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Why Gift Connetix Toys?

As a mom of three It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the amount of toys available for kids. We’re constantly bombarded with ads on what children need. Many advertise that they can aid in their development and learning.

I’ve been on a path of minimalism over the last three years. I was overwhelmed by the mess, and the piles of toys that were on the flooring stressed me out. My kids weren’t playing properly with what they had . I was feeling like I had to take care of them frequently.

We gave away over 50% of their toys, and my oldest son was excited about it. He decided on what to keep or to sell, and then he put the profits in his jam Jars.

We’ve got rid of the majority of loud plastic, battery powered toys, and only a handful of good ones are left.

I purchased some inexpensive magnetic tiles from a renowned department shop to test if my kids would like playing with the tiles. They were very popular, but I discovered that the magnets weren’t as strong and their designs would come to the ground quickly.

I conducted some study on the various brands and the majority of responses and reviews were all about Connetix. I made some money by selling the tiles for sale, and other toys to buy 100 packs. It was incredible. It was so much better than the ones we had previously. I returned to purchase another Connetix tiles 100 piece set, then the Mega pack once it came out and then the base plate.

Here are five reasons you require Connetix to help you live your best life.

1. Open ended.

They’re the ultimate open-ended toys. If you’re looking to get rid of things that do more, this could be the perfect solution for you. I am awestruck by how many ways magnets can be utilized. They can create patterns on the floor on a refrigerator or whiteboard or even leaned against the window. They can also be stacked into the form of a tower. They can create the appearance of a rainbow. They could become an avenue, a tunnel or cubby box to store toys.

My boys are obsessed with testing the walls to find out where they will stick and to create elevator buttons. They create pretend radios and drone controllers. They are taught about science technology, engineering, and math (STEM) and allow them to express their creativity. Visit their social media profiles for endless inspiration on what they can do with them.

2. Portable.

They’re great to bring during holidays. Recently, we took vacation to the beach, and then resided in a tiny house. I brought only baby toys and cars, as well as art activities and Connetix to entertain our 3 boys during the entire week. On one day, we had nine year old boys come over. They spent the whole day playing with Connetix alongside our son on our tiny veranda. It was not even the enticement of the adjacent playground was enough to keep them from their home.

Their father was awestruck by this incredible toy. It caught their interest in a way that he had never seen before. He inquired about what it was called, and then emailed his wife right away with Google links to purchase. I’ll take them on every trip from now forward since they are amazing and versatile.

3. All age groups.

They’re great for everyone of everyone of all ages. Anything from 3 to, Connetix is loved by everyone. I am awed by the fact that children discover various uses for them, and their interactions evolve with time. Even as an adult, I am a fan of creating with them as well as exploring new ideas.

I am awestruck by the cousins aunties, uncles, and grandparents as they visit and play playing with tiles. The intergenerational games are beautiful to observe. There have been numerous moment where the children have gone off to play outside , and the adults continued to play, commenting that they’d love to have a set of toys for Christmas!

4. They are secure.

The magnets are secure inside each tile by Ultrasonic welding, as well as the rivets. Connetix are tested regularly and meet standards of safety for consumer toys. They are safe, BPA free and pthalate free food-grade plastic.

Contrary to the less expensive versions, Connetix prides itself on producing a product that’s safely tested and suitable for children. If you look at both brands side-by-side it is easy to tell the differences. I will never look back!

5. They’re a excellent value in terms of price.

I calculated that if invest $300 in Connetix and your kids have fun with them for the majority of days during the whole year say , 300 per year, and then have them for five years (say 3-8 years old) which equates as 1500-days. This is a staggering 20 cents per usage! I don’t believe that’s an issue when you think about it this way.

As with Lego, Duplo and train tracks, I believe that Connetix’s worth every penny. They’ll be used frequently and will become a favorite within your home. If, for any reason, they aren’t utilized, you can sell them at a fraction of the cost you paid for them for (and think of it as hiring them for free).

Don’t rely on me for it, read the numerous reviews or inquire. Connetix are a well-known brand for an reason. I would suggest looking at them and think about buying a couple of packs.

You can sell your unwanted (or bothersome) toys to pay for them as well as other things in your home which you no longer want. You could ask for money to Connetix for birthdays and Christmas when your relatives are in search of ideas. I’ve had fiver parties where guests are able to bring $5 towards an item of a larger size If they’d like it, which will help reduce waste on small items that aren’t needed. Try Connetix and I guarantee you will not regret it!