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What is Profhilo?

It’s now safer than ever to do a semi permanent tweakment. The UK law is becoming more strict for practitioners in aesthetic injectables. Profhilo could be the best entry-level injectable option for those who find botox and fillers intimidating.
Profhilo has been called the ultimate skin moisturiser. Profhilo is not a filler or a relaxer for your skin. It delivers deep hydration to your skin to plump, moisturise, and give your skin a radiant glow.

But what is it exactly? It is also a pain killer. For everything you need to know on Profhilo, we consulted Dr Wassim Aktouk, a cosmetic dermatologist, and Dr Stefanie Wilkins, two of the industry’s most trusted professionals.

Everything you need to know about Profhilo
What is Profhilo exactly?

Dr Williams explained that Profhilo(r), which is a ‘beneath-the skin’ hyaluronic (HA) moisturising cream, delivers HA deeper than any topical or topical HA serum. Dr Taktouk says that the product contains the highest amount of pure Hyaluronic Acid (62 mg per 2ml Syringe). “It targets multiple skin layers to restore firmness, tone, and elasticity at levels not possible by simply applying skincare products onto the skin.
How does Profhilo stack up to other injectables

While Profhilo may be classified as an injectable treatment, it is also a different treatment than botox or fillers.

Dr Williams states that Profhilo can be considered a gentle, regenerative treatment. It is not the same as dermal fillers, wrinkle-relaxingbotox, or dermal fillers, which either add volume/contour to your face or relax your facial muscles. Profhilo can be used in a completely different way to fillers or botox. It is also an excellent option to start with for those with less mature skin who do not need any other cosmetic injections. The results are natural and very popular.

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How does Profhilo function?

What does Profhilo Newcastle do to alter the structure and texture your skin? Dr Williams explained that Profhilo(r), if injected into skin, “moisturises” the skin by holding on to water. It has been demonstrated that it can stimulate collagen and elastin. The activity of a stabilized HA product will last for a longer time than non-stabilised products such as mesotherapy.
What are the benefits Profhilo has for your skin?

Profhilo, where botox or fillers aim to change the shape and movement of your skin, is the ultimate step in your routine. Dr Taktouk says Profhilo is able to achieve its goals through its actions at multiple levels. “At deeper levels, it creates structure alongside support and hydration to give skin its bounce and plumpness. You will notice a more even complexion, a smoother texture, and better tone.
Talk with us about what happens

It is obvious that there are some needles involved. But, how many? Dr Taktouk showed us what happens during a Profhilo appointment…

‘In our clinics, we consult first with our patients to ensure they are suitable. We discuss potential side effects and any specific benefits that a patient might see. We offer follow up appointments for treatment and often add written information to our discussions. We encourage new patients to take a “cooling off” period so they can fully consider their options.
2. Before The Treatment

“On the day that the patient will be receiving treatment, he or she is welcomed into the clinic and signed a consent form. Before they can be brought into the treatment area, photos of the affected area are taken. Once the patient is comfortable, we will examine the treatment area, noting any bleeding, unhealthy skin, or moles. After that, we clean the skin with an antimicrobial solution.
3. The Injections

Once the skin has been cleaned and is happy, the treatment will begin. Each side receives 5 injections (in the front, side and cheek), and the treatment ends with the removal of the upper lip. This is a total of 10 injections. Each injection takes no more than five seconds. Gauze is placed over the injection sites, if necessary. After that, the area is cleaned using an antimicrobial product which also contains arnica to promote healing.

“To decrease discomfort, we use two techniques: squeezy ball for the patient to hold, and vibrating face instrument which is placed on the skin. The vibrations are clinically proven to decrease discomfort. Think about how you feel when you have hurt yourself.
4. After The Treatment

“The patient is advised to not touch the area or apply makeup for at least 12 hours. Then, they can continue their normal lives. The patient should refrain from taking any medications, exercising vigorously or drinking alcohol for 48 hours to reduce the chance of bleeding.
5. Follow-up Treatment

Two parts are required for each Profhilo treatment. The first is approximately a month later.

Does Profhilo hurt?

While numbing cream may be used in some cases, most clinics don’t recommend it. It can make the appearance that the bruising is worse.

Dr Taktouk states, “If asked, I would tell you that it hurts.” Dr Taktouk says that the needle itself is very small. It’s only the actual product that causes the needle to sting. Each injection takes just seconds, and we use distraction techniques that reduce discomfort. The stinging sensation also dissipates quickly. It isn’t enough to stop patients coming back for further treatment.
How long does Profhilo work?

“We recommend between two and three sessions per month. Dr Williams states that the skin will look more plump, hydrated and youthful after these treatments. Dr Taktouk agrees. Within a week, many people begin to notice an improvement in their skin. You will see the real difference when you wait 6-8 weeks. This is how long it takes for your body to begin producing collagen and elasticin.

How long does Profhilo live?

Dr Taktouk advises that patients should repeat the treatment after they have completed the first two treatments. This will ensure that the results last as long as possible. Some patients notice a gradual loss of skin tone towards the six-month mark. Other patients love the treatment so much, they may come in earlier than six months.
Who should and shouldn’t get Profhilo

Dr Williams states that Profhilo(r), which is great for hydrating the skin, can also help to regenerate it when the first signs of aging appear. The results are always natural looking. Individuals with more damaged or mature skin may need additional treatments in order to achieve the desired outcome. As a rule of thumb, cosmetic injectables should not be recommended for anyone under the age 25. This is because they can have healthy, plump skin with no signs of skin damage or ageing.

It is important to remember that Profhilo is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women.
Is Profhilo safe for all skin types and tones?

Dr Williams says that the treatment is safe for all skin types.

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What can Profhilo do that isn’t possible?

It is important to be realistic about your expectations when you are considering injectable treatment. Also, make sure you know what it won’t accomplish as well as what they will.

Dr Taktouk explains that Profhilo cannot be used as a filler. It doesn’t have the ability to add volume to certain areas and won’t erase deeper lines. “Profhilo can’t be used on the forehead. This is crucial to anyone who wants to use it for dry skin, or to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
What happens to Profhilo when it’s not working?

After 10 injections into your face, you might wonder how long it will take to recover.

Dr Williams says that there is typically no downtime. However, some minor redness and bumps may occur for up to one hour following treatment. There may be some bruising.

This content has been imported from Instagram. This content may also be available in other formats. You might also be able find additional information on their site.
Can Profhilo go wrong?

Injectables can be a bit scary, so it is important that you are aware of the risks before you take any action. Dr Williams states that while there are always risks associated with injections, Profhilo has a comparable risk if it is administered by a qualified practitioner. Profhilo has a very soft texture and the natural results are virtually guaranteed.