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How to Play Baccarat

Baccarat is a type of casino card game, is played between two players (player and banker). There are three outcomes for the game: win, lose or tie. To play, the player must place bets on one of the hands that will win. Baccarat is a classic game for those who have a lot of money. It brings to mind images like James Bond characters who bet a king’s ransom on vodka martinis (shaken and not stirred).
Baccarat remains very popular with those who have large funds. Casinos on the internet have made the game available to everyoneand provide games that fit every budget.
History of Baccarat

The game of Baccarat can be traced back over 600 years prior to the 15th century Italy. According to all reports, the game was invented by Felix Falguiere who was an avid gambler from Italy. Falguiere named the game ‘baccara’, the Italian meaning of ‘zero’ because the tens and face cards that are in the deck have an amount of zero a hand of Baccarat.

Legend has itthat Falguiere might have based his game upon the Etruscan ritual of the nine gods.

“Prayed to a blonde virgin, who was on tiptoes waiting for her to throw a nine-sided dice. The result of the die decided her fate. She will be the priestess when an eight or nine is to be thrown. If she throws a six or seven, her religious activities will be halted. If she throws a number lower than six, she’ll walk into the ocean.

Baccarat was reportedly brought from Italy to France by soldiers returning from Italy and the Franco-Italian war. It was definitely in France that Baccarat became well-known, and it became a favorite for French nobles until their 19th Century demise. In France the game made its way across the Atlantic to England. Here, a young Ian Fleming fell for Baccarat and 007 was born.
How to Play Baccarat

A variety of rules and variations of the game have been created over time as the game has evolved over time from generation to generation. Games like Chemin de Fer, Punto Banco, Baccarat Banque, and Midi Baccarat are still all played across the globe.

However, generally speaking, the fundamentals of the game have remained unchanged in all variations with very minor modifications by variation.

To be sure that there is no confusion, we will focus on the basic principles and the rules of Punto Banco. The majority of games like สมัครบาคาร่าสายฟ้า are played in the largest casinos in the world (US, UK, Macau, Sweden, Australia etc.) and indeed online, are actually the “Punto Banco version.

The main distinction between old-fashioned Baccarat and Punto Banco is the in the latter the casino banks the game throughout the day rather than the function of a banker who alternates between players at the table.
The Game’s Goal

To win a hand of Baccarat a player must correctly place bets on which of the two hands on the table (player or banker) will draw the more powerful hand. The words “Banker” as well as “Player” are not used to indicate where you should place your bets. Any player at the table can place a bet on “Player”, Banker, or even a tie.
Baccarat is a type of game played by chance

A shoe is usually comprised of 6-8 cards. All bets must be made before the hands are dealt. When all bets have been made in the banker’s favor, the player will receive two cards. A ‘natural 9,’ which is the highest hand, is the one which has been dealt. It is a mixture of both cards dealt. This is the highest possible number of points possible in a Baccarat hand. To remove the first digit from the total, numbers higher than 10 have to be higher.

The cards point values are according to Ace = 1, 2-9 = face values 10, and picture cards = zero. If a hand consists of the numbers 10, 3, and an 8 then the score total is 3. A hand with an 8 or 7 would result in a hand with five points. The first digit of a two-digit score must be eliminated.

The game will end when the player who draws the most cards than the natural 8 or 9. The hand will be won by the player who has the highest score of 9. If both players score 8 or 9 then the hand will be ruled to be to be a tie. Any money placed on either side of a tie will be refunded.
Making a third card


Scores that are between 6 and 9 are the Player’s score. The Banker is not allowed to achieve a natural score of 8 (which will be the end of the game) and the Player can draw a 3rd card should their hand is between 0 and.


The Banker will behave in the same way as the above described if the Player does not take a third credit card. However, if the person chooses to use a third credit card, there are rules determining the Banker’s actions as listed below:

If the Player draws 9 or more to an Ace the Banker will draw with a a score of 0-3, and stands pat with the score of 4-7.
If the player draws an 8, the Banker draws with an 0-2 score and then stands with a score of 3-7.
If the Player draws a 6, 7, or 8, the Banker is able to draw with an average of 0-6, whereas the player has a score 7.
If the player draws an a4 or 5, the Banker draws with an 0-5 score and is left with a score of 6-7.
If the player draws an a2 or 3 the Banker is drawn with scores of 0-4, and stands pat with a score of 5-7.

Baccarat may look complicated, but it is one of the easiest games in casinos to play. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that there’s only three outcomes you can place bets on (Player Banker, Player or tie) as well as that the hand that is closest to 9 is the winner. Because all of the actions are determined by the number of cards dealt and carried out by the dealer (in the popular forms of Baccarat that are played live as well as online), you don’t really even need to know the rules. You just need to know the best way to place your bet!
Baccarat Odds & the House Edge

If you look at the odds below, it would appear that always betting on the Banker would be the most profitable option. However, the casino places an incredibly small amount of commission on Banker wins , and a lower odds on an even tie. This means that the casino is able to keep a house edge on every outcome

Result Probability

Banker Win 0.458653
Player Wins 0.446279
Tie 0.095069

The following are the payouts on winning bets:

Payout of Result
95% stakes are is paid to Banker Win
Player Wins pays 100% of the stake
Tie pays 8-1

These payouts offer house edges of 1.06% for Banker win, 1.24% for Player win, and 14.44% for Tie.
Baccarat’s Rise

The game of Baccarat is no longer merely reserved for the savvy jet-setter with money to burn. The ease of playing and its strategy combined with (in casino terms) good odds have led to the amount of Baccarat tables found in casinos to grow over the last decade.

Naturally the online environment has also helped to boost the popularity of the game.

In reality, Baccarat is by far the largest earner for casinos around the world. For example, in Macau, which has been the worldwide top casino destination worldwide from the beginning of 2000, Macau earned 88% of their $33.2 billion revenue came comes from Baccarat in the year 2017 came from Baccarat.

Baccarat is the most well-known table game on the Las Vegas strip, only overshadowed by slots – and there are many slots, many more than Baccarat tables. Sin City.

It also received plenty of interest when Phil Ivey, a world-famous poker player who was a celebrity, ended up in Atlantic City and London after winning more than $20m at two of the most famous casinos around the globe. Ivey employed the “edge-sorting” technique to discover small flaws in the playing casino cards in order to assess their value and gain an edge over the house.

After Crockfords refused to pay the player, Ivey sued Crockfords in London for PS7.7m. In Atlantic City the Borgata decided to take on Ivey for $10m claiming he cheated them by edge-sorting.

In both cases the casinos came out on top however, numerous gambling enthusiasts and lawyers thought that Ivey might have been judged harshly because he was only trying to gain an advantage after spotting flaws in the casinos own cards. Ivey did not physically modify, mark or even touch any of the cards in the Punto Banco variation I was playing. The entire action is performed by the dealer of the casino.

While not ideal for Ivey The publicity that these cases generated attracted millions of new players to Baccarat. Baccarat. The story was featured in national newspapers and magazines across the world and was retold by CBS News in an episode of “60 Minute Sports”, aired October 2014.

With the game increasing in both live and online at an incredible rate, it would appear that after 600 years Baccarat has been a sudden hit!