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Is Stockopedia For You?

Every investor strives for progress and growth. If you’re one of those individuals, then you’ll need to discover ways to increase your chances of success in your investment portfolio. When you think of it this way, there’s a lot of possibilities to meet these objectives. But, not all of these are foolproof, however, you’ll find out about a reliable service within the Stockopedia Review.

There’s an effective way to meet your goals in your investment. This can be achieved through the analysis of your portfolio and rating stocks by using a service known as Stockopedia.

Today, we’ll concentrate on this specific tool and see what it can provide. We’ll also find out if it’s appropriate for your requirements. Let’s first learn about Stockopedia.

How do you define Stockopedia?

Top Tier Research

Stockopedia is an on-line research and data platform that provides complete information on shares. The company was founded with the United Kingdom by Edward Page-Croft along alongside Dave Brickell. Both resided and worked in London but soon left London to establish their own online business.

One of the services’ USPs is that it allows anyone to use it to reflect the investment strategies of investment professionals. For instance that you can use an online stock screener that highlights all the stocks that are classified under the benchmark of investment. The investment standard it is categorized under is Zulu Principle developed by the famous investor Jim Slater.

Stockopedia first began spreading in its first UK market. But, they’re currently covering the major market for stocks around the globe. It is a kind of information on stock prices that top hedge fund managers and stockbrokers use in a simple and informative methods. The best part about this is that their information and data comes from a trusted source – Thomson Reuters.

What is Stockopedia’s Offer?

Stockopedia has a variety of options that are beneficial for all investors. We’ve listed them here for you to discover how effective and useful this service can be for research as well as for information.

The StockRanks(tm) are a part of Stockopedia

StockRanks is the sole system of stock-rating that has its design based on fundamentals for factor investment. What is successful in the realm of investment is usually not a well-kept secret.

A mix of risk factors that are simple drive the returns of stocks. The most effective risk factors include the following.

“Quality” refers to the criterion thought to be a major trend, and also the overall health of any business. In terms of “Value” it’s the quality of the stock’s price in relation with its core. “Momentum” or “Momentum” can be defined as the quality of the prices and earnings.

Stockopedia is able to rank each stock that is traded between to 100 and 0 for each of the variables. They then add these with the StockRank which is then displayed for each share on the market. To make it easier to everyone, all information can be found just a few clicks and click away.

Access Stockopedia from anywhere, any time,

Stockopedia is an easy and easy browser-based app. If you’ve got Internet access, you will be able to use Stockopedia wherever anytime.

Stop Disregarding Opportunities

Within a matter of minutes in a matter of seconds, you can broaden your investment opportunities to different regions and sectors. With Stockopedia’s user-friendly selection which covers ten industries and 52 industries You can make your portfolio more effectively than you have ever before.

It’s fantastic that Stockopedia covers more than 35,000 stocks across the world in countries like the UK. Other areas covered by Stockopedia include North America, Europe, Australia as well as Asia. You can also select the coverage that meets your requirements and preferences.

View accurate statements

With 8 years worth of tables and chartered forecasts You can examine long-term results and operations with a glance. It is easy to see every important information an investor needs and much more. Stockopedia is a one-stop store to help you visualize the value of a stock. It provides all of the essential ratios (P/E P/B, P/E, PEG, ROA, and more) and more in one easy package. You can also view the balance sheet as well as cash flow and income statements over the past five years.

Stockopedia review – Benefits of Stockopedia


If you use the screening feature it allows you to limit the number of businesses to only a handful. Make sure to only consider the ones you intend to invest in in order to ensure that there is no confusion.

There are numerous already loaded “Guru Screens” that are available on the system. They generally follow the core concepts of successful investors today. It is easy to gather thoughts on which are the best because they provide the returns you’re looking for.

Highly valuable, live data presented in a simple manner

If you come across stocks you’re planning to research further, just click the info page to go to this. A bar chart that is displayed shows how the components of an organization’s business have changed and grown in the course of time.

It’s possible to find out whether dividends have been increasing in a continuous manner, and then compare them to dividend covers or dividends per share. Technically, it’s feasible and easy to accomplish. It’s as simple as hovering your mouse over all of the elementsand they will appear for you to refer to.

In addition, you’ll be able to view what Guru Screens a particular stock is passing through at a particular date. To make things easier you’ll be able to see how to calculate the Benjamin Graham value formula. Additionally, you’ll view other metrics below the header that is used for primary purposes.

Portfolio Bubble Charts

The great thing what’s great about Portfolio Bubble Charts is that you can see the way your choices are stacked against each other. This is achieved through triangulating analyses derived using financial information. The analysis summarizes their strength in relation to quality as well as momentum and value.

As the chart is updated and live, you are able to transfer stocks you’ve purchased after you’ve invested. You can save them to different portfolios and track the stocks as they progress. When one of the shares that you have slides of and you are able to immediately notice it and cut the losses. You can then quickly transfer the money to invest in another investment.

Forums, Help and Ebooks

If you’ve got a particular method of investing for example, like values investing, it’s essential to be able to have a sounding board. It serves as a source for you to gather ideas, get an understanding and further information.

Discussion forums as well as Ebooks that Stockopedia provide are very efficient. Also, the site has live support, which is very efficient. With regards to forums, every queries are answered without difficulties. In addition, you’ll be able to feel the old saying that “No Question is a Stupid One”. You’ll be asking questions more often, and Stockopedia will remain a resource for all users throughout this process.

Are there any limitations on the Services?

Limited Financial Data

However, Stockopedia only provides five years of financial statements. Other providers provide at minimum ten years of information, so this is an enormous disadvantage. Personally, I would prefer to have a review the last ten years of data in order to see the complete picture of a company’s financial status.

Pricey, But Worth It

Although it is quite expensive, Stockopedia is still a extremely efficient service that doesn’t have any disadvantages for its usage.

In the investment world, being buried in a sea of information is an ordinary risk to operate. But with Stockopedia things are made much easier and more efficient. It does an amazing job of presenting complex information in a straightforward, easy and easy to access manner.

You’ll find everything you need in an easy-to-read format making sure that you don’t get lost because of the plethora of details.

Is Stockopedia Right For You?

Quality Research

In the end, Stockopedia is the best online platform for evaluating investments and shares like ETFs, investment trusts and more. If you look through the reviews of other users, the majority of comments regarding Stockopedia are positive. Even beginners in the field are talking about the site and it’s a great reaction.

In that sense, Stockopedia is a platform that’s highly recommended. The highly efficient platform and fantastic features provide investors with a fantastic service to study their investments and monitor their portfolios.