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What Exactly Is Hot Tent Camping?

Nowadays, warm tent camping is extremely common, particularly among wintertime backcountry campers. Nevertheless, precisely what is it, you may ask?

Simply stated, a warm tent camp happens when you rest in a tent heated by a lightweight wood-burning stove. Hot tents are, for probably the most part, produced of fabric and are most often applied to winter months. Though they may be utilized for camping trips in extremely cold environments throughout the year round.

Allow me to share a number of essential items to know in case you would like to go hot tent camping for a new outdoor adventure.

Your elegant backpacking tent is most likely not really a great tent during the summer months. Allow me to share several of the determining attributes of the tents employed for this particular kind of camping :

Features a wood burning stove. The wood burning stove is probably the most typical element of one of those shelters. This keeps you comfortable during probably the coldest times of the entire year and gives you essential heat. They’re not hard to put in place and use, and may make your tent into a comfortable spot throughout the cold months.
Opening of the exhaust pipe. An additional characteristic of these tents is the fact that they ordinarily have a little port in the wall or maybe roof that links to the exhaust pipe out of the wood burning stove. Without this particular opening, you would get smoked from your shelter in just minutes of putting up the stove.
Made From Canvas. Hot tents are typically made from canvas, which happens to be a kind of cotton fabric which is extremely thickly woven. Canvas will function as the right material for these tents, because it offers most longevity and it is perfect to be used in harsh conditions. On the flip side, you can find lightweight fabrics like ripstop nylon you are able to get in a number of versions. being said, the drawback to these little models is the fact that they’re more apt to tear in high winds or heavy snow.
The floor is removable. A removable floor is going to keep dirt and mud from your tent throughout the summer months for a neater sleeping environment. In the winter season, however, you are able to take away the floor to stop it from freezing to the ice – covered ground.

Benefits Of Hot Tent Camping

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Hot tent camping is a great substitute in case you wish to bed outdoors in the cold of cold weather. These’re several of the advantages you are going to find when camping in a single of those comfortable tents during the wintry times of the entire year.

A warm base camp. This particular camping style is extremely comfortable as well as warm, and has countless advantages. You will find scores of different methods to remain hot during the cold months and have a family tent. Though they will not keep you as comfortable as a wood burning stove in a warm tent, neither will they be practical.
The Cozy Wood Burning Stove Smells Conventional backpacking tents use heaters to keep hot in cold weather, while warm tents utilize wood stoves. This means that you are going to enjoy the nice smell of a wood burning stove every night of your journey.
It’s really spacious. Hot tents are generally much bigger compared to your normal backpacking shelter or maybe family tent. Consequently, you are able to provide a little luxury camping products, like sleeping lots, tables, and cots of gear for an cozy outdoor experience.
A built – in kitchen area. You’ve a built – in home for your backcountry adventures after your heated tent features a wood burning stove. A handy method to prepare and melt ice for drinking water is by utilizing a wood burning stove.

What exactly are the pros and cons of camping in a warm tent?

Camping in a warm tent is a great way to invest time outdoors. Nevertheless, like every activity, it can have its disadvantages.

The tent is rather heavy, a maximum of 80lbs (36kg), along with that’s the sole drawback for this camping out style. These tents require a minimum of a couple of individuals to assist with the set up and sometimes they require rather a good deal of help.

Hot tents are very pricey, particularly in case you would like one with plenty of room. You also need to recognize that the wood burning stove comes with an extra cost because it’s sold individually.
Is camping in a warm tent safe?

You are most likely told often in your daily life that it had been a terrible strategy to begin a fire inside your tent. A scorching tent is, when done properly, a low – risk way to invest some time outside during the wintry times of the entire year.

Be sure that the exhaust pipe is adequately attached to the stove therefore smoke could be filtered out. Additionally, general fire safety and understanding are a necessity on these trips, particularly in case you’ve children along with you. Make sure that you make your tent properly ventilated and the stove door is definitely closed if you go to bed.
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A hot tent is a wonderful option for experiencing the outdoors during winter months. When you would like to see the wonders of a snow covered forest, you are able to stay comfortable and warm during your journey by implementing a canvas tent with a wood burning stove.