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Why Choose a Pillow with Ear Holes?

You wake up with pain in your neck and ears? It could be your pillow. If that is the case, there is an easy fix. To get a better night of sleep, upgrade to a pillow featuring earhole indentations.
You wake up with pains in your neck and ears? You might have a pillow to blame. If that’s the case, there is an easy remedy. To get a better night of sleep, upgrade to a pillow featuring earhole indentations.

Why choose a pillow with ears?

Earaches are a common problem. There’s an easy fix: use an ear-hole-shaped pillow. Yes, it is so simple.

Let’s break it down.

Great for Side Sleepers

Side sleepers require special pillows to support their head and necks as they slumber.

The average human head is between 10-11 lbs. Referring to the above, it’s approximately the size and weight a bowling-ball. By sleeping on your side, you effectively place the entire weight and size of a full bowling ball in your ear every night.

You can solve this problem by using a pillow with a hole. Use a pillow that has holes. By doing this, you can continue to sleep on your back while resting and won’t have to worry about damaging your poor ear.

Great for CNH

Long-term side sleepers may not only experience occasional earache, but it is possible for chondrodermatitis nosularis helicis(CNH), commonly known as Winkler’s Disease.

This condition causes small, whitish-colored bumps to form in the ears. These bumps can sometimes be extremely painful and sensitive. These nodules could even start to scab.

No, thank you.

Avoiding sleeping on one side at night is the best way to prevent this. It can be difficult to switch between sleeping positions. If this is the case, you might consider switching from a standard pillow to a specialized one for chondrodermatitis. The pillows usually have a small cut where you can place the ears. This allows you to not put all of your weight on your ears. The result? CNH development has less chance.

Allows Better Airflow

During our rest, the human body goes through many physical changes. One of those physical changes is? The temperature of our bodies drops which makes it more difficult for us to fall asleep. A pillow with ears can improve airflow and help you to stay cool while you sleep.

Top 5 Pillows Featuring a Hole

Confused where to start? No problem. We’ve collected the best on the market so you can pick the one that is right for YOU.

The Mono Pillow

The Mono Pillow just became your best friend. This pillow is made with love in England. The perfect shape of the hole makes it easy to reduce pressure on your ears. The unique feature of this pillow is not the only great thing about it.

The pillowcase includes a special moisture-wicking fabric. This cushion will make it much easier for you to sleep cool. Second, the cushion can be removed from its hand-stuffed filling. This allows you to customize the thickness to your preferences.

This cushion will provide you with relief from CNH, postsurgery healing, and speed up the healing process for newly pierced eyes. The pillow is loved by many hospitals in the U.K. For the best results, the manufacturer suggests you use this pillow alongside your regular pillow.

Best Full Body Pillow

Duro-Med Side Sleeper Body Pillow

DuroMed body pillow is a great choice for side sleepers. This pillow is not only great for relieving pressure on your ears, but it also helps to relieve pain by supporting the neck and arms. This unique J-shaped design is the key to this cushion’s success.

The J-shape design of these body pillows is designed to not only stabilize your body but also provide sufficient support for your head while resting. The result? There is no need to strain muscles all night. That means you won’t feel sore when you wake up the next morning. It gets even better from there. This pillow is made with a small hole that prevents pressure from being put on your ears while it rests. You will be less likely to wake up with earache.

Important Features

Polyester Filling
Cotton-polyester Cover
Cover Machine Washable

Great for CPAP Users

PureComfort Side CPAP Pillow

What could be better than just one? Two! For increased airflow, and better pressure relief, this pillow includes two divots. This pillow is suitable for both hot sleepers and people with CNH. The cushion’s indentations can be used to allow CPAP masks or tubing to sink.

This thoughtful design does not end there. There are also plush inserts that you can easily remove so you can adjust how high your pillow is. You can wrap everything in a soft, moisturizing bamboo cover and throw it in the washing machine. You won’t find better pillows than this.

Important Features

Memory Foam Filling
Bamboo Cover
Adjustable Height

Best Price

As Seen on TV MKYUHP Side Sleeper Pilllow

There are many specialty pillows on market that can relieve the discomfort of conditions like CNH. The cost of many of these specialty pillows makes them unaffordable for most people. But that’s not the truth.

This pillow is extremely affordable in a market that is saturated with expensive bedding. MKYUHP may be the best option for those who are looking for an affordable solution to their earache problems.

Important Features

Polyester Silk
Machine Washable
Ergonomic Design


Most frequent questions
Can a pillow cause earache

The Short Answer is: Yes. A pillow can cause earache if you sleep on one side.

The short answer is: Ear pain can result from sleeping on your side if you don’t have the correct pillow. Why? Your head is the size and weight a bowlingball. By resting on your side, your head is effectively weighing the same as a bowling ball. Many side sleepers suffer from ear pain.

Sleeping on the side is not the only reason for earache. Winkler disease (chondrodermatitis Nodularis Helicis) is an example of a condition where a painful, lump-like nodule forms on the ear. It is most common to develop on the ear someone most often slept on.
What is CNH pillows?

CNH refers the chondrodermatitis nudularis shelicis, also known as Winkler’s disorder. CNH is characterized as a painful lump developing in one ear. This is usually caused by a consistent sleeping position on one side.

CNH pillows can help relieve the pain of this condition by taking agonizing pressure off the affected ear. These specialty pillows are recommended for those who do not have CNH.
What’s the best pillow for earache pain?

This question is not easy to answer. A specialty pillow with an ear hole design is well-suited for relieving earache pain. This ensures that the ear doesn’t feel strained all night.
What is the best pillow to use for side sleepers?

Side sleeping, which is the most likely to cause earache, means you are putting your entire head weight on one ear all night.

Side sleepers with chronic earaches can benefit from a pillow without a hole in it’s middle. This allows for the head to breathe and reduces pressure.

For side sleepers, it is important to choose a pillow of medium firmness that measures approximately the length between the top of the head and the tip of the shoulder.
Final Thoughts

It’s not fun to wake up with earache. There are many options to help you get rid of this issue. The simplest solution is to get a pillow with an opening. It will reduce your risk of developing CNH and may help you sleep cooler at night. It’s a win for everyone!
We think that you’d love a pillow with an opening for your ears if you were:

CNH may be present in you or someone close to you.
Are side sleepers
It is easy to get too hot when you are at rest.
A CPAP machine can be used.

These pillows may not suit your needs if you are:

Do not sleep on your stomach.
Use a CPAP machine if you prefer to sleep on your side.