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Understanding Cannabis Seeds

High-quality seeds are the secret to healthy plants as well as good yields. Although proper feeding and watering as well as good light quality can affect the yield and health for your plant, beginning cultivating with top-of-the-line genetics is equally, if perhaps more crucial. But how can you distinguish high-quality cannabis seeds from the others? We’ll explain precisely how to identify the top cannabis seeds of the industry, stay clear of the flims ones, and get your cannabis journey right.

Appearance and Feeling – Checking the Color, Size and Shape of Your Seeds

In contrast to other crops for agriculture (like fruits, vegetables or grains) cannabis isn’t subjected to the rigorous breeding methods to ensure a reliable yield. It’s possible to plant a seed pack technically identified with the exact “strain,” but may result in distinct looking plants. This also means that individual seeds you purchase from a seed store can appear different.

The fact that cannabis seeds may appear different has been a reason for some growers to believe that the shape, size or color of a plant is a determinant of its quality.

We don’t recommend considering the shape or size of seeds as a determinant of its quality. Certain varieties produce less seeds than other varieties and in some cases, the same plant will produce seeds with different dimensions and shapes. Don’t throw away a seed simply because it’s smaller or has an odd shape compared to the other one.

The colour and the feel of a seed however can reveal something about its maturation and the potential to germinate into an established seedling.

The mature cannabis seeds typically contain a hard outer shell which can range in hue from dark (or nearly black) to a light grey. They may also sport stripes resembling tiger stripes. It should be possible to press the seeds in your hands without harming the seeds.

Cannabis seeds that are still in their embryos On the other hand tend to be green, and they have an outer shell with a soft texture that snaps when any type or pressure applied.

Remember that the procedure of packaging and storing cannabis seeds may also alter their appearance. Rapid fluctuations in temperature, humidity or light exposure may make certain seeds appear lighter or darker than others, however they do not affect the quality of their seeds.

Keep in mind that just as mammals and other living creatures cannabis seeds are biologically distinct from each other (even even if technically the same variety) and, consequently, will have distinct physical traits. Do not let these inherent distinctions deceive you into thinking that a rounder, larger more dark seed (for instance) is more valuable as compared to a smaller, lighter and more oval-shaped one.

Can You Identify the sexuality of Cannabis Seeds from their appearance?

We get this question on a regular basis from both novice and experienced growers, and the solution is a clear no. There’s no way to discern the gender of a cannabis plant just by just looking at it.

A quick internet search will reveal all sorts of myths regarding how to distinguish male cannabis seeds for females from male seeds. Some of the more famous ones is from an illustration of five different varieties of cannabis that claim that female seeds have “a perfectly circular volcano-like depression on the bottom (from the place where the seed was connected in the first place).”

The opposite is not the case. As we have explained previously, cannabis seeds are naturally differently, and no one physical feature of a plant will tell you if that seed is genetically suited for either a male or female plant. Only way to distinguish whether a female cannabis plant is the male one is by looking at its flowers once it starts to sex. Beware of dispersing perfectly healthy seeds because an internet chart that is popular has told you to do so.

Growing Seeds from a Bag (Bagseed)

Certain smokers may be happy to find marijuana seeds inside their bags and may consider themselves lucky. However, the seeds that are found in a bag is not a good idea due to a variety of reasons. One reason is that the grower is in error and let their female plants be pollinated by a male invading. Once flowers are pollinated they cease producing THC-containing resin and instead focus their energy on creating seeds. The seeds will add to the mass of the bag meaning less weed for your money.

However there is a chance to get lucky if the type of strain they were cultivating is really the best. In this scenario it’s worth performing the next test to determine whether you can germinate it.

The Germination of All Seeds No Matter What

The only method that is reliable to assess its genetic capacity of plant is to just plant it in soil. It shouldn’t take long to observe the results. This method is ideal for the home-grown hobbyist with time and space to undertake a risky venture. Growers who cultivate cannabis for commercial use probably do not have the time to invest in.

Get Your Seeds Sourced Well

An effective method to acquire top-quality seeds is to look for a reliable seed bank. They are proud on their breeding expertise and ensure that the customers get exactly what is promised. They have a reputation to serve, and delivering any less than what they promise will only hurt their reputation.

Another option is to buy seeds from an amateur. It’s not to say that hobby growers don’t create amazing genetics, but when you don’t know their names or their expertise it’s impossible to determine if your seeds are going to succeed.

Conducting the Float Test

If you’re still not sure regarding the quality of your seeds after looking at their appearance and hardness now is the time to put your lab coat on and put on your goggles. Well, not quite. This test is very easy and offers only two possibilities of results. Fill a drinking glass, or glass container using the water (preferably spring or distillate) and put your seeds on top.

This cost-effective and simple method is an excellent way to differentiate the beneficial genes from those that are bad they can sink or swim literally. Seeds that are floating in the air are likely to be low quality and should be eliminated. Seeds that sink to bottom, like a cannonball from a plant are likely to be healthy and ought to be germinated.

But, a little patience is required while conducting the float test as the results may not be immediately evident. You’ll need to wait around 1-2 hours before verifying the results. Good quality seeds require sufficient time to soak up enough water to allow the seeds to sink. Take this time to take a bath and water your garden, and also do some pruning completed. After returning the seeds left in the soil are likely to fail and will not make a difference in time and effort.

It’s crucial to only run this test if intending to germinate the seeds right away. The seeds that are viable and sink into at the base of your glass have taken up water, and will have crossed its membrane, signaling that it’s time to bring the seed back to life by activating the process of germination.

Cannabis Seed Quality The Bottom Line

Your seeds’ quality will have direct bearing upon the overall quality the harvest. So, with that in mind that, it is essential that you follow the above tips to determine the quality of any seeds that you purchase. However but, make sure to keep in mind that every cannabis plant is unique and therefore likely to produce somewhat different seeds.