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Where to Take Unused Fireworks

Customers can always get in touch with us via email, on the telephone or simply by walking into our showroom to ask us a wide range of questions relating to fireworks. As you’d expect, most of these relate to our products, as well as our wedding fireworks shows that are professionally designed, but we do get occasional odd and downright odd question that comes up.

A recent issue, which drove this article, concerned the best way to dispose of old fireworks. We heard from someone who had discovered some fireworks in an old lock-up which weren’t cleared for over ten years.

In the past we have looked at storing leftover fireworks in a safe manner. What are you required to do if, just like our customer, you’ve discovered some old fireworks and need to dispose of them safely, or you had your own display in the past and just discovered an old firework collection that you’d completely lost track of.

How can I dispose of unused fireworks safely? Find out at Galactic Fireworks.

Old Fireworks Don’t Mean Anything

Just because your fireworks are old, it does not mean that you need to make any special arrangements on top of what you’d normally do when disposing of them.

What does it mean to properly eliminate fireworks?

Simply turn them off!

Hey, why don’t you just set off the fireworks that you’ve found? Fireworks aren’t a thing that will last forever and we’ve explained this in the past. While there is a possibility that your fireworks will not ignite properly or even at all however, you’re not putting yourself at risk when you try. If the fireworks fail to ignite, it is true that you’ll need to put them to the earth for around 24 hours so you can be certain that they’re not lit and will not explode in your face However, other than that you have nothing else to worry about.

If you are in a position where you don’t recognize the kind of fireworks, or if you’re not up date on the latest firework laws and regulations of your area, make sure to check before putting them out.
The most important thing you do not want is to have your enjoyment end up in ruin and to be arrested because you are setting off fireworks illegally without even knowing it!

If You Decide to Get Rid of Them

If you’re a non-fireworks lover but have discovered your fireworks in the same way as our customer did, you may well need to get rid of them with care. While they can be placed in your regular garbage initially, you must render them inert by ‘drowning’ them. Incubating them for at least 48 hours will take care of the explosive components and render them inert. When you’re finished, you can place the fireworks in your trash, and the water should be poured over your garden, not down the drain as it could be contaminated with nitrates and other contaminants. This won’t affect your plans, but they could even provide added nutrition to the fireworks.

Disposing of Old Fireworks Security

If you choose to ignite your old fireworks or to submerge them prior disposal, ensure you stay secure while doing it.