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Signs of depression in men

Depression is the leading cause of mental illness in the world. Around 280 million people suffer from depression worldwide. Suicide can also be a possibility.
According to the Office for National Statistics in England and Wales, approximately three quarters (in 2019) of suicide deaths were recorded by men. Also, the male suicide rate has reached its highest point since 2000. This is especially worrying because men are less likely than the women to seek help for depression.

Men can experience the disorder in a variety of ways. Sometimes, they may not show the typical signs and symptoms of depression that most people are aware of.
What is depression?

Depression is a serious mood disorder that can affect men and women of any age. It can lead to sadness, hopelessness, and loss of interest or enjoyment in normal activities.

There are many symptoms that can be both emotional and physically. For a diagnosis of depression, you must have these symptoms for at least 2 weeks.
Depression in men

While it is commonly believed that women are more susceptible to depression, statistics indicate that this perception is not true. However, men are much less likely and often shy away from seeking help. This means that many cases of depression in men are not being diagnosed.

Lina Anderhell a registered psychologist says, “Sometimes men will prefer not to discuss their feelings and may instead turn to other potentially destructive ways of dealing with their emotions.” “Their reluctance could be because they are afraid of being vulnerable.”
Male depression could appear in a different way.

Anderhell says that men often don’t ask for help because they aren’t sure they recognize themselves in the symptoms.

Although men can still feel sad or lose interest in old hobbies, there are other signs that may be present.

These are signs to look out for in men suffering from depression.
Emotional signs

Interest in hobbies, work and social life has diminished
Indecisiveness, or inability of concentration

Behavioural signs

Aggressive behaviour
Isolation and withdrawing
Drinking and using drugs
Suicidal thoughts

Signs physical

Sleep problems
Changes in appetite and eating
Weight fluctuations
Unexplained aches, pains
Loss in libido
Energy loss
Digestive problems

What causes mood swings in men

Men can experience mood swings and depression from a variety of reasons.

The likelihood of depression in men can be affected by many factors, including age, financial status, lifestyle, genetics, family history, and illness. An individual may become depressed due to a series or trigger of stressful events.

Any kind of loss can trigger depression in men. This could include the loss of a partner, a death in the family or the loss of a career.
How to help your partner cope with depression

It can be difficult for couples to talk about depression with sensitivity. This can be particularly difficult if the man concerned is not forthcoming about his feelings.

Anderhell states that it is important for friends and partners to raise the subject, even if they feel scared. Ask the question “How are your feelings?”

She recommends that you express your concern about their behavior and tell them what it is. She suggests that you don’t blame them but show support and ask the person for any suggestions.

You should be aware that their needs will vary. Anderhell says that while they may just need someone to listen, others might want to take them with them to the doctor.
Self-help for depression in men

Talking to family members, friends or professionals about your problems, abstaining from alcohol, and living a healthy life are all good ways to prevent depression in men.

Mindfulness, mindfulness, and mindful techniques can be helpful in managing your mood. Exercise, which releases the feel-good chemicals endorphins in our bodies, has been shown to reduce depression in men.

Low-intensity exercises can also help improve nerve cell connections, which in turn helps to reduce long-term or recurring symptoms of depression in men.
Getting depression treatment

It is difficult to know when to visit a doctor. This is especially true for men, who are more likely to avoid seeking medical help. If you’re suffering from depression, it is crucial to seek treatment as soon as possible. This will make treatment easier and more efficient.