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Why Collect Japanese Toys & Figures?

You’ve made the decision to collect anime characters you say? Maybe you’re contemplating your journey down to the rabbit hole? No matter if you’re brand-new or are still unsure about this pastime, let us to assist you.

Have you ever watched an anime that left you with a gap inside your chest? Yes, you’ve done it if you’re an avid anime watcher.

We all know the feeling. Your favorite show has ended and has left a waifu/husbando-shaped hole within your soul. How do you cope if there are remaining time (or years) to go until the next season, or worse when the story is over entirely? What can you do to show your love for the characters that you laughed with at, cried and ultimately became a fan?

We’re not suggesting that you jump right into getting a tattoo of an anime however, if you’re dedicated to a show the collection of figures could be the perfect starting point.

What’s the best thing about collecting figurines?

We spoke with Kirsty an 19-year old fan of anime, in order to learn what brought her into the hobby and why she believes you should also.

With a selection of 13 Nendoroids (and lots more available on pre-order! ), Kirsty has been creating her army of plastic girls and boys since the year 2014.

“I love filling my home with things that bring me joy,” she says. “I believe that this sounds somewhat absurd however, after all I’ve gone through and gone through, you begin to appreciate the little aspects of life. Animation figures are a great way to do this to me.”

Kirsty’s first figure from anime was Nendoroid Menma which was the first thing that sparked her interest in anime.

“I I blame Nendoroid Menma for the reason I became so excited about it. When I first opened the box my excitement was unbelievable,” she continues.

What is the main difference between anime figures different types?

There are many varieties of anime characters. Prize figures as well as Funko Pop! Vinyls are at the lower end, while Nendoroids Scale figures and Figmas begin to become more costly.

Certain collectors love owning and showing a range of kinds of figures. However, others would rather concentrate their collections on a certain line of figures. For instance, Kirsty mostly collects Nendoroids.

“They’re adorable and certainly match my style. I enjoy being able create small displays on my bookcases,” she says. “They’re cute, they aren’t a burden on area, and I love that they’re uniform in their quality.”

If you’re unfamiliar with Nendoroids, then you might not be aware of the reasons why they’re so distinctive. They’re usually made by the Good Smile Company, they’re miniature, chibi versions of the most popular characters from anime. Flexible, they usually have props and accessories to allow for endless poses. This differentiates them from other characters that are made to remain in an exact posture.

Do I become more of a fan?

Absolutely it’s not. If you’re looking to express your passion for your hobby with something tangible to prove it anime characters tick the box.

If you simply would like to watch the shows that you love watching them, then that’s fantastic. If you’re looking to fill your home using posters to the point that you don’t look at the walls anymore it’s an amazing idea (and somewhat concerning). The otaku laws don’t need you to buy figures in order to be an anime enthusiast.

We all enjoy anime because it’s fun and hilarious, as well as devastating romantic and even cute… We know what we’re trying say”Anime is awesome. The collecting of figures is the cherry on top.

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