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Where Are The Best Series Of Big Brother?

Every summer, millions of viewers tune in to catch Big Brother in the United States. While it is true that the US Big Brother version Big Brother is extremely popular however, it’s not the only version of the game to be played. The famous international franchise was created from the Netherlands and has seen a variety of versions of the game across nations.

Although the majority of these international shows are quite different in comparison to what Big Brother fans know and are accustomed to within America, United States, there are numerous international versions that are worth watching. Look over the top seven international Big Brother shows that fans can watch.

10 . Big Brother (Dutch Version)

The show is known as what was known as the Big Brother that started it all. The original concept to air the series was different from the current format on TV now. The original schedule of the program was to run for a full year, but was reduced to 100 days. It was the Dutch versions of the series was only on air over six years.

Similar to Big Brother US version, various new twists and turns were revealed from season season, but they’re not nearly as many like the twists that were featured in Big Brother US. Each season featured two or three twists, for example, having contestants form a duo or having ex-lovers in the house. Big Brother: The Dutch edition of Big Brother does feature more diversities in the age range of the houseguests. They even included a pregnant houseguest that had a baby in the house!

9 Big Brother Suomi

The Finnish edition from Big Brother featured ten seasons. In the 10th season, the winner received an amount of EUR100,000, as the other seasons featured contestants competing for a cash prize of EUR50,000. The show’s version is a lot like it’s original Dutch format and has introduced numerous intriguing twists. A particularly memorable Season that was a hit Evil Big Brother.

In the course of this season, guests of the house were confronted with difficult circumstances. Production made up tricks for the houseguests, and they imposed more severe penalties, including the removal of prizes.

8. Big Brother Portugal

Big Brother Portugal Portuguese edition of Big Brother ran for seven seasons that included three star seasons, and 4 regular season. One season that was Big Brother Portugal featured an intriguing structure.

This version of Big Brother, each houseguest is admitted to the house has a secret. The version that was used in this edition of Big Brother, known as “Secret Story” or “House of Secrets” was the basis for The French edition of Big Brother.

7. Big Brother Bulgaria

In case Big Brother US is looking for new ways to make it interesting, Big Brother Bulgaria is an excellent place to begin. Through the five seasons that the country hosted Big Brother, it provided some of the most thrilling twists. Although Big Brother US fans have seen two twists Big Brother Bulgaria featured three triplets living inside the house! In the Bulgarian version also had a pregnant houseguest , who had her baby at home and stayed in the house with her infant until she was evicted.

The most bizarre version of the America’s Big Brother has to be the Big Brother Family format in every contestant is a family that competes against other families for cash, a car as well as an apartment.

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6 . Big Brother Germany has featured thirteen seasons of the show. The international version of the show features some of the most fascinating variations and twists between seasons. Houseguests don’t get by winning a prize just for getting to the finish line. Instead, they must do their best to earn the cash prize. The adaptation has been implemented in a variety of nations, Celebrity Big Brother, also featured the German version.

There was even a time period which was a full year long! Other crazy surprises include the construction of an entirely Big Brother village consisting of five homes and a farm which guests lived, and then dividing the house into “rich zone” and a “poor zone” and forcing both teams to compete against each the other.

Five Pinoy Big Brother

A version of Big Brother airs in the Philippines. The “housemates” are able to vote every week on their nominations to the House. Once the nominations are in place viewers can vote for the housemate that they prefer to keep. The contestant who receives the lowest amount of votes at final week’s end is eliminated.

In addition to the wildly popular house with a celebrity, Pinoy Big Brother has also shown a teen version of the show. The show has multiple hosts and has seen many changes to the hosts throughout the time. One of the most significant distinctions between this version as well as those in the American model is in the amount of money awarded. One of the biggest differences is that the “Big winner,” in the way they’re named in this version doesn’t receive a specified amount of money for prize. Instead, they receive an entire prize package which usually includes a house and lot and a car. It also includes a appliance for the home, a business and even a vacation!

4. Big Brother Australia

The version shown here is among the most easy to locate videos on the internet. It been on the air for eleven seasons, will be revived this year following the cancellation of the show.

Big Brother Australia has historically been the first dutch model of the contest which saw house guests secretly vote for nominations, and viewers voting contestants out. In the new season airs of Big Brother Australia this year will air, it is believed that the program will change its format in order to mimic the well-known American model of Big Brother.

3. Big Brother Israel

The version that is available on Big Brother also has multiple clips that can be accessed on the internet. A majority of these clips have English subtitles, which makes it simple for American viewers to follow. It has seen three different versions of the show and its longest-running season lasted for more than 120 days. There are some notable new twists in this show.

Season 5 , of the Israeli version included the Survivor themed challenge in which contestants were divided into tribes. Season 2 also featured the appearance of a fake houseguest with the possibility of becoming an actual houseguest, but was kicked out. The show also included emotional moments, including houseguests receiving a letter from her father suffering from ALS. Another season saw newlyweds appeared on the show, having just returned from their weddingand still wearing their wedding dress.

2. Big Brother UK

This particular version is a variation of Big Brother is well-known for the drama that happens in the home. Since this type of game, just like other versions is seen as more of more of a social experiment rather than a competition, conflicts between personalities are often the cause of disputes. The participants are rewarded by being selected by the judges at conclusion of the season. However the amount of money awarded is less than the US version.

The amount of money that is awarded varies every season, and has ranged from as low as PS50,000 , and up to PS150,000. The most interesting thing about Big Brother UK is that contestants are given a weekly allowance, which is spent on the weekly tasks. In the event that houseguests do on the task, they may raise their weekly grocery stipend or forfeit the entire amount.

1. Big Brother Canada

If you’re a Big Brother US fan, this is the perfect version from the world to enjoy. Big Brother Canada follows the similar structure of that of the US version. Although the dynamics of social interaction in the house are definitely significant in the two versions, Big Brother US and Big Brother Canada Both versions have competition at the top of the competition.

Big Brother Canada also seems to feature more different personalities, compared to Big Brother US, which tends to follow the same stereotypes every year. With amazing twists like triple expulsions and fake double evictions and an international twist for houseguests the Canadian Big Brother Canada version Big Brother is certainly worth watching.