re thinking of competing cakes in your mind.

Also , check out the internet for ideas. We’ve found Pinterest an incredible resource for almost everything , and there are thousands of ideas for wedding cakes Melbourne out there. Wedding websites are good sources of inspiration too.

When you have found an item you love, take the images to bring these to your bakery.

It’s all about the cost

Many people are surprised by the cost of wedding cakes. However, if you’ve participated in the cake’s creation, you’ll know the reason. They’re custom-made, created precisely to your specifications, hand-painted and are artworks on their own. This requires time, and has been paid.

Be upfront with regards to your finances and honest about your expectations. There are many ways to create an amazing wedding cake even on even the most minimal of budgets, when you communicate with the right people. So there’s always an opportunity.

The main thing is size.

In general, portions determine how big the cake. The reality is that the wedding cake you choose to serve should be designed around the number of guests you will be feeding instead of the number of layers you’d like. Although you could, obviously have whatever you want, it’s cheaper to provide food to guests, rather than create an impression.

If you’re just hosting only a handful of guests doesn’t mean that you can’t make an impact! You can make fake tiers that will allow the cake so it looks great in your pictures and only have one or two tiers of the actual cake. This will save you money and reduce waste.

It’s all about fashion

As photographers, artists and fashion stylists, bakers also have their own distinctive style and personal preferences. When you are choosing your preferred baker, you must ensure that your style is in line with your expectations. Look through their portfolio, speak with them and feel their design.

While many bakers are able to be flexible but there are a lot of own ingredients that they prefer and you’ll be better off working with a baker who makes use of the filling or ingredient they like the most. They’ll be more skilled with it, and more enthusiasm and likely create a superior cake due to it.

It’s all about the quality

The expression “you are getting what spend for” frequently used in wedding planning since it’s so real. This is suitable for wedding cakes, too. You can purchase a cake online from an online bakery or may also purchase one from a friend however, make sure that it’s made of quality that you’ll admire.

Don’t purchase blind for a cake. Get to know the cake maker, try their cakes and feel their skills and collaborate with them to ensure that you get exactly what you need.

In the final moment selecting the wedding cake is about the bride and groom. Your preferences, your the theme of your wedding, and budget. Like all aspects of planning a wedding you must consider several factors when selecting the cake, and not simply choose the most expensive or the closest one.

The more time you invest into finding the best baker, the more delicious the cake you receive at the end. Also, picking wedding cakes takes a lot of tastings to find the perfect sponge. What’s not to love?