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What is a clinical attachment?

Clinical attachments can be a great option for international medical students to experience the daily life of doctors within the NHS. You can be an expert in a specific field without being in charge of providing care to patients.

What is an attachment to a clinical study?

A clinical attachment can aid you in your preparation you for working within the NHS.

It provides an understanding of the medical procedures and procedures in the NHS by watching an expert in the relevant area of expertise at working.

Attachments typically last between two and four months . They cost as low as PS400.

In the course of attachment the attachment, you do not receive any responsibility, and you are not able to take clinical decisions or give advice.

After a few months of watching consultants, it is possible that you could begin to assume some clinical tasks. This will happen following an assessment of risk, and being under the direction of the specialist.

The duties are usually only applicable to:

Watching the consultations
Participating in the administration of patient care
taking patient histories
Physical exams
Being observant during the operation.

Do I need to do a clinical attachment Kenya?

It’s not a requirement to be a doctor for GMC registration or work within the NHS. However, your experience helpful in proving that you are in line with the requirements by doctors.

Your experience can be used in your GMC application to register. It will request the details of your entire experiences in the past five years, both medical and non-medical.

It has been proven through experience that it is recommended to take a clinical test just prior to taking the second part of the PLAB test, or even after you’ve cleared it. This helps ensure you benefit the most from the test.


You must meet the following requirements:

Successfully completing the criminal record check
documents that prove your identity
If you’re not an indigenous English speaker, then you’ll require to have an IELTS or OET certificate with a score of 7.5 or equivalent levels of English which you are able to demonstrate
occupational health certificate obtained from NHS trust
attending the doctors’ induction day prior to the date that the attachment begins in the event that it is applicable
acceptable references from referees that are cited on the application the form.


In general, medical students who are not from the EEA require a visitor’s visa to enter the UK.

A typical visitor visa is valid up to six months, where you will be able to pass PLAB 2 test. PLAB 2 test, and then complete an attachment for clinical purposes.

Locating a clinical connection

There is no tool that is universally available for locating an attachment for clinical research.

It is possible to search the web for clinical attachments such as NHS hospitals as well as postgraduate deaneries.

This list provides examples of trusts that run attachment clinics:

You could also consider asking your relatives or friends working within an NHS hospital to refer you to a specialist with expertise in your area.

It is also possible to contact consultants directly, by browsing hospitals’ websites and clicking on the departments that you are interested in.