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Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses to Suit Your Girls and Wedding Style

Brides are increasingly looking to make bridesmaids more fashionable and elegant. Bridesmaids dresses are now more in line with trends from the high-street, and have huge influences from celebrities and royalty. Let’s be real, how many girls wish to look like Pippa Middleton and Angelina Jolie. Frankly, everyone. These red-carpet dresses are setting the trend for bridesmaids on their red carpet moments.
The bridesmaid dresses should be simple, elegant and wearable. Tea-length dresses are ideal for girls because they can be worn again.

The Styles and Colors of Bridesmaids Dresses

Every bride wishes that her bridesmaids have a similar style to their own, and to keep in tune with the wedding’s theme. Here’s my rule of thumb: If the bride is wearing lace or a texture-laden dress, choose plain bridesmaid gowns in satin or cotton. Bridesmaids don’t have to look exactly like the bride.

The hardest part of choosing a colour is also tricky. When selecting bridesmaid gowns, some brides tend to overthink the colours. I was once asked which colour dress would go with a particular carpet at a venue. You need to decide on your wedding style and colours. Next, make sure you have your bridesmaids choose a colour that complements the venue.

Here are some ideas and inspirations for bridesmaids dresses that will complement your wedding style.

Winter Wedding

Winter weddings provide the perfect opportunity to cover your bridesmaids in fur caps or dress them in darker colours. This look looks great with a lighter wedding gown. Long sleeves can also be worn on winter weddings. This is a great way to make sure your bridesmaids feel beautiful and comfortable.

Summer Wedding

However, summer bridesmaid dresses should not be too heavy or bulky. They should also be lighter in colour. Pastel colours look stunning at a wedding. Your bridesmaids won’t be too hot by wearing shorter dresses.

Woodland Wedding

You may have an idea of the type of bridesmaid dress you want if you have seen Twilight’s Twilight wedding scene. Bella’s bridal party wore short, violet gowns in various shades depending on the character.

For a woodland wedding, any colour that is beautiful and reflects the natural beauty of the environment will be a great choice. I recommend using champagne bridesmaid dresses.

Beach Wedding

A beach wedding is similar in that a bridesmaid gown should be fluid and easy to fit. Beach weddings give you the freedom to go bold and bright with your colour choices. A sunny yellow, fiery red, or vibrant aquamarine might be something you would consider. Your bridesmaids will stand out against the sandy beach’s bright backdrop.

Themed Wedding

A themed wedding will limit the choices for bridesmaids dresses. No matter what theme you choose to follow, be it superheroes or fairy tales, you can make bridesmaids dresses that match your chosen theme. They will be unique.

Country Wedding

You should choose classic/traditional bridesmaid dresses if you want a rustic, country wedding.

Parasols are a great option if your wedding is during the summer months. This will give your bridesmaids some shade and complete the “classic country look”. You could also dress your bridesmaids as modern country women by wearing short, flowing gowns and Wellington boots.

Accessorizing comes in many forms, so have some fun with it and let your imagination run wild.

High Fashion Wedding

High fashion weddings often include Chanel gowns and Piaget jewelery. Others opt for something more unique and original, dressing their bridesmaids either in jumpsuits, pant suit or high fashion gowns.

A high-fashion wedding is anything that follows the lead of an influential fashionista. Wear an outfit you love and give your bridesmaids stunning accessories.

Festival Wedding

Are you and/or your husband-tobe passionate about music and enjoy attending festivals? A festival wedding requires that bridesmaids wear dresses that reflect the relaxed atmosphere of the occasion. Think floaty, flowy dresses and rings of flower entwined in their hair. Two-piece bridesmaids dresses are also an option to display a unique style.

Choose Bridesmaid Dresses For Mixed Figures And Heights

Many brides are facing this problem today. It is possible to have a 5ft 9in girl who is size 16, and a 6ft 2in size 8 bridesmaid. You can’t force these girls to wear the same outfit. For a more flattering figure, put them in different styles.

Choosing Dresses for Pregnant Bridesmaids

With the growing trend to get married later in life, there is a greater chance that one or more of your bridesmaids might be pregnant on your wedding day. Although it may seem difficult at first, pregnant bridesmaids don’t have to stop performing their duties. This is what I recommend if you are in this situation.

First, talk to your bridesmaids. This will ensure that they feel comfortable with the responsibility. Next, find out when your baby is due. Third, consider making choosing your bridesmaid dress a priority. You should start searching for shops that cater specifically to pregnant bridesmaids.

Maternity Bridesmaids’ Dresses

Once you have selected the shop you want to work with, ensure they know that you have a pregnant maid of honor and double-check the procedure. Some shops sell specific maternity bridal gowns. Others will alter the size of the dress to make it fit. Because of the difference between cut and material, I would recommend purchasing a specific maternity gown for bridesmaids.

It is common for bridesmaids wear different styles in the same colour. So don’t worry about your pregnant bridesmaid wearing a different style gown. Some shops have a variety of maternity gowns that fit in with the standard range, but it doesn’t matter how different they are. Also, you might consider different styles and colors of dresses to tie in your flowers. This will be stunning and take the spotlight off your bridesmaid.
Other Considerations

Remember that your pregnant bridesmaid might need to wear bras and that other bridesmaids may be comfortable wearing straps. It is also worth considering the heel height of your bridalmaid shoes, or whether you will provide a second pair for your bridesmaids to wear later. This is a great idea.

Do not force your girls to wear the same dress when you’re choosing their bridesmaid gowns. Make sure they feel confident in the style that suits their bodies. Add accessories and flowers to complete their look.