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Short term perspective when football betting

The betting on football has evolved and accelerated tremendously over the past 10 years.

The punters have an ever-growing variety of betting options available to choose from, as well as many bookmakers competing to be the best bookmaker in football.

One of the most significant changes in football betting is the options punters can make regarding the time to bet.

Betting on events months and weeks before the event, and bet just a few days ahead of the event, or bet live when the event is on.

I’m going to try my best to answer the question that is in the title of this blog, as I find it to be a intriguingly subjective question.

Do we need to bet on 6 months or 6 weeks in advance, six days prior or even six minutes after kickoff to achieve the most effective outcomes?

It is important to remember that betting is a individual choice. How much time you wait to place your bets is a choice that is entirely personal as punters, we each see things in a different way.

Ante-Post Betting

Bets that are made well ahead of an event could increase the odds.

There is no absolute correct or wrong method of doing things, but we hope you’ll find this useful and interesting to you in some manner.

1. How long in advance should we bet on football? Ante-Post Perspective

An Ante-post bet refers to the bet that is placed prior to when the event that is stated begins.

It is possible to place an ante-post bet placed on an event up to 3 months in advance or three minutes prior to when it begins

Ante-post bets to me are specifically focused on long-range bets

E.G Betting on for a team to be victorious in the Premier League in July when it’s not going to be decided until May or April.

I’ve been betting on ante-posts on soccer for at least the past 10 years and I’ve always loved.

Making an ante-post betting portfolio is something I am looking at doing in the pre-season.

Football players and แทงบอล managers are accustomed to their pre-season routines and, as a punter I’m looking forward to doing my own preparations for the season.

I love the task of navigating the vast array of ante-post markets in order to locate betting opportunities that I believe will increase my interest in football throughout the whole season.

When we place bets, we obviously, all desire to win, so we wouldn’t place bets in any other way.

However, I do have the option of placing a bet that adds interest and value to an occasion. I’ve always found that antepost betting can do this for me.

I am a fan of testing my skills and seeing whether I can judge scenarios in a precise manner at the moment and assess the way in which those scenarios result.

Naturally with the goal of seeking additional interest.

One particular project that I’m excited to work on in the near future, and I’ll begin the season-long version of this very soon will be to identify an ante-post wager for each Premier League team.
Ante-Post Bet on Every EPL Team

When I make the Ante Bet on each team, I’ll remain interested between August and May.

It’s 20 bets ante-post, which keeps me interested in each team and consequently every game throughout the season.

The markets that I focus on for ante-post include

League winner for the outright.
Clubs of the top London club.
Supporting a team’s chances of reaching four of the best teams.
Supporting a team in achieving the desired points total.
Top goalscorer

It doesn’t matter if it’s Liverpool against Manchester United or Leicester City against Watford every game is worth something to me and I’ve found it helps my overall viewing and betting experience.

The benefits of doing betting on football ante-post for the entire season , from a pure betting standpoint is to test and discover if there is a betting edge

Find the value when you believe that a player or team has too high a cost

If you believe that once the season begins and the price will decrease.

This is especially true for pre-season.

An innovative approach to looking at the ante-post bet is to implement the betting-in-play strategy by choosing a position, e.g. Manchester United to win the league at 5/1 with the expectation that they will invest in the team and be stronger. Start the season in a positive way and place the bets at lower odds to cover your initial stake, allowing you to make money regardless of what happens.


I would definitely suggest looking at the possibility of making small stakes in ante-post bets to increase excitement and value for betting,

The punters are now given the option of either letting the bet just ride or choose to adopt a bet-in-play policy.

2. How long in advance do we need to place bets on football? The short term view

In the first instance, a bet placed before the event takes place could be termed an ante post wager.

However, I’ve also explained how I expect ante-post bets take place in the weeks and months prior to the game’s start.

Betting on a football match starting one week prior to the match the kick-off date is an option for short-term betting and requires a variety of factors to take into consideration.

Naturally, live market for Bet In-Play betting will also impact the betting strategies you employ.

In the present, with online betting dominating the scene the odds are made readily available for the majority of games at least a week in advance, so that punters can be able to make their decisions about the games when those odds are available.

Have you lost value when it comes to the announcement of teams, or are you betting blind without any team information?

A week prior to the game, it’s impossible to make a decision about future team news, possible tactics, or match strategy.

If you’re a high stakes stakes gambler it makes more sense to wait the last minute and perhaps even in-play before making your decision on the market.
Your Choice

There are better odds available before the deadline, but team news isn’t always available. You must weigh your choices.

But, as with any other betting and market there is definitely value in examining the initial odds and putting your money on in the event that you think a particular team is worth more in the moment than they’re likely to turn out to

If you’d like to, you have the option to bet on the stake of a particular amount and lay off.

My experience as a bookmaker for four years has taught me that the majority of punters look at market prices for football matches in the days leading up to the game kicks off.

The moment that any possible market shifts are likely begin as betting volume increases.

Of course, our continuous news cycle means constant information on team news as well as player and manager interviews as well as statistics available.

Bookmakers and punters can respond quicker, almost instantaneously and what was known as fixed odds for football don’t exist today, as markets are available throughout the day,

You could fall asleep and watch a team that is priced at 2/1, only to wake up to find they’re only 6/4. That’s just the norm in today’s soccer betting market.

3. How long in advance should we make bets on football? Bet In-Play Perspective

Betting on in-play betting is a major development in football betting over the last five years.

I have fond memories of working for a bookmaker when it was first a common feature in betting shops.

The majority of shop punters at the time weren’t online punters, so were not aware of betting in games.

Betting in-Play is betting after the game is underway.

If you’re aware of all team information and tactics, you will be able to react to what’s happening in the game and respond to the latest statistics.

With Betting In-Play, you can bet in real-time events. like the next card next goal, the next goal scorer who will be the winner in the second half, and betting possibilities are infinite.

A growing number of punters believe that betting in game is definitely the most appropriate way to bet and that gambling prior to the actual game’s start is a problem.

In-Play Betting

Set a bet in ante-post mode and then exit the bet with a large profit.