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What Goes In To A Luxury Candle?

Candles of luxury are definitely synonymous with high-end. They’re beautiful and classy and definitely are a treat for the eyes.

Hand-poured, every luxurious soy candle is designed with the highest quality in mind. When we pour out our premium soy candles in small quantities, we ensure that every batch is handled with the highest quality and craftsmanship.

Our luxury Candles are sure to enhance any room they’re in.

The process of creating the best luxury candles isn’t just about the process of making them and how they’re made, but also the ingredients that go into the process of making them.

We utilize Soy Wax to provide long, clear gorgeous burns. Although it’s more expensive than paraffin, however Soy Wax comes from sustainable and renewable resources , and offers stunning scent throws. Soy Wax usually lasts a much longer time than candles made of paraffin.

When we were creating our luxurious candles, we determined that it was essential to make use of essential oils, rather than fragrances. Why?

Essential oils offer a variety of health benefits that range from boosting the mood of your body, for improving your sleep in addition to reducing anxiety and stress as well as improving your concentration and clarity. Benefits essential oils can provide is vast. With a quick search, you could be searching for hours.

We aim to offer you luxury. It’s a luxury that gives you a amount of self-care. A luxurious experience that will make your surroundings smell and feel fantastic. A luxury that will make the difference in your life.

Soy Wax Candles

We make use of Soy wax in our premium candle collection. The benefits of using soy wax are numerous and are the main reasons we love using Soy wax in our luxurious Soy Candle range.

* Soy Wax is more durable that Paraffin Waxes *

Soy wax burns 40 to 50 percent slower than paraffin-based candles. Soy wax burns more slowly and this is the reason the time it takes to last is more.

Soy Wax is a completely pure and natural substance that’s suitable for respiratory health because it doesn’t release harmful chemicals or toxins.

Soy Wax has been proven to be Environmentally Friendly *

Originated of natural materials, Soybean. Soy Wax is 100percent natural 100% biodegradable, 100 100% Environmentally Eco-friendly.

Paraffin wax is produced by the refinery of petroleum oil, which is why it is non-renewable and environmentally unfriendly. Soy wax does not depend on the declining oil supply.

* Soy Wax provides Beautiful Scent Throws *

Soy wax creates gorgeous scent throws. Our candles are allowed at least two weeks to dry so that the scent and the wax can bond and create the most gorgeous scent throws that you will be captivated by.

* Soy Wax offers long-lasting Clean and Beautiful Burns

Soy wax isn’t able to release carbon-based petrol, which means there’s no black, oily scratches on your walls, unlike candles made from paraffin. Trimming the wick short, the candle does not smoke and burns effectively.

It isn’t as likely to cause allergies since it doesn’t release toxic substances such as carcinogens, pollutants or carcinogens.

Utilizing Soy Wax for our premium candle collection also ensures that you receive an exquisite candle that has been designed for love.

So , how do we perfume our Luxury Candle Collection?

We adore Essential oils. Our luxury candle collection (also called Self-Care Candle Collection) exclusively makes use of essential oils since they offer many health benefits, and are simply heavenly when burned in the candle.

We are enthralled by nature for all the good nature can bring to our physical and mental health. We want to ensure that our candle collection as natural as is possible, and employ as many natural and beautiful ingredients as we can.

We employ Essential Oils in our Luxury Candle collection?

Essential oils are powerful and have been extensively used over the years to enhance physical, mental , and even spiritual health.

Essential oils are believed to have therapeutic properties by stimulating the olfactory organ that is linked with the limbic system of the brain.

The Olfactory system is located within the nose and extends throughout the brain where scents are processed. They are able to influence behavior and moods.

The Limbic system is responsible for creating emotions as well as indexing and storing memories and controlling emotional responses in addition to survival instincts.

Because of the relationship the olfactory system makes with the limbic system, essential oils are believed to have the ability to influence memories and emotions through this direct link.

The essential oils we use are heavily influenced by the natural world around us. So, whether you’d like to take a stroll in the woods or relaxed sitting in the garden and listening to the buzzing bees our candle range of luxury is suitable for you.

Luxury Candles let you enjoy self-care with a method that is non-demanding or difficult to manage. Our luxurious candles attract spaces with their exquisite scents, which allows you to reap the amazing advantages of oils that are essential to your health.

Candles of luxury create an attractive place that you love to be in. They can create a sense that is peaceful as you read or do yoga, write the crossword or relax by watching Netflix.

A candle that is luxurious is different from regular candles. The exquisite ingredients they use can make a huge difference in the décor and the ambience in your house, and their impact on your mood and feelings.

A candle that is luxurious is different from one that is mass-produced. Our candles are top-quality and are made by hand, making sure that you receive the most candles that you will absolutely love.

Candles from our collection are the perfect present for someone you care about or love. Beautiful and unique and beautiful, the recipient is guaranteed be captivated our candles with good reason.

They aren’t the kind of candle you’ve purchased off of the shelf of the supermarket.

They’re a thoughtful present that showcases uniqueness and quality, while providing them with candles that can burn for hours.