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Reasons To Use Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Accelerated Healing

There’s no need to wait for an injury or wound to hinder your progress. By using hyperbaric oxygen therapy it’s not necessary to. It’s not necessary to endure and make it through your day for as long as you want after a serious injury has slowed your progress. It’s just a matter of carving some time for yourself , be in a hyperbaric room in a normal breathing.

With increased atmospheric pressure the oxygen pure is released. With the increase in pressure (pressurized by pure oxygen) and the oxygen the blood and tissues are flooded with oxygen at the scale that is cellular. Since oxygen is an essential component of healing and speed of healing, you’ll heal faster than you thought you could.

Management to treat Diabetic lower extremity wounds

Double-blind, randomized, single-center controlled clinical trials that have shown the hyperbaric chamber treatment to be a secure and effective treatment for patients suffering from persistent diabetic ulcers on their feet.

The main findings of this study revealed the following: 94% the participants who suffered from Warner Grade 2 3, 4, or 5 ulcers that persisted for more than three months, experienced full healing. In addition the chronic diabetic foot ulcers were not present when they visited the follow-up after 12 months. No adverse side effects of treatment.

A Fewer Number of Medications

Patients who are suffering from uncomfortable or painful conditions like edema typically take numerous medicines. When you use hyperbaric oxygen therapy two things occur. The first is that faster the healing process is promoted, no matter if the cause is swelling, an illness, wounds, or traumatizing injury. The second benefit is that hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy can ease discomfort, even when the body continues to heal and addressing the injury or illness. The outcome of both results is less dependence on medicines, whether for treating ailments or ease discomfort.

Treatment for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon monoxide has no odor and is tasteless, and can begin functioning before you even notice the signs. Because of this, it is not uncommon to have people inhale enough carbon monoxide that they experience adverse side effects like dizziness, weakness nausea, dizziness, or vomiting. In fact, even cyanide poisoning triggered through smoke inhalation can be treated using the super-saturated oxygen.

Treatment of decompression illness

HBOT, also known as hyperbaric oxygen therapy HBOT was first created to treat the side effects of decompression illnesses. Decompression illnesses are characterized by extreme fatigue and itchy skin, as well as the sensation of numbness or pain, difficulties breathing, and other. Decompression illness is a broad disease that covers both decompression sickness as well as an arterial gas embolism.

Since decompression sickness is caused by an inability to have sufficient the time needed to adapt to the lower air pressures, higher pressure of the atmosphere in the hyperbaric chamber can be a great treatment. Be aware that the faster you seek treatment, the sooner you’ll recover, and the less risk you’ll be able to reduce.

Treatment for dementia

As per The Alzheimer’s Association and the National Institute on Aging and the World Health Organization, 5.7 million Americans suffer from dementia each year. About 60%-70 percent of these cases are due to Alzheimer’s disease. Vascular dementia accounts for the majority of remaining cases.

The research is ongoing about the many benefits of HBOT. But, it has been confirmed clinically to treat both vascular and Alzheimer’s dementia. Some of the advantages you can anticipate from this treatment include a better ability to build new memories, an enhanced capacity to recall long-term memories as well as improved planning capabilities.

Treatment for addiction to drugs Addiction

Although some individuals become dependent on opiates due to motives of emotion, for the majority of people, it begins by taking legitimate pain medications. Then, physical addiction and dependence occur. Then, every dose becomes less ineffective. How can you end the cycle of addiction to opiates when you are suffering physically from withdrawal?

The treatments in a hyperbaric chamber can get you on the right path to transform your life in a dramatic way. Some of the withdrawal symptoms treated are constipation, body shakes as well as hand tremors and anxiety. If you or someone close to you is struggling with opiate addiction and would like to stop it without harming yourself, contact us now.

Boosted Immune System

In the final analysis, there’s nothing more vital then your wellbeing. If you’re completely self-sufficient or have a family member to care for and take care of, you shouldn’t have the time to fall ill. With HBOT you will be able to gain an advantage on the flu and cold season by increasing immunity. In the event that you’ve already been sick you can decrease the severity and duration of your symptoms by using HBOT.

This can be accomplished by increasing the level of oxygen in your tissues . This helps to fight off infections from viruses and bacteria. Additionally, it blocks the toxins that come from bacteria that have already invaded your body. We highly recommend HBOT to boost your immune system with its properties, no matter the level of health you believe you are.

Treatment of Inflammation and Swelling

We’ve touched briefly on edema previously, but we would like to make clear that, without doubt, HBOT is the best treatment for relieving edema. This is true regardless of regardless of whether the edema occurs present in your calves, or else. We also discussed briefly the relief of pain. We would like to make it clear that HBOT is a treatment for pain. This covers acute, subacute, or chronic acute musculoskeletal pain.

