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Why Choose Desserts!

Have you ever been told to feel guilty for savoring your sweet cravings due to “no obvious reason” by health-conscious people in your life? Incessant discussions about the importance of eating dessert in moderation, or absolutely nothing seems to be heard every time we’re seen eating our most loved sweets.
Even though we don’t need any reason to eat treats, it is the case that there will be those who are astonished by the fact that we’re treating ourselves all the time without any motive. For those who are aficionados of desserts, it doesn’t matter the occasion or time of year it’s not about the occasion or the time of year. It’s all about filling your hungry soul by eating food that makes one feel as if they’ve reached Heaven in the earth.

If you’re among those “healthy” folks who love chocolates, smores and strawberry shortcakes but you feel guilt-ridden at the mere admission of cravings, here’s some good news for you.

The fact that you eat dessert doesn’t mean you are lacking or have no control over your eating. It simply indicates that you have a clear idea of what you are looking for (sometimes it’s simply a delicious blueberry cheesecake) and have the ability to fulfill these desires.

Here are other reasons to allow logic to take the backseat and enjoy dessert boxes:

1. It helps put you in a Great Mood

You’ve probably sipped the chocolates in a box or eaten an apple pie during an “bad day” to feel that there’s still hope in the world!

This is what we’re discussing. Nothing gives you more satisfaction than eating the dessert you love. And this is an essential aspect for your health and well-being.

In the long run in the long run, constantly depriving ourselves of these little pleasures could cause us to feel that we don’t deserve these pleasures and also make us feel angry for being human, particularly people like me , for whom dessert is an absolute love. The goal is to get satisfaction from things that are simple like eating your favourite sweets.

2. It’s Great for a Delicious Breakfast

It’s true eating dessert at breakfast may actually aid in losing weight. Researchers from Tel Aviv University’s Wolfson Medical Centre have claimed that eating desserts at breakfast could help diabetic overweight people lose weight.

The study was conducted on more than 200 overweight adults who do not have diabetes. A few ate a huge breakfast, 600 calories, and then slices of cake or cookies, while others were required to eat a protein-rich 300-calorie breakfast that included eggs whites, tuna cheese, milk and tuna.

After four months the two groups were discovered to have lost approximately 30 pounds for each. However, after four months (the period of maintenance for the study) it was observed that the protein-rich group lost around 22 pounds however, those who were sweet continued lose weight. Researchers believed this was due to less cravings, making the participants not as hungry during the course of their days.

The next time your mom is talking to you about eating an energizing breakfast, inform her about this dessert breakfast!

3. Just a few bites is all It Needs

You can’t consume your entire birthday cake on your own. It is likely that you eat a piece and then pass the rest to your family and friends. This is logical.

There is no need to consume everything to experience the taste. In most cases only a couple of bites will be enough to satisfy your most intense cravings.

For you to ensure you’re enjoying the cake while staying healthy ensure that you control your portions as an everyday habit and watch your waistline remain in good shape as you satisfy your appetite.

4. It could help to prevent strokes.

This will be music to dark chocolate lovers’ ears. A small amount of dark chocolate every day will help lower the chance of suffering from stroke over the long term.

According to a study of 10 years carried out on over 37,000 Swedish men, who were all between 45-79 years and with no cardiovascular issues It was discovered that those who consumed the occasional amount of dark chocolate daily were a mere 17% less likely to have a stroke than the ones who did not.

Now you can use this as a good reason to search for the highest-quality dark chocolate and consume it daily without guilt. In the end, you’ve to keep fit!

5. It lowers your blood pressure

Along with reducing the chance of suffering a stroke, dark chocolate can also lower your blood pressure, though only tiny. Dark chocolate bars was never more appealing has it? Would you like an dark chocolate-based mousse? Sure we’ll take it!

6. You’ll be more comfortable in bed

Love your pumpkin pie? You’ll now love it more. It’s not just the perfect healthy dessert and is rich in zinc, but the seeds have been proven to boost testosterone levels. Additionally, its scent is thought to induce aphrodisiac effects on you.

Although you may not enjoy the aroma of the pumpkin, which is said to be pleasing however, it’s clear that it’s full of health advantages. Pumpkin pie is low in calories, and loaded with iron, vitamin A as well as calcium and fiber.

7. You learn to share and to Care

You’re trying to lose weight but you can’t control your desire for a tiramisu? You don’t have to worry because you can enjoy your tiramisu , and take it in. Just share it with your father, your partner, a acquaintance, or even a friend.

So you don’t miss eating dessert, and you can cut down on calories by half. Furthermore, you earn brownie points for the individual who you have a sweet chat with.

8. It makes life more enjoyable

Admit it, eating dessert makes your day better. You become more enamored of people and feel that everything will be okay. It’s too short to not indulge on sweet treats. So , enjoy the sweet treats when you are able.


Desserts not only help you stay healthy, but the desserts also make you more content and happier being. There’s no reason to avoid cakes, ice creams, and desserts. Enjoy yourself for a moment, indulge in dessert!