Studies have shown that this is relevant to the extremities, including the toes ankles, feet calves, fingers hands and forearms. One of the benefits of HBOT is the improvement of circulation. With the added oxygen and improved circulation of blood enriched with nutrients to the places it’s needed most, it’s impossible to get better healing speed or relief.

Therapy for Sexual Dysfunction

For men men, one of the more frequent indications of sexual problems is the inability to get or keep an intimate erection. Although there may be hormonal reasons behind it especially in younger men the majority of sexual dysfunctions are caused by a lack of circulation of blood in your pelvis. HBOT promotes the development of blood vessels that are not yet formed, which increases blood flow to the pelvis and groin.

A very frequent symptoms of sexual dysfunction in women is the inability to sexually sex. There are many possible reasons for this. However, it’s usually caused by damage to nerve ends. HBOT can also aid in the development of new tissue as well as the treatment of nerve endings that are damaged. In the end, sexual activity can be enjoyable for women who undergo HBOT.

The enhancement of Cellular Renewal

Another benefit of HBOT is that it stimulates cell renewal. Cellular renewal is vital to your health and appearance since the skin is exposed to the toxins in the environment every day. It is possible to wash your air filters every week or avoid smoking, and even drive an electric vehicle. However, there is no method to eliminate all toxins completely.

Cellular renewal refers to the process of replacing or replacing damaged cells. At the skin’s surface, this permits the visible skin layer to be soft, glowing and even in texture and tone. However, the cells in your heart, blood and brain have to be replaced or repaired too. Research has shown that regular cell renewal reduces the chance of developing skin cancer.

Improvement in the Symptoms of Autism

Around one out of 70 American children suffer from Autism Spectrum Disorder. Although some children are classified as having the disorder that was previously called Asperger’s, the life can be difficult for those who suffer from it. They suffer from severe social anxiety. They are unable to navigate social situations since they do not discern social cues and subtleties such as the sarcasm.

The people who suffer from “low-functioning autism” are even more difficult. They are often unable to comprehend the spoken word, and communicate solely through signs. Other people are able to understand English but cannot speak it. Even the smallest of things like a paperclip placed on a desk, could be intimidating. Here are some ways to improve the lives of those who have autism by HBOT:

Better eye contact
A more effective sense of smell
Higher cognitive awareness
Receptive language building
More social interaction

Enhancement of Athletic Performance

Have you realized that a number of the top athletes like LeBron James, credit at least a small portion or all of their achievements to HBOT? HBOT isn’t just a way to recover from injuries, though the speed of recovery is vital when you’re preparing for the most important event of your life. It can improve the performance of athletes in a variety of ways, like speedy recovery after exercise.

The quicker your joints, muscles ligaments and tendons heal from the previous beating that you slap them with more quickly you’ll be back at working them more and becoming stronger. If you have HBOT treatment prior to your strenuous exercise, your muscles that are oxygenated perform at a more efficient level than they could get without that additional oxygen.

Treatment for TBI symptoms

Every year thousands of Americans slip and fall, suffer an injury from sports, or get involved in an accident with a motor vehicle which results in an TBI. As a matter of fact, TBIs (traumatic brain injuries) are very difficult to treat and the damage that occurs after the incident can be catastrophic and life-altering.

The good news is that recent research suggests that HBOT is a successful treatment for a variety of brain injuries caused by trauma. If you get treatment in the early stages it will avoid further harm to your life quality or even reverse the damage that has been done.

Treatment for nerve pain

If you are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, diabetes or poor circulation, as well as vitamin B complex deficiencies there is a high likelihood that you’ll be afflicted by neuropathy at some time during your lifespan. The effectiveness of HBOT to treat muscular skeletal pain is remarkable. It’s amazing that it can alleviate inflammation and remove the discomfort caused by swelling.

We left the most effective for the very last. Patients suffering from neuropathy believe they’ll be suffering throughout their lives since nothing seems to work. Some forget how it feels living without pain experiencing it every single moment. Through HBOT peripheral nerves will be restored, and the body heals, and the neuropathy gets reversed.

Care for Chemotherapy as well as Radiation Therapy The Side Effects

Four out of 10- Americans have been diagnosed one form of cancer in their lifetime. Studies suggest that HBOT might hinder cancerous growth in certain kinds of tumors. But what happens to other types of tumors? There is radiation therapy as well as chemotherapy treatments to treat these. Through HBOT your body is able to recover itself after the treatment and chemotherapy adverse effects are minimized.

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Whatever your condition or injury the best possibility that you will benefit from the hyperbaric oxygen treatment